What Is Demon Slayer's Age Rating – And Why?

May 19, 2023
Different age ratings between one Demon Slayer arc and the next leaves some parents wondering if the anime is safe for their pre-teen kids to watch.
What Is Demon Slayer's Age Rating – And Why?

When it comes to manga and anime, whether it's appropriate for younger viewers is often debatable and at the decision of the adults in their lives. Despite visual similarities with American comics and cartoons, manga and anime tend to handle a wide range of mature subjects, even whether the protagonists are children or high school students. When it comes to Koyoharu Gotouje's Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the very title should be a bit of a warning. After all, young Tanjiro Kamado returns home to discover his entire family has been viciously slaughtered by demons. The sole-survivor, his sister Nezuko, has been transformed into a demon, but the fact that she still displays signs of human emotion is enough to convince Tanjiro she could be saved, and perhaps even returned to her human form.

As Tanjiro undergoes training to become a member of the secret society of demon slayers, he comes head to head with dangerous enemies with horrifying powers, like Muzan and his army of brutal demons. As he learns the various breathing style techniques that allow him to battle demons, the series' primary protagonist encounters a number of horrific circumstances that most children would be unable to withstand or even comprehend. While such acts teach bravery and heroism, it's crucial to assess a child's development before plunging them into a Demon Slayer event. To provide some help, here's a glance at the varied ratings across the series arcs, movies, and manga.

Watch Demon Slayer Online

For those interested in diving into Demon Slayer for the first time, or who find themselves searching for the next season or movie, there are three major platforms where the series streams in the U.S. Netflix, Crunchy Roll and Hulu have English dubs of the first three seasons, which cover the series debuts first 26, as well as "The Mugen Train" and "The Entertainment District" arcs. The most recent installment, "The Swordsmith Village" arc spans 26 episodes and is only available to stream on Crunchyroll at this time.

Demon Slayer: How Bloody Is It?

Demon Slayer is a relatively violent and, at times, unsettling anime. People in the series are frequently possessed, especially young children, which may be upsetting to younger viewers. Coupled with the quantity of terrifying demons and monsters that arise at regular intervals, it might easily become the stuff of a child's nightmares. