The X-Men's Wolverine (aka Logan) has been many things in his incredibly long life. He’s been a soldier, an outcast, a genetic weapon, and a member of multiple superhero teams across the world. But when a mystical prophecy pulled him into a world very different from his own, the X-Man became embroiled in a battle for the fate of an entire kingdom. However, the mutant's reward for his services made him into something he had never been before: a fully ordained knight.

1995’s Wolverine: Knight of Terra (by Ian Edginton, John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, and Rick Magyar) is a direct sequel to 1991’s Wolverine: Rahne of Terra (by Peter David and Andy Kubert.) Unrest has filled the land in the years since Logan's first adventure in the magical world of Geshem. Wolverine’s previous interactions in the land have now created turmoil, and the fate of Princess Rahne and the other inhabitants of the realm hang in the balance.

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After being teleported back to Geshem, Wolverine realizes that he must find Princess Rahne and keep her safe from The Beast, the very same being he was forced to become during his last adventure. Matters become much more complicated when Earth-616’s Wolfsbane (who is the mainstream version of Rahne) is teleported along with Logan in an effort to keep the princess safe.

This time, the Beast turns out to be this world's version of one of Wolverine's worst enemies: Sabretooth. Logan crosses paths with the creature and learns that he’s virtually indestructible due to the magical energy coursing through him. Their confrontation comes to an explosive climax and the Beast leaves the body of Geshem’s Sabretooth devoid of magic, thereby ending the threat.

To Wolverine this was simply just another day in his life, but to Princess Rahne it was a tremendous act of heroism. As a reward, the princess grants Logan the title of knight, and recognizes him as an official hero of the realm of Geshem. In his typically gruff fashion Wolverine takes his new knighthood in stride, but vows to protect the princess whenever she calls for his aid.

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Wolverine becoming a knight is an interesting development considering that he is in many ways the antithesis of knighthood. Figures such as Lancelot and Galahad come to mind as straight-backed heroes adorned in resplendent armor riding atop equally regal horses. Knights are typically thought of as gleaming bastions of righteousness and justice, not cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking loners in flannel shirts and faded jeans. Wolverine is coarse, surly, and not prone to playing well with others. He's generally unkempt, and exemplifies a more feral and bestial nature.

However, turning Wolverine into a knight despite his many adverse qualities is a fitting and deserving title for him. At his core Wolverine is a hero. He steps up to any threat without fear and does all that he can to save lives. He’s acted as a mentor and father figure to several young mutants over the years and he’s been a source of strength and stability for those who need it. While not gleaming or radiant, Wolverine is an honorable man, a loyal friend, and a fierce warrior. He is in many ways already a knight and is absolutely deserving of the title.