Levi Ackerman appears in new promotional artwork for Attack on Titan.

According to ComicBook, MAPPA's hit series is nearing the end of its run. Part 1 of Attack on Titan - The Final Chapters debuted in March as a special hour-long episode, and Part 2 is slated to arrive this autumn. To celebrate the imminent release, MAPPA has published special tarot card-style artwork of the renowned character, Levi Ackerman. The background design of the card also depicts the epic titan battle between Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart.


The aftermath of The Rumbling, a cataclysmic event triggered by Eren Jaeger liberating hordes of Colossus Titans from their captivity on Paradis Island, was the first portion of Attack on Titan's heart-pounding denouement. Members of the Survey Corps, including Levi, rush to defend the people from the Titan's attack. This eventually results to the untimely death of a fan-favorite character, who is universally mourned by Attack on Titan fans worldwide. MAPPA's first key picture for The Final Chapters Part 2 includes a poignant scene of a log house against a backdrop of mountains and greenery, in stark contrast to the dismal events of Part 1. The featured sentence translates roughly as "Goodbye Eren."

Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga launched in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in September 2009. The series garnered a massive fanbase, selling over 110 million copies worldwide (as of September 2022.) Wit Studio produced Seasons 1-4 of the popular anime adaptation. MAPPA, with the help of several partner studios, took over production of the series from 2020 onward, creating both Attack on Titan - The Final Season Parts 1-2 and Attack on Titan - The Final Chapters. The franchise has also received several live-action film adaptations and a stage musical adaptation.


The Creator of Attack on Titan Has No Plans for a Sequel

Hajime Isayama has stated in the past that he has no plans to produce a sequel series of Attack on Titan. Instead, the prominent artist has been pouring his creative energies into promoting Kodansha's new manga application, K-Manga, which offers fans the ability to read a sizable portion of the publisher's library free of charge. To help promote the service, the creator recently released new artwork of Eren, Mikasa and Armin happily gathered around a smartphone while browsing the app's collection of titles. As of June 3, there are over 400+ manga titles available on Kodansha's K-manga platform.

Part 2 of Attack on Titan - The Final Chapters will premiere this fall. Fans can view the series in its entirety on Hulu and Crunchyroll and read manga for free at Manga Monster

Source: Twitter, via ComicBook