Top 10 most quotes from Chainsaw Man. When every character feels what they are experiencing

Oct 27, 2022
Top 10 super classic quotes in Chainsaw Man. When each character has their own feelings

The story of Chainsaw Man centers on the journey of Denji, a young, illiterate child who performs any errand in order to meet his daily financial needs. He must endure a difficult life with his pet Pochita, yet they both manage to make it through.

Denji longs for a happy life and wants to pass away in a woman's embrace. And for the sake of it, he engages in hazardous work when a catastrophe strikes him, transforming him into a merciless chainsaw machine and giving him the nickname "Chainsaw Man."

These are some of the top quotes from Chainsaw Man:

chainsaw man 0

" I Love Me Some Bad Guys! "

chainsaw man 1

" It's So Great Having An Addiction "

chainsaw man 2

" Watch This Denji! And Tell The Tale! "

chainsaw man 3

" Enemies Are Enemies...We're Only Using Them "

chainsaw man 4

" Devils Fear [Hunters] With A Few Screws Loose "

chainsaw man 5

" Everybody's After My Chainsaw Heart! "

chainsaw man 6

" Truly Necessary Evils Are Always ... Controlled By The State "

chainsaw man 7

" Will There Still Be Crappy Movies? "

chainsaw man 8

I'll Turn You Into The Baddest Of The Badasses