The following contains spoilers for Chapter 74 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, "Baptism By Fire," by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

When the Boruto manga introduced Eida, many fans wondered just how could she be stopped. She's got all-seeing vision that traces back to history from the moment she went online, plus the cyborg has precognitive powers. Eida can even train her mind to listen into any conversation in the world at present, making her an omnipotent god, which is why Code wanted the bot on his side.

Thankfully, she and her pesky little brother Daemon have arrived in Konoha seeking refuge -- and also Kawaki. Eida is eager to spark a romance with him as he won't be entranced by her power, giving them a natural shot at true love. However, this teen drama aside, Eida is indeed a weapon of mass destruction, with Boruto Chapter 74 already proving how the Hidden Leaf can't stop her.


Eida From Boruto Has A Lot Of People Smitten With Her.

Boruto's Eida Has Already Proven Why Konoha Can't Stop Her_0

As soon as Eida gets off the train, her manipulative essence has folks falling at her feet. Shikamaru fights off this reflex energy she's giving off, and realizes allies will be few and far between. Eida eventually flies off, leaving Shikamaru wondering which seniors they can count on to stop her if she turns.

At the house she's due to share with Boruto and Kawaki, things get even more complicated. Konohamaru gets lovestruck and passes out, while Sarada's peers, including Mitsuki -- who are all spying via binoculars from miles away -- get hooked up in the web of love too. She can't believe Eida's reach spans such a distance, but it reiterates all shinobi -- young or old, of whatever sexual orientation -- will become her slave if she willingly activates the jutsu.


To Fight With Eida, What Does Boruto Need To Prepare

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Thankfully, Shikamaru has kept Naruto and Sasuke away, as he can't have the heavy-hitters falling under Eida's spell as well. However, he's petrified knowing the rest of the village could be disarmed so easily. Seeing as their techniques are fueled by their minds, he'll need their heads as clear as can be, so he'll have to rely on Katasuke's science team, and Ino and co. to devise contingency plans and mental blocks.

Luckily, Boruto and Kawaki are impervious due to their Ōtsutsuki alien DNA, but they're a rare breed. One has to hope Eida doesn't breach their minds through some other means, as it could lead to mass destruction if they become her slaves. Notably, Sarada doesn't seem to be affected, so it might be that her Sharingan is shielding her, which could give Sasuke a fighting chance too. Ultimately, she has to come up with new solutions and help fortify her village, because she can tell that Eida can shut down their numbers in the blink of an eye -- even without planning it.