Because of their relatability, workplace anime have grown in popularity among anime fans, with Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku standing out among this subgenre's anime and manga offerings. Despite the fact that Wotakoi premiered almost seven years before Servant x Service, fans of the subgenre should still watch it for its intriguing plot and diverse cast of characters.

Service x Servant the beginning of Lucy Yamagami's new job as a civil servant. The reason Lucy became a civil servant, as opposed to some of her coworkers who did so for the money or stability, was to exact justice on the person who had carelessly approved the hilariously long name she had chosen.


Comedy at the Right Time

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Wotakoi is known for its comedy, romance, and representation of adult otaku. Similarly, there is no shortage of comedic beats in Servant x Service. Lucy, along with her plot for revenge, has to deal with her wacky coworkers. Servant x Service's sitcom-like pacing drives home the comedy. The character's hilarious inner monologue serves as commentary, a means to move the plot forward, and reflect the delicate balance with professionalism.

Parallel plot lines allow the audience to explore other characters' misadventures and give more opportunities for hilarious situations. Sticking with tis sitcom style, Servant x Service leans heavily on situational and slapstick comedy. The tension between the earnest but naive Lucy and the talented but lazy Yutaka Hasabe often creates situations where the two characters butt heads.


Love Problems

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Just like Wotakoi, Servant x Service explores the complications of workplace romance and the love lives of each character. Taishi Ichimiya, the supervisor in charge of Lucy and the other newcomers, has to navigate his secret relationship with the office otaku, Megumi Chihaya.

Although relationships between coworkers are not necessarily frowned upon, Taishi worries about being broken up with before Christmas because he prioritizes his little sister's birthday, which falls on Christmas Eve. Early in the series, Yutaka confesses to Lucy, only for her to reject him because of his flippant nature and incessant teasing.

A Realistic View of Adulthood

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A workplace anime like Servant x Service cannot exist without addressing adulthood, which is the main theme of an anime focusing on adults. The majority of the characters deal with problems outside of office squabbles. In high school, Taishi Ichimiya took care of his younger sister and is still doing so as she completes her education. The quietest of the newcomers, Saya Miyoshi, tries to be more assertive. Other characters attempt to balance their relationships with friends, their bills, and their hobbies.

Although Servant x Service aired seven years before Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, both anime have similar comedic beats, pacing, and plot points. Servant x Service is a successful predecessor to Wotakoi. Anime fans who enjoy slice-of-life series focusing on adult characters going about their everyday life will enjoy the Servant x Service's hilariously cute but relatable story.