Black Clover has an enormous cast of characters, and since magic is everything, each of these characters has their own unique spells and attributes — except Asta, who has no magic whatsoever. These characters are explored a lot, and because there are just too many of them, a good number of characters don't get enough attention.

The times they do get some love, it usually involves a stretched-out and quite boring backstory. Some characters are in fact given a decent storyline with a catchy backstory, but that's not to say they don't deserve something much better than what they got.

10 Yami Might Need A Spin-Off Series Explaining How He's So Powerful

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Yami is a brute of a man who appears to be weaker than the other captains at first. Almost every fan of the show made the mistake of judging a book by its cover with Yami. No one knew how powerful he was until he fought Patry and defeated him. Yami comes from The Land Of The Sun, and his name, Yami Sukehiro, is clearly Japanese.

When looking at the map of the Kingdoms, this "Land Of The Sun" is usually nowhere to be seen. And it also means that the world of Black Clover is a lot more diverse than it seems. The show needs to take viewers back to Yami's country to see how they practiced magic and what makes Yami so strong.

9 Fuegoleon's Needs More Screen Time

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It's no secret that Fuegoleon is very strong even when compared to the captains. Even the Fire Spirit, Salamander, thinks so highly of him that he decided to be his partner. Fuegoleon hardly gets the time to show off what he can really do when he's pushed to his absolute limit.

So far fans have only seen him cast a handful of spells, but there's no way those are all the spells in his grimoire. Fuegoleon is known throughout the noble realm not just because of his royal lineage but his power as well. Sadly, Fuegoleon is shown doing anything meaningful only a few times in the show.

8 Fans Will Never Know How Strong Licht Really Is

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Licht, the leader of the elves, was known to possess tremendous magic power. During the fight against Zagred, Licht used the Demon Dweller sword to summon the power of only a handful of elves to deal a devastating blow on Zagred, shaving off an entire section of the Shadow Palace in one bright flash.

Fans can only imagine what he will be capable of with his grimoire and the Demon Slayer sword. Licht's character wasn't explored enough. As a result of that, no one knows what he's truly capable of. Fans can only keep speculating what his true strength is.

7 There Are So Many Unanswered Questions About Julius

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Julius Novachrono is arguably the most powerful Wizard King the Clover Kingdom has ever had. If becoming the Wizard King means surpassing the previous one, then who did Julius surpass? What was Julius' childhood like?

One thing Black Clover fans aren't totally satisfied with is how the show makes the Wizard King sit out so many important battles after making a point of him being a magic geek. There shouldn't have been a scenario where Patry got the drop on him. Also, there were other ways to bring Julius back rather than making him a child. It was but a boring excuse to make Asta the Wizard King.

6 Lumiere Died Too Soon In Both The Ancient & Current Era

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Lumiere was Licht's best friend and the person responsible for stopping Licht when he spawned into a demon that threatened humanity. Lumiere was badly wounded after that battle, but he was sealed in a stone statue to prevent his death. He was awoken five hundred years later to aid in the battle against Zagred.

After the battle was won, Lumiere had to die — for real this time. Lumiere died without seeing the future he fought for come to fruition. He may not even know he's the first Wizard King, seeing as he was given the title posthumously.

5 Acier Silva Was Known As The Steel Princess

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Acier Silva, the mother of the Silva sibling, was known as the Silver Princess who danced across the battlefield. Mareoleona admitted to having never won a fight against her. This suggests that she was a woman of great strength for a monstrous fighter like Mareoleona to lose to her repeatedly.

Apparently, she was strong enough to have Vanica running for her life just before she got cursed. Fans want to see Mareoleona fight Acier for once. Just how powerful was Acier in her prime? She'll need a more elaborate backstory exploring her earlier life.

4 Fans Expected More From Zora Ideale

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Before Zora was properly introduced, he was always shown at the end credits of more than a handful of episodes. If anime history is anything to go by, that meant that he was a character soon to be introduced. When he was introduced, he was rather cool, with a laid-back personality, and his magic was cool, too.

Fans expected Zora to be insanely strong and equivalent to a Vice-Captain at least. But he only got less impressive as the show went on. It would have made more sense if the man seen at the end credits of a lot of episodes was more like a one-man army.

3 William's Full Power Is Still Unknown

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Much like Licht, William Vangeance needs a better storyline that properly showcases his full power. It's already known that he's a powerful Captain, but the full extent of his strength is still unknown. If his story was told like Yami's own, fans would know more things about William and his magic, as is the case with Yami.

It's also unclear how William led the Golden Dawn through years of unparalleled prosperity. William is obviously the real reason why the Golden Dawn was so famous in the past. Fans need to get a taste of William's ruthless side because his angelic visage is getting old fast.

2 Charmy Pappitson Seems To Be Captain Caliber

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Charmy is an incredibly powerful mage with an insatiable appetite. However, the show focuses too much on her food-loving nature to the point that it has become boring. Her power needs to be in the limelight a lot more as it seems she's way more powerful than even her squadmates are aware of.

Charmy's a hybrid who was born to a human and a dwarf, giving her the characteristics of both. During the elf reincarnation arc, she was powerful enough to easily defeat Rill Boismortier, a Captain whose magic power had been enhanced with elven mana.

1 Fanzel Kruger Was Once A Diamond Kingdom Army Commander

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Fanzel was once a trainer and commander of the Diamond Kingdom army. This means that he has fought many battles against the Clover Kingdom. He must have been really popular for even Yami to remember his name. That said, the story of how Fanzel abandoned the army and fled the kingdom was childish.

There should have been a few episodes in the show that focused on the Diamond Kingdom and its operations. In these episodes, Fanzel would have been growing repeatedly tired of their army's cruel experiments, making his desertion more touching. Then the story of how he met Asta in the woods wouldn't have sounded so convenient.

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