English adaptations of Japanese anime, often referred to as "dubs," have been plentiful since the art form started experiencing international growth during the mid-20th century. While not every one of these translations resulted in positive changes to the source material, many of them added important depth and nuance to their respective casts.

Sometimes, a production company will do a perfect job of surveying their show's characters, analyzing their personalities, and assigning voice actors that embody these traits. Whereas some roles are expertly filled by veteran members of the voice acting community, others are given to relatively new actors who succeed with flying colors.

10 Brandon Potter's Casual Tone Fit Rhya the Disloyal

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Black Clover has won over anime audiences since its release in 2017, due in no small part to the excellent casting of characters like Rhya the Disloyal. Although characters like Patry, Julius Novachrono, and Asta are fantastically voiced, Brandon Potter's portrayal of the Copy Magic user is second-to-none.

Potter may be highly regarded for his work as One Piece's Shanks and School Rumble's Harima, but his apathetic, carefree tone during his time as Rhya the Disloyal encapsulates everything unique about the antagonist. Throw in the voice actor's natural range and ability to nail combat-oriented dialogue, and it makes for the perfect recipe to bring this character to life.

9 Christopher Sabat's Heroic Voice Is Perfect For All Might

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All Might, the nigh-infallible hero of My Hero Academia, is presented as a larger-than-life beacon of hope, so it only follows that his English voice actor is arguably the most famous of all time: Christopher Sabat. Sabat has worked on some of the most popular anime to ever be released in the United States, including credits as Vegeta from the Dragon Ball franchise, Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, and Yami Sukehiro from Black Clover.

My Hero Academia clearly draws from the Western comic book style for its characters and design. As a result, the series' dub needed quality voice actors that captured the spirit of its predecessors. No actor can summon quite the same level of booming bravado as Christopher Sabat, making him a natural fit to fill the shoes of the show's greatest hero.

8 Stephanie Young Captured Nico Robin's Maturity

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As One Piece approaches 25 years of publication, the Straw Hat Pirates continue to travel across the world, set foot on new islands, and meet drove of interesting characters. However, even all these years after its initial release, Nico Robin is still the most well-cast character in the entire show.

Stephanie Young was selected to play Nico Robin fairly early into her voice acting career, but the poise with which she presents the character is anything but that of an amateur. Young's performance during the climax of the Enies Lobby arc resulted in a defining scene of anime canon, and it encapsulates the natural synergy between the former Baroque Works member and her English voice actor.

7 Steven Blum Turned Spike Spiegel Into A Legendary Figure

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For Cowboy Bebop to be as universally praised as it is, the series needed to nail the casting of its protagonist, Spike Spiegel. By casting renowned voice actor Steven Blum, the show's production staff more than accomplished this. The combination of Blum's veteran voice-acting presence and Spike Spiegel's well-written character resulted in arguably the best anime protagonist of all time.

Holder of the Guinness World Record for video game voice acting credits, Steven Blum has worked in several forms of media, ranging from Sub-Zero in the Mortal Kombat franchise to Zabuza of Naruto fame. However, his role as Spike Spiegel is still his biggest claim to fame, even after multiple decades worth of quality acting credits.

6 Wendee Lee And Yoruichi Are A Perfect Match

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With Bleach set to return in late 2022, fans are fondly reflecting upon the series' beloved assortment of Soul Reapers, and among these characters, perhaps none have received more love than Yoruichi Shihoin. Her character presents as a teasingly sultry, feline warrior that previously served as the talented captain of the Soul Society's 2nd Division, a background that is perfectly suited for the talents of voice actor Wendee Lee.

Another voice actor to have starred in anime classics like Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin, Wendee Lee possesses tremendous range. While she can channel her womanly guile and fighting spirit as well as any voice actor in the business, her ability to flawlessly transition between them is what makes her such a great fit for a character like Yoruichi.

5 J. Michael Tatum Channels His Best Accent In His Role As France

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Hetalia: Axis Powers stands out as an incredibly original concept in a genre (comedy anime) that isn't necessarily full of them. However, if it weren't for performances like J. Michael Tatum's as France, then the series would never have found the cult following that it currently enjoys.

J. Michael Tatummore is well-known for stern figures like Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan and Tenya Ida in My Hero Academia. Still, his over-the-top French accent for France is one of the best gags in all of Hetalia: Axis Powers.

4 Steven Blum's Performance As Orochimaru Is Among The Best Of His Career

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Anime villains can be difficult to cast, but if there is one thing that the Naruto franchise has consistently done well, it is tackling this task. Fans need to look no further than Orochimaru, the corrupting, serpentine villain that continues to plague the show's heroes well into the events of Naruto: Shippuden, for evidence of this success.

Voice actor Steven Blum may be better known for his work as slick heroes like Cowboy Bebop's impossibly cool Spike Spiegel, yet his vocal range allows him to tackle roles like the dastardly Orochimaru with ease. The former Hidden Leaf Village shinobi's voice oozes with a hissing, vile tone, and Blum somehow brings this element to life every time Orochimaru appears on-screen.

3 Sean Schemmel's Goku Is An International Icon

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Few animated characters come close to matching the level of fame that Dragon Ball's Goku has enjoyed since his creation in 1984, and a huge part of the character's positive reception stems from English voice actor Sean Schemmel's uncanny personification of the legendary Super Saiyan.

Schemmel has a long list of acting credits to his name, but given the overwhelming success of Son Goku, it is no surprise that his most well-known performance was that of the Kameha-wielding savior of Earth. Whether he's at anime conventions playfully imitating Goku ordering a pizza or in the recording booth screaming until he goes unconscious, Schemmel wholly represents the hot-blooded Saiyan on a daily basis.

2 Maryke Hendrikse Brought Out Her Vulgar Side As Revy

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Although Black Lagoon is in no way the most conventional anime to ever be circulated, its brash refusal to conform to expectations is exactly what makes it perfect for a loudmouthed, gun-toting outlaw like its primary female protagonist, Revy. The vulgar gunslinger referred to as "Two Hands" and her attitude are often the catalyst for Black Lagoon's conflicts, making voice actor Maryke Hendrikse a natural fit for the role.

Hendrikse might be known for starring in children's shows like My Little Pony and Johnny Test, but she slings expletives and insults as well as anybody in the voice acting community. Couple that with her ability to delve into more serious, contemplative tones, and her pairing with the Black Lagoon star is a match made in heaven.

1 Bryce Papenbrook Is Rage Personified As Eren Jaeger

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Attack on Titan is praised for its grave tone and consistently high-quality voice acting, but even among its stellar cast, Bryce Papenbrook stands out for his performance as Eren Jeager of the 104th Cadet Corps. While Jeager's Japanese voice actor, Yuki Kaji, and his "tatakae" quote have become a popular point of reference for fans, Papenbrook's raw ferocity and vitriol perfectly capture the spirit of the spiteful young rookie.

Papenbrook is well-known for his portrayal of several iconic shonen protagonists, including Sword Art Online's Kirito and The Seven Deadly Sins' Meliodas. Yet, none of them are quite as enthralling as his work in Attack on Titan. Eren Jeager's chilling speech at the end of episode one is all the evidence that fans need of Papenbrook's fantastic ability to embody the last hope inside the walls.

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