There are lovable anime villains, menacing anime villains, and villains who remain calm and embody the coolness that the best villains possess. With every type of villain imaginable, it makes sense that there are also villains who are so embarrassing they make fans cringe at every opportunity.

Being a cringey villain means fans can't help but feel embarrassed or uncomfortable whenever they appear. Some of the silliest or most skilled villains can be cringeworthy depending on their actions and personalities. Whether they're highly capable or fail at every chance in achieving their goals, none are safe from being deemed cringey by fans.

10 Hisoka's Obsession With Gon Is Too Cringey To Bear (Hunter X Hunter)

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Hisoka's bloodthirsty and unrestrained personality is so prominent that fans can't ignore how cringey he is. Hisoka has a very unhealthy obsession with Hunter x Hunter's protagonist Gon, and he's openly expressed how much he wants to face Gon in battle. While there's no denying Hisoka's strength, his behavior towards Gon is sometimes too unusual to comprehend.

It's clear that Hisoka wants to fight Gon because he believes Gon will be a worthy foe, but his mannerisms make fans uncomfortable. While it's understandable that Hisoka values strength and knows that a match against Gon at his fullest potential will make for an amazing fight, his expressions when desiring so are way too cringey.

9 Wanze's Ramen Kenpo Was Absurdly Embarrassing (One Piece)

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The moment fans met Wanze, he immediately exuded second-hand embarrassment. One Piece villains are known to be some of the most creatively designed, but Wanze's manner of fighting really takes the cake. As CP7's fighting expert, Wanze uses ramen as a fighting tool. Known as Ramen Kenpo, Wanze ingests flour to create dough.

The dough then comes out of Wanze's nose as his nose hairs cut them into strips. Wanze can freely manipulate that dough and use it as armor or offense. It's just as gross and ridiculous as it sounds which is why Wanze happens to be one of the cringiest villains fans have ever laid eyes upon.

8 Orochimaru's Mutations Were Enough To Make Fans Cringe (Naruto)

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Orochimaru was an unstoppable force in Naruto. Thanks to his interesting arsenal of tricks, no matter how many opponents he went against, Orochimaru survived every battle. As powerful as Orochimaru was, there were times when his mutations and abilities were so outlandish that they'd cross into becoming cringey.

Orochimaru was impossible to kill, so whenever fans thought he bit the dust, he'd slither his way back to life using the most bizarre techniques involving his snakes. Sometimes he'd hilariously molt in battle and emerge stronger, and it was absolutely cringeworthy given the gravity of the situation.

7 Yuno's Obsession With Yuki Was Overwhelmingly Cringey (Future Diary)

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Yuno wasn't afraid to show her love for Yuki in Future Diary. She'd go to extreme lengths to be by his side, which often called for violence. Yuno's obsession was so embarrassing due to how deep she was in denial combined with her disregard for others' lives. Yuki felt very uncomfortable when Yuno expressed her feelings.

Yuno came off as desperate which undoubtedly left fans feeling embarrassed for this young girl. Although Yuno did everything she could to protect Yuki's life during the Survival Game, Yuki didn't initially reciprocate her feelings. He was more afraid of Yuno than anything. It was completely cringeworthy seeing Yuno go to such lengths to be with Yuki.

6 Hol Horse's Assassination Attempts Failed Miserably (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Hol Horse is a villain in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure whose missions never succeeded. Every time he attempted to kill Jotaro, he failed, and he did so miserably. Hol Horse lost so badly that fans couldn't help but laugh at his humiliating failures. While Hol Horse provided comedic relief and is rather likable because of it, the way he failed made fans see him as utterly hopeless.

It was embarrassing when Hol Horse panicked to assassinate Jotaro with precise timing, and when he cowardly ran away from other situations. Unlike anime villains who sometimes have one bad day, Hol Horse has had many and can definitely be put into the category of cringeworthy laughingstock villains.

5 Jogo's Foolish Mindset Was Cringeworthy (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Jogo displayed his murderous intent early in Jujutsu Kaisen when he set a restaurant ablaze — including everyone inside. Fans expected him to be a brutal opponent against Gojo, but soon realized Jogo didn't stand a chance.

Jogo was so confident that he'd defeat Gojo all the way up until Gojo had the upper hand. Once Jogo realized the extent of one of the strongest jujutsu sorcerers and saw that he literally couldn't even touch Gojo, his entire demeanor changed. Jogo's shift from being boastful to humbled was embarrassing for him, yet so satisfying for fans.

4 Aivirrne's Jealousy Toward Orihime Was Pathetic (Bleach)

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Aivirrne had such disdain toward Orihime in Bleach. It was clear that Aivirrne was jealous because Aizen showed favoritism toward Orihime and saw her as special, even though she hadn't been loyal to Aizen as long as Aivirrne had.

When Aivirrne decided to bully Orihime, it was awfully cringey. Aivirrne hurled insults and smacked Orihime around as if she was some immature mean girl in high school. Orihime never fought back and that made Aivirrne even angrier. She kept pathetically picking at Orihime hoping for a fight. Fans found Aivirrne cringey due to her repulsively jealous behavior.

3 Daki's Whining Was Enough To Emit Second-Hand Embarrassment (Demon Slayer)

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Daki appeared to be a dangerous enemy upon her entrance in Demon Slayer. However, once she began to lose against Tanjiro and Tengen, she suddenly changed her tune. While Daki possessed tremendous strength and skill, she turned into a whiny brat when she lost to Tengen.

When her brother appeared, it became clear that she was, indeed, what appeared to be a spoiled little sister to her big brother Gyutaro. Daki constantly called on her big brother to fight Tanjiro and his cohorts in her stead. Her behavior was pathetically cringey and unexpected from an Upper Rank Six demon.

2 Speed-O'-Sound Sonic Keeps Challenging Saitama To No Avail (One-Punch Man)

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Sonic is a funny villain in One-Punch Man, but his failure to see that Saitama is way out of his league as an opponent is too embarrassing to watch. Sonic understands that Saitama is much stronger than him which is why he's obsessed and considers Saitama to be his rival.

When Sonic challenges Saitama, Saitama easily beats him while barely even trying. It's admirable that Sonic desires to become stronger, but it's ridiculously cringeworthy that he deems Saitama as an opponent he can beat. Sonic is extremely fast, which works to his advantage, but he should really set his sights on a foe who's more attainable to overcome and work his way up.

1 Team Rocket's Embarrassing Failures Sent Them Flying (Pokémon)

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Pokémon's Jessie, James, and Meowth attempted to capture Pikachu countless times and failed at every chance. They've followed Ash for years and tried stealing Pikachu from him only to be defeated and blasted off into the sky more times than fans can count.

While Jessie, James, and Meowth have shown just how incompetent they are, they're still a lovable bunch. Their tenacity and resilience is admirable, and it's amazing that they've never given up. It's a shame that as lovable and funny as they are, their many attempts to steal Pikachu have been absolutely humiliating, to say the least.

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