Although older brothers can be annoying, they also take the time to guide their younger siblings by passing down essential life lessons. Younger siblings can look up to older brothers and follow their lead. A plethora of anime characters would perfectly fit the role of an older brother.

Some anime characters who are older brothers in their respective shows prove they do what older brothers do best. However, some characters who are not older brothers could also serve the role of an older brother perfectly due to their personalities. These characters can handle the responsibilities of being an older brother and protect their loved ones.

10 Roronoa Zoro's Determination Would Inspire Younger Siblings (One Piece)

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Roronoa Zoro from One Piece stands out as one of the strongest members of Luffy's pirate crew. He aspires to become the greatest swordsman in the world and relentlessly trains to attain his goal.

Despite how ridiculous his ideas can be, Zoro does not care what others think and has the guts to seek guidance from Dracule Mihawk, the swordsman Zoro needs to surpass to become the greatest swordsman. Thus, Zoro would show his younger siblings how to focus on a goal and chase after it without looking back.

9 Kiminobu Kogure Exudes Kindness (Slam Dunk)

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Kiminobu Kogure helps lead the Shohoku High School Basketball team as the vice-captain in Slam Dunk. Although the captain, Akagi Takenori, rules his team with an iron fist, Kiminobu leads the team without being stern.

For instance, Akagi harshly criticizes Sakuragi Hanamichi, a freshman who had never played basketball, but Kiminobu always offers positive feedback, keeping Sakuragi optimistic. In other words, his presence helps balance Akagi's strict way of leading the team. His aptitude for motivating people around him would make him an excellent older brother.

8 No Task From The Hero Association Fazes Genos (One-Punch Man)

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Genos plays an important role in One-Punch Man as Saitama's right-hand man. Even though he does not always have the power to triumph over incredibly powerful monsters or villains, he charges into every fight without flinching.

Genos would accept any order given to him by the Hero Association and execute it to the best of his ability. He is not the type of person who would make excuses to evade responsibilities. Younger siblings would try to reflect Genos's impressive grit, so Genos would be a superb role model if he were an older brother.

7 Shisui Loves To Help Others (Naruto)

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Shisui belongs to the prestigious Uchiha clan in Naruto and holds great significance in the story of the Uchiha massacre. Shisui behaves like an older brother to Itachi in the show. Shisui voluntarily helps Itachi with his training and ends up being the perfect person to do so because Shisui has a knack for passing down important lessons.

Shisui not only shows Itachi how to fight and spot clues like a ninja but also can accurately sense Itachi and other people's emotions. He would always have his younger siblings' backs since he would gladly guide and support them.

6 Yatora Raises The Spirits Of Those Around Him (Blue Period)

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Yatora, the main protagonist of Blue Period, sharpens his focus toward a single goal without forgetting those who helped him along the way. Because he tends to be so mindful, he would serve as a perfect role model for younger siblings.

Even though his goal of becoming an art student at one of the most competitive schools without much experience doing art seems almost impossible, he does not fear big dreams. His confidence in himself and his creative mind makes him a unique character who others would want to emulate.

5 Dekisugi Does Everything Perfectly (Doraemon)

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Dekisugi in Doraemon would be a perfect role model for his younger siblings. He excels in the classroom, studiously taking notes during class, acing every exam he takes, and surpassing his classmates. Dekisugi can answer any question his teachers throw at him, as he never receives a grade below 100.

Dekisugi not only gets good grades but also has a personality that most would aspire to have. His intellectual curiosity would inspire his younger siblings to push themselves to learn more about the world around them.

4 Chopper Would Heal His Younger Siblings (One Piece)

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The Straw Hats value Chopper for his medical expertise in One Piece. Whenever someone in the crew comes down with an illness or injury, Chopper is ready to help. Moreover, although he often starts bawling and cowering in fear when encountering big threats, he never allows anyone to harm his friends.

Chopper has multiple transformations that he can use for various situations at his disposal, so he has the tools to help his friends evade predicaments. Simply put, Chopper's versatility would make him an excellent older brother.

3 Leorio's Goofiness Would Make Him A Fun Older Brother (Hunter X Hunter)

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Leorio in Hunter X Hunter in some ways plays the role of an older brother for Gon, Killua, and Kurapika from the start. He is the oldest of the four protagonists, and although he does not have the most physical strength, he supports everyone and genuinely wants his comrades to succeed.

Leorio knows how to work in a team despite initially having a tense relationship with Kurapika. Leorio has the potential to be an older brother who always has his teammates' back and would always support others no matter what.

2 Giyu Follows His Heart (Demon Slayer)

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Giyu from Demon Slayer does not pay heed to what others think when he decides to help Tanjiro protect Nezuko. Despite breaching the rules, Giyu protects Nezuko because he empathizes with Tanjiro.

Tanjiro attempts to convey a message of gratitude to Giyu, but Giyu does not take any credit and stays humble. Additionally, he enters every battle with a cool and calm demeanor, showing his bravery. Younger siblings would try to replicate Giyu's selflessness and leadership, so Giyu would fit the role of an older brother well.

1 Viewers Cannot Get Enough Of Might Guy's Fighting Spirit (Naruto)

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Might Guy in Naruto proves that hard work beats talent. Guy cannot use ninjutsu and genjutsu to the same extent as most characters due to his lack of chakra. However, he makes up for his lack of chakra with long hours of training in taijutsu.

As a result, Guy would spread the value of hard work to his potential younger siblings. His positive attitude would also make him a fantastic older brother. He believes that the power of youth can invigorate anyone to take on any challenge, so he would encourage his siblings to take a step forward to give their best shot.

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