Attack On Titan, lovingly crafted by Hajime Isayama, has been captivating the fans' hearts for almost an entire decade. Although disaster and grim truths seem to lie in wait around every corner, it's hard to look away from humanity's desperate struggle to free themselves from the oppressive fear of the looming Titan threat.

Attack On Titan doesn't handle its action scenes like the typical shonen, meaning characters don't exactly have their own special named attacks that they use to take out enemies. There are still a ton of powerful and creative approaches that characters use in combat, though, and the Titan shifters come with their own set of special abilities that enable them to survive and carry out their missions.

10 Levi Makes A Show Out Of Silencing Eren

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After it's discovered that Eren has the ability to shift into a Titan, he's placed on trial, as the Military Police attempt to decide whether he could be a help or a hindrance to humanity. Eren attempts to speak for himself, but it's clear that all he does is rile up the crowd further.

This is where Levi steps in and, in one of his most iconic scenes, begins to mercilessly kick and beat the chained Eren. He's able to demonstrate how powerful he is, even without a Titan-slaying weapon, and this performance is enough to win over the crowd. This deceitful spectacle allows Eren to be released into the Survey Corps' custody.

9 Mikasa's Ackermann Powers Awaken Just In Time To Save Her Life

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Mikasa lives out her childhood in relative peace alongside her parents, until the day a group of human traffickers arrive, looking to profit off of their near-extinct race. Both Mikasa's mother and father are murdered, and she's the only one left alive to be taken as a hostage.

Eren arrives and attempts to save her, but is caught off-guard by one of the men, who would have strangled Eren and likely killed Mikasa afterwards. Thanks to Eren yelling at Mikasa, urging her to fight, the dormant powers within her awaken and she's able to control herself enough to take out the final kidnapper.

8 Eren's Titan-Shifting Abilities Are The Only Reason He's Alive

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Just as the Struggle For Trost arc begins and Eren bursts out of the gate, excited to put his training to the test, he's sent crashing into a nearby roof by a Titan. Armin, witnessing all the disaster unfold around him, mentally resigns himself to his fate and almost allows himself to be eaten.

Even while seriously injured, Eren is able to save Armin's life – but isn't able to escape himself before the Titan's jaw closes, snapping off his arm and swallowing him in the process. If it weren't for Eren's Titan ability awakening, he surely would have died. Eren's willingness to sacrifice himself unlocked an ability he didn’t know he had.

7 Eren Is Able To Kill Two Middle-Aged Kidnappers By Himself

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Even before the Fall of Shiganshina, young Eren Yeager has an intense violent streak. As a child, he's able to mentally justify brutally taking the lives of two adult male kidnappers by himself. After discovering where Mikasa is being held, Eren pretends to be a lost child looking for help in the woods.

As soon as the men drop their guards, Eren fatally stabs the one who greeted him at the door, dropping him to the floor instantly. He disappears into a back room, taking the other man off-guard and stabbing him repeatedly when he tries to follow after Eren.

6 Levi Makes Slicing Through Titans Look Effortless

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Levi's first appearance sets an incredibly high bar for the rest of the Survey Corps, who had largely been shrouded in mystery up until this point. The Survey Corps is out on an expedition whenever the Struggle For Trost begins, so it takes them a while to arrive on-scene.

Levi wastes no time making his presence known once he arrives. He quickly takes out two Titans that were threatening the lives of a group of soldiers with ease, using flashy spinning attacks that make navigating with the ODM gear look almost effortless.

5 The Colossal Titan's Transformation Is Akin To An Explosion

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All Titan Shifters emit heat whenever they transform, but this effect is especially amplified when it comes to the Colossal Titan. Due to its massive size, whenever the Colossal Titan transforms, the heat wave that it emits can actually act like a bomb, setting off a sizable explosion.

Additionally, the Colossal Titan is able to control how much heat they produce. This grants them access to an array of abilities, being able to use this power like a defensive shield to burn or keep enemies away if they get too close.

4 The Founding Titan's Scream Can Control Other Titans

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Both the Beast Titan and Female Titan are able to control other Titans to a lesser extent, but they can't come close to matching the power of the Founding Titan. As its name suggests, the Founding Titan is the most important within Attack On Titan, with its screams able to fully control any other Titan.

Not only can this scream control other Titans, but it can cause Descendants of Ymir to turn into Titans, as well. The Founding Titan's screams can even be used to rewrite the Descendants of Ymir's memories, or even change the biology of their physical bodies.

3 The Female Titan Can Mimic Other Titans' Powers

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The Female Titan is able to mimic the abilities of other Titans. She can screech and control other Titans around her, similar to the Beast Titan, though her version isn't nearly as effective.

She's also able to create incredibly hard, crystal-like armor to use defensively, like the Armored Titan, though it's shown that a powerful enough assault can still shatter these defenses. The Female Titan may not be able to use these powers to their full extent, but the sheer variety of her arsenal makes her a tough opponent.

2 The Cadets' Coordinated Effort To Take Back Headquarters Is A Success

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During the Struggle for Trost arc, it's revealed that the soldiers tasked with keeping headquarters running and supplying soldiers with much-needed resources abandoned their posts. The supply room ends up completely overrun by Titans, and the only hope they have is a single-shot plan that Armin devises.

The plan is to have one group fire off ammunition to blind the Titans, allowing the other group to sweep in and slice their napes more easily than they otherwise could. And while the plan doesn't go smoothly, it's still a successful attack in the end.

1 The War Hammer Titan Provides Both Versatility And Safety

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The War Hammer Titan is the final Titan form to be introduced in Attack On Titan, and its arsenal doesn't disappoint. For one, the user doesn't have to actively be inside the War Hammer Titan in order to control it, and can instead do so safely from a distance.

Not only that, but the War Hammer Titan is able to use its crystallizing powers to create any weapon imaginable. This makes it a suitable choice for just about any scenario, as it can quickly create a weapon to deal with any situation – essentially making all the War Hammer Titan's offensive hits special attacks.

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