Weapons are a central part of an anime character's design. They play a key role in determining the outcome of battles between characters and have a huge impact on the larger plot. Swords are the most iconic anime weapon because they can be used in a variety of settings and situations.

Swords are often seen in the most incredible and memorable anime battles. However, some swords are more legendary than others, which makes it hard for wielders who use a less durable sword. Weaker swords can be funny inconveniences, but they can also endanger the life of their wielder.

10 The Anneal Blade Is Ordinary Compared To Other Swords

Sword Art Online

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In Episode 2 of Sword Art Online's first season, Kirito fought with an Anneal Blade and managed to defeat the floor's boss. The sword worked well for him and didn't hold him back much, but it didn't really improve his fighting either.

The Anneal Blade doesn't have any outstanding weak points, but it doesn't really have any amazing qualities either. The Anneal Blade is a basic weapon that gets the job done without using any extravagant moves, especially compared to other swords in the anime.

9 Inosuke's Swords Are Both Weak And Strong

Demon Slayer

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In the anime Demon Slayer, Inosuke's devastating fighting ability is a result of the unique shape of his swords. He creates crevices on the sharp end of his blade in order to deal out the most damage while striking. His technique leads to improved fighting efficiency, but he has to damage his own sword to do it.

The swords Inosuke fights with can be damaged by a small rock. Their lack of durability could easily lead to fatal wounds, but more often than not, they increase his fighting ability rather than putting him in harm's way.

8 Zoro Is So Strong He Breaks His Own Swords

One Piece

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Appearing in One Piece, Zoro is the most recognizable swordsman and side character in all of anime history. Fans love his laid-back personality and are awed by his mastery of the three sword style. Zoro is so good at fighting that he causes his own swords to break during battles.

The more a weapon is used, the more likely it is to break, and Zoro's swords tend to break before he can get them repaired. In Episode 135 of One Piece, Zoro tried to get his swords repaired after severely damaging them in a fight. Two of his swords were broken beyond repair. Only his strongest sword, named Wado Ichimonji, was able to be used again.

7 Steel Blades Can Only Do So Much

Attack On Titan

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Attack on Titan characters are known for being incredibly skillful and devastatingly efficient. They are faced with fighting giants anywhere from 5-500 meters tall, so it's important they have strong enough weapons. While these steel blades are effective against humans, and, to a degree, Titans, they still fall short.

These blades dull easily and often break from being overused. Considering the fact that these weapons are the main option for Attack on Titan characters, it's sad they do so little against the Titans. In fact, many characters have died as a result of not having a sharp enough weapon to defend themselves.

6 Gintoki Constantly Needs To Get His Sword Replaced


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In Gintama, Gintoki's sword named Bokuto is made from an ancient tree. The sword's mystical origin makes it super effective when dealing out blows. However, its wooden nature results in the sword taking more damage than its counterparts and making it harder to repair.

Gintoki's sword often breaks during fights, leading to him ordering another sword online and requesting it be created to look like his original sword. His sword's lack of durability can easily be remedied by purchasing another one online, so Gintoki's sword is somewhat invincible.

5 The Sword That Can Be Bitten Through

One Punch Man

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In Episode 6 of One Punch Man, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic tried to attack Saitama and avenge his defeat during the last battle. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic used his impeccable speed to launch himself towards his target and started attacking.

As soon as he swung his blade, Saitama swiftly shattered Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's sword completely, leaving him gaping in awe. Saitama is the main character of One Punch Man because of his unmatched speed and agility, so it's no surprise to hear Saitama was able to bite through solid metal.

4 The Holy Sword Excalibur Never Stops Talking

Soul Eater

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The holy sword Excalibur is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in Soul Eater. Excalibur can resonate with any user and is so strong that his very existence is questioned. Excalibur is ancient and existed long before he started working with his most famous meister: King Arthur.

Excalibur loves to talk about all the adventures he's been on, from working with King Arthur to solving crimes to his greatest love story and heartbreak. Excalibur also has a list of 1000 Provisions he keeps repeating until his meisters follow them. Excalibur may be a legendary sword, but his greatest strength is by far the ability to talk someone's ear off.

3 Tanjiro Always Needs to Have His Sword Repaired

Demon Slayer

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In Demon Slayer, Tanjiro's Nichirin Katana is an effective weapon, but it often breaks and needs repairs. Tanjiro's sword broke during his fight with Rui and during his fight with Akaza. Later on, his sword was damaged again when he chipped the blade during a battle with Daki.

No matter how good Tanjiro's fighting abilities are, he will always be held back if he doesn't have a sword that can handle being in combat with demons. This is why many fans were happy when Tanjiro started using a new sword later on in Demon Slayer.

2 Gohan Breaks The Z Sword While Training

Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters

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The ancient Z sword is a powerful weapon in the Dragon Ball Universe. Although it's not the strongest sword, it can still do quite a bit of damage, as shown when Gohan used it to slice a giant boulder. The Z sword does have impressive cutting strength, but it lacks durability.

The Z sword's unreliability ended in it getting broken in half when Gohan tried to use it to cut a giant Katchin cube. While Katchin is the densest metal in the Dragon Ball universe, fans still hoped to see a sword as hyped up as the legendary Z Sword be able to hold its own.

1 Aang's Wind Sword is Horribly Impractical

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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During Book 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, in an episode titled "Sokka's Master," the Gaang went shopping for weaponry to help Sokka improve his fighting skills. Aang tried on a huge suit of armor and picked up a Wind Sword to show off for Katara. Aang didn't actually use the sword, but most fans could already see how useless of an invention it was.

It would take a lot of control and effort to direct wind into the shape of a blade, whereas a gust of wind can be more easily created and would have more force. In addition to that, the popularity of pacifist ideologies among airbenders absolutely destroys the chances of anyone buying or using the Wind Sword.

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