Why Manga Is Better Than Anime

Feb 22, 2023
Manga and anime are two popular Japanese storytelling forms that have captivated audiences all over the world.
Why Manga Is Better Than Anime

While anime is the animated version of manga, many argue that the original manga form is superior. From its rich and intricate storytelling to its diverse and complex characters to its ability to explore deeper themes and social issues, manga offers a depth and nuance that is often lost in its animated adaptation. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why manga is considered better than anime by many fans and enthusiasts.

What Is Manga And Its Origin?

Manga is a Japanese style of comics and graphic novels, typically created by a single author or artist. Its origin dates back to the late 19th century, with the publication of political cartoons and caricatures. By the mid-20th century, manga had developed into a popular form of entertainment, covering a wide range of genres and topics. Today, manga is widely read in Japan and has a growing audience worldwide. Its style and storytelling conventions have also influenced the development of anime, Japanese animated films and television series.

Similarities Between Manga And Anime

There are several similarities between Anime and Manga:

Origin: Both manga and anime originated in Japan and have become a huge part of Japanese culture. The term manga refers to Japanese comic books and graphic novels, while anime refers to the animated versions of these stories.

Art style: Both manga and anime have distinct style that is immediately recognizable. This style is characterized by exaggerated expressions, bold lines, and bright, eye-catching colors.

Storylines: Many manga and anime series have similar storylines and themes, such as action, adventure, romance, and science fiction. These stories often include elements of Japanese cultures, such as samurai warriors, supernatural creatures, and historical events.

Characters: Both manga and anime often feature memorable and well-developed characters. These characters are often unique and have distinct personalities, motivations, and relationships with other characters.

Popularity: Both manga and anime have a large and dedicated following both inside and outside of Japan. This popularity is due in part to their unique storytelling styles and engaging characters.

Adaptations: Many popular manga series have been adapted into anime, and vice versa. This allows fans to experience the same story in different formats and provides a new way to enjoy their favorite characters and storylines.

Fan culture: Cosplay, conventions, and fan fiction are popular activities in both manga and anime fan cultures. This fan culture allows fans to connect and celebrate their mutual love of these art forms.

What Are the Differences Between Manga and Anime?


Manga and anime are two separate kinds of media with their own distinctive differences, despite their commonalities. Here are some of the differences, for instance:

The primary distinction between manga and anime is the medium in which they are delivered. Whereas anime is an animated television program or film, manga is a printed comic book or graphic novel.

Format: The formats of manga and anime are distinct. While anime is often presented as a series of still images, manga is typically presented in panels.

Length: Manga series can be much longer than anime series because they are not limited by the time limits of a television broadcast or film. This enables the manga to tell stories in more detail and to develop its characters.

Audience: The target audiences for manga and anime are very different. Many manga series are marketed to younger readers, whereas anime is typically marketed to a larger, older audience.

Tone: While manga and anime both cover a wide range of genres, their tones frequently differ. Manga is more introspective and thought-provoking than anime.

Adaptation: Despite the fact that many popular manga series has been adapted into anime, the two forms of media are not always interchangeable. To better fit the animated format, anime adaptations may change elements of the original story or characters.

Production process: The production processes for manga and anime are also distinct. Typically, manga is created by a single or small group of artists and writers. Anime, on the other hand, is produced by a large production company that employs a large number of animators, voice actors, and sound technicians.

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Reasons Why Manga Is Superior to Anime

Here are some of the reasons why some people believe manga is superior to anime:

  1. Story depth: Manga series, due to their longer format, can often have more in-depth storylines and character development than anime. This enables more complex and nuanced stories, which can be more satisfying for readers.
  2. Creativity: Manga artists and writers have more creative freedom to explore their ideas and themes because they are not constrained by the constraints of animation. This can lead to more innovative and imaginative manga stories.
  3. Pacing: Some people prefer manga’s pacing because they can read at their own pace and take their time with the story. In contrast, anime can feel rushed at times, with events occurring quickly and without much explanation.
  4. Personal preference: Some people may simply prefer the manga format to anime. They might discover that reading a comic book or graphic novel is more enjoyable than watching an animated show.
  5. Cost: Manga is often less expensive than anime, depending on where you live, because anime requires a large production studio and can be more expensive to purchase or stream.

It should be noted that these are subjective reasons that may or may not apply to everyone. Some people prefer anime over manga, and there is no right or wrong answer. Both manga and anime have distinct strengths and offer unique experiences to fans.

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