Since the beginning of the millennium, the prominence of anime in Western media has expanded tremendously. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the majority of the main streaming sites have made a concentrated effort to extend their individual anime catalogs. Amazon Prime, in particular, has done an outstanding job of acquiring multiple high-quality programs that fans are sure to appreciate.

Although Amazon Prime has several long-running anime programs, the streaming service's greatest strength is its stellar array of binge-worthy episodes. These shows, all of which can be finished in a single day, are among the greatest on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime's commitment to expanding its library continues, and as a result, its anime selection is wider than ever. A plethora of amazing series have arrived on the platform in recent months, many of which are excellent choices for viewers' next binge-watch.

15. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Total Episodes: 12

There's no disputing that Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is heavily influenced by its more popular contemporary, Attack on Titan. That is not to say that the Wit Studio product is without worth. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress capitalizes on many of the things that make comparable series successful, including great animation and an entertaining (though unoriginal) narrative.

The violent shonen centres around humanity's war against the Kabaneri, a terrifying species of humanoid creatures that have forced civilization to live within fortified settlements. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, with only 12 episodes, is an excellent low-investment alternative for Amazon Prime members looking to fill their time.

14. Sword Oratoria

Total Episodes: 12

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is a spin-off of Sword Oratoria. Rather than investigating fresh events, the former portrays the original series' plot from the perspective of a separate group of characters. Its protagonists are members of the Loki Familia, a professional guild of monster hunters.

The Loki Familia embark on an adventure to find the Tower of Babel. Sword Oratoria is obviously appealing to fans of its parent series because it is a spin-off. However, its well-structured fantasy setting and modest episode count should appeal to the majority of Amazon Prime anime viewers.

13. Hitorijime My Hero

Total Episodes: 12

Although the Amazon Prime platform has several classic anime programs, Hitorijime My Hero demonstrates the company's willingness to license modern, non-traditional titles in the medium. The unusual interaction between its two main characters instantly won over anime lovers when it was released in 2017.

Hitorijime My Hero's protagonist is Masahiro Setagawa, a soft-spoken and frequently tormented high school student. One day, a stranger named Kousuke Ooshiba intervenes on Masahiro's behalf, sending the two down a path of self-discovery, drama, and forbidden love.

12. Dragon Half

Total Episodes: 2

Although the irreverent comedy of the 1990s hasn't aged well in many cases, the anime serial Dragon Half still hits all the right notes. The series was adapted from the manga of the same name by Production I.G and published as a two-episode OVA in 1993.

Dragon Half is filled of tongue-in-cheek comedy that mocks various anime, fantasy, and RPG themes. Given its short episode count, the spoof anime serves as an excellent palate cleanser for Amazon Prime subscribers in between series.

11. ItaKiss

Total Episodes: 25

ItaKiss turns 15 in April 2023, yet despite its age, it remains one of the best romance anime on Amazon Prime. The story centres around Kotoko Aihara, who is forced to share a roof with her high school's smartest student, Naoki Irie. Although the pair had no chemistry at the start of the series, they gradually come to understand one another as an odd romance grows between them.

The easy-to-watch series, with 25 episodes, is the ideal length for an all-day binge. For ItaKiss fans looking for more content, the title has also inspired three live-action adaptations, demonstrating its global popularity.

10. Ghost Stories

Total Episodes: 20

Ghost Stories has one of the strangest backstories in anime history. The original Japanese version of this series, released in 2000, garnered awful reviews from audiences, who cited its noncohesive narrative and dull characters as key flaws. Fortunately, the series' English dub significantly improved its reputation.

Because Ghost Stories did so poorly in Japan, the show's creators opted to make significant adjustments before releasing it to English-speaking consumers. They eliminated the show's plot and script entirely, instead turning it into a passion project filled with fourth-wall breaks and cultural references. This was a huge success, and as a result of their selections, Ghost Stories became the oddest cult favorite in recent memory.

9. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Total Episodes: 11

Being an otaku — a Japanese word for reclusive young people preoccupied with computers and pop culture — is frequently portrayed negatively in various kinds of media. However, the ever-expanding nature of virtual discourse has resulted in a shift in the term's connotation, culminating in series such as Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku that portray the lifestyle in a much more favorable light.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku tells the narrative of two characters, Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji, who form a bond via their love of Japanese media. Their connection comes to life in only 11 episodes, generating a narrative that is considerably more accessible to the ordinary fan than other Amazon Prime series.

