WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 6, "Walking Bet SAGA," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Legendary Tae Yamada is the only member of Franchouchou without a backstory -- and the only one with the hunger and communication skills of a stereotypical zombie. She and the 19th-century courtesan Yugiri are the only zombie girls who didn't get a focus episode in Zombie Land Saga Season 1. Zombie Land Saga Revenge surprisingly gives Tae an episode in the spotlight before Yugiri, but those expecting to understand Tae any better must abandon those hopes. If anything, Tae's undead life is even weirder than anyone could have thought.

Episode 6 returns to the reporter trying to piece together what exactly is going on with Franchouchou and why so many of the members look exactly like dead celebrities from the past. The reporter initially dismisses theories that they're zombies, but he recognizes there's something up with Tae in particular, the "idol" who never sings and is always doing her own thing but is nonetheless beloved.

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The reporter follows Tae around for a day, and we get to see just how loved she is around town. Tae's routine was not shown in the season premiere's montage of the zombie girls' jobs, so it was easy to assume she was cooped up at home to avoid suspicion. However, it turns out she does errands, makes friends and goes on adventures separate from Franchouchou. The Saga public embraces her zombie-like behavior as either a manageable disability or a charming eccentricity rather than suspecting she's a zombie.

Tae's agenda for the day involves walking the zombie dog Romero, getting groceries (along with free food offerings from townies), visiting her own grave, entering a bizarre dance competition against Saga's weirdly sexual chicken mascot and somehow making enough money betting on races to pay off the entirety of Franchouchou's remaining debt. Viewers will enjoy spending this time with Tae, who's a serious contender in the Zombie Land Saga "Best Girl" debates, but they won't understand her much better. For every question about Tae that's been answered (we now know she's conscious enough to recognize her own grave), more questions are raised (how does nobody realize Romero's a zombie when he doesn't even have a disguise?).

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Needless to say, the reporter is baffled by everything about Tae, but his investigation finds one big clue that might unravel the whole story of Franchouchou. Looking through his photos, he realizes that Tae's head fell off for a second when she returned home. Suddenly those zombie theories can't be dismissed as a joke anymore. Franchouchou might be out of debt, but they're now in for some even bigger problems if their secrets are exposed.

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