Numerous Japanese anime shows show a regular human being transferred to or reincarnated in an other world, typically a fantastical one. This is the isekai subgenre, one of anime's most popular diversionary techniques. Some anime viewers ponder what they'd do if they were isekai'd somewhere, as isekai protagonists can escape the monotonous grind of real life and explore a vibrant fantasy realm.


Some anime worlds are terrible isekai destinations, such as those in Attack on Titan and Berserk, but other anime worlds would be pleasant and fun to visit. Some of these isekai universes are more calm and delightful than they appear in ordinary life, because the original protagonist became engrossed in violence and drama for the sake of drama. But none of this should be a barrier for ordinary residents, even a real-life isekai visitor.

10 Belzerg (Konosuba)

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Konosuba is a comedy isekai that, for the sake of amusement, makes the entire idea of isekai seem unpleasant and unattractive. Even though Kazuma Sato, the protagonist, had a difficult experience, things aren't all that horrible in the kingdom of Belzerg's planet of Konosuba.

Although there are creatures like enormous frogs and demon females in this sunny, vibrant fantasy world, there are also many heroic adventurers who protect the populace. In Konosuba's universe, an isekai visitor who established a typical life in Axel Town would not face many dangers.

9 Katarina's World (My Next Life As A Villainess)

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My Next Life as a Villainess is a delightful shojo isekai anime with a pleasant, peaceful setting serving as the backdrop for Katarina Claes' romantic adventures. Even if Fortune Lover's virtual environment resembles a stereotypically affluent European setting, that is not a complaint.

Katarina and anybody else who experienced rebirth in that virtual world would not have to worry about monsters or malevolent wizards. The largest threat in this planet is regular street crime, but even that won't be a problem if a person is reborn into the Claes family.

8 Central World (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, also known as Tensura, takes place in an action-packed fantasy world of monsters, demon lords, culturally unique kingdoms, and more. This realm is extremely dangerous, but only for well-known individuals like Rimuru Tempest, according to the events described by Tensura.

Although there are monsters in this world, there are also many courageous warriors like Hinata Sakaguchi and Shizue Izawa who fight valiantly to protect humanity from such dangers. Any isekai guest residing in a well-guarded city such as Ingrassia's capital won't need to worry.

7 The Human Body (Cells At Work!)

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For the sake of action and comedy, Cells at Work! depicts the human body as an enclosed city that's constantly under attack from waves of pathogens, but most days in this city-body should be peaceful and safe. Ordinary cells, for example, live simple lives while white blood cells hunt down stray germs.

Getting isekai's into the human body would take some adjustment, but there are much worse anime worlds to end up in. The city-body is in good hands, with hardworking uniformed cells everywhere, and more than enough infrastructure to make cell life convenient and easy.

6 Mundus Magicus (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

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Mahou Sensei Negima!'s anime only briefly explored the manga's rich source material. The most dedicated Negima! fans will know all the ins and outs of not just Mahora Academy in Japan, but also the wild, colorful Mundus Magicus, which is actually the planet Mars.


Wild beasts and thuggish mercenaries are two threats in Mundus Magicus. However, Mundus Magicus has its defenders, just like other fantasy anime worlds, who keep the most villages and amazing cities secure. Any visitor to the isekai could live there their entire lives and never encounter a dragon or enter a dungeon.

5 Remnant (RWBY)

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After the fall of Beacon Academy, the world of Remnant in RWBY became a dangerous place overrun with Grimm. Before that, however, Remnant was a relatively peaceful and safe place to be, with hunters and huntresses destroying the Grimm before they can threaten humanity.

Remnant has a variety of landscapes, including arctic, desert, woodlands, and meadows, and its cities are even more stunning. An isekai visitor would like being a student at Beacon or residing in a sleepy Mistral town.

4 Neo Venezia (Aria: The Masterpiece)

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The sci-fi anime Aria: The Masterpiece takes place on a terraformed Mars, now called Aqua, complete with a replica of Venice. This city, Neo Venezia, is deliberately low-tech to create a pleasant, slow pace of life where gondola rowers can always find work with paying customers.


The deredere protagonist, Akari Mizunashi, happily adapted to Neo Venezia's way of life, and she found immense joy in every last part of her world. In an iyashikei setting like Neo Venezia, any isekai guest could settle into a cozy new life and never look back.

3 Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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Another fantasy anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, portrays the world as being incredibly hazardous, but this is only because the heroes, like Edward Elric, have a tendency to stir up problems. Unfortunately, war and genocide did contribute to the development of Amestris, although the average person rarely experiences it.

Commoners on Amestris either spend their days in charming steampunk towns like Central or in lovely rural areas like Resembool, leading slow, uncomplicated lives that any frazzled anime fan could enjoy. After all, Ed created that kind of life for himself and Winry when they were married following Father's defeat.

2 Emilia's World (Re:Zero)

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Re:Zero is famous for being a dark psychological thriller anime that makes isekai look like a living hell, but that's only because protagonist Subaru Natsuki is burdened with a curse and must redo certain scenarios many times, death included. For other isekai guests, Re:Zero's world should be far more palatable.

The world that Emilia, Ram, and Rem live in looks gorgeous and largely peaceful, with conflicts like the battle against the White Whale being an exception. Even if an isekai guest didn't live in the opulent Mathers Estate, living here would prove peaceful and enjoyable.

1 The Soul Society (Bleach)

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Bleach's version of Heaven is the Soul Society, a partial isekai realm where the souls of the dead usually end up.The Rukongai District's poorest neighborhoods aren't very pleasant, but if someone managed to get isekai'd to one of the nicer areas, it might make for a good fantasy adventure.

Everyone may appreciate the pre-industrial Japanese beauty that permeates the entire Soul Society, which also has a relaxed pace of life. The Soul Society is hardly ever attacked by Hollows, and supervillains like Sosuke Aizen are the exception rather than the rule. 

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