8. Iroduku: The World In Colors

Total Episodes: 13

Iroduku: The World in Colors, as an anime original, does not have the luxury of drawing on any source material. However, rather than limiting this series, the absence of a textual parallel allows Iroduku: The World in Colors to fully exploit the capabilities of its audiovisual medium.

Iroduku tells the narrative of Hitomi Tsukishiro, a teenage girl from a colorless future. She begins to grasp the significance of human connection, personal growth, and self-discovery after being transported back in time to a world brimming with brilliant tints and colours.

7. Princess Principal

Total Episodes: 12

Underappreciated films like Princess Principal have a chance to shine because of Amazon Prime's extensive anime library. At first sight, the 12-part action series could be mistaken for a typical slice-of-life shojo. However, its true nature is revealed within a few minutes.

Princess Principal centers on five separate female characters who serve as spies in a steampunk version of 20th-century London. This interplay creates an absolutely one-of-a-kind watching experience that perfectly mixes two seemingly incompatible genres.

6. Elfen Lied

Total Episodes: 13

Few anime titles have achieved the same amount of cult status as Elfen Lied. This gruesome 13-episode series, released in 2004, is around Lucy, a teenager who belongs to a rare group of humans known as "Diclonius." These individuals are capable of extremely violent deeds, and as seen throughout the series, they make use of their abilities on a semi-regular basis.

Elfen Lied is rightfully considered one of the most violent anime of the contemporary period. However, underlying its brutal content and vicious tone is a surprisingly significant story - one that isn't hesitant to investigate what makes even the most heinous of people deserving of compassion.

5. Goku: Midnight Eye

Total Episodes: 2

Goku: Midnight Eye is almost certainly the anime series that most reflect the wacky, over-the-top nature of 1980s action flicks. This two-part OVA first aired in 1989, and its dated tone and corny characters are as visible now as they were then.

Furinji Goku, a wise-cracking, hyper-masculine cop investigating the deaths of numerous of his classmates, is the protagonist of Goku: Midnight Eye. This OVA is a fun blast from the past, with enough nudity, tongue-in-cheek comedy, and mindless violence to challenge a Quentin Tarantino flick.

4. Girls' Last Tour

Total Episodes: 12

Often, the most bleak situations offer the most insightful commentary – a dynamic that Girls' Last Tour fully examines. The program follows two young girls, Chito and Yuuri, as they navigate and contemplate the nature of their harsh, industrialized environment.

Girls' Last Tour features almost no other characters, giving it a deep analysis of the melancholy and loneliness associated with severe isolation. Fortunately, Chito and Yuuri have each other, and by relying on their heartfelt friendship, they can create purpose in a world that desperately needs it.

3. Blade Of The Immortal

Total Episodes: 24

The 1990s were full of samurai-centric manga such as Blade of the Immortal, which debuted in 1993. However, whereas more popular series like Rurouni Kenshin quickly received anime adaptations, Blade of the Immortal was without a full animated counterpart until 2019.

Thankfully, fans were gifted a top-tier adaptation of the series upon its debut. Despite its brutal, adult-oriented content, Blade of the Immortal has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, cementing its status as one of Amazon Prime's most underappreciated titles.

2. Psychic Princess

Total Episodes: 16

Chinese anime are generally much less commercially successful than their Japanese and South Korean counterparts, but that doesn't mean they are without value. Psychic Princess, a historical drama set at an unspecified point in China's past, is the perfect example of why Chinese manhua deserves more recognition.


Psychic Princess includes many of the same themes as other romantic dramas; however, its exploration of traditional Chinese society is what truly sets it apart. The series' main characters are forced to address various societal expectations, which makes for an exceptionally generative plot that gives life to the culture from which it originates.

1. Toradora!

Total Episodes: 25

Romantic comedies have never been anime's most reliable offering, but series like Toradora! demonstrate why production companies continue to release more titles in the category. This adorable story follows two characters — Taiga and Ryuuji — as they aid one another in their pursuit of high school romance, and is produced by J.C.Staff, the same animation company behind One-Punch Man's second season.

Toradora! is definitely one of the best romance anime of the 2000s, with enough humor and heartwarming moments to win over even the most jaded anime fans. With only 25 episodes, it's also ideal for a long day of binge-watching.

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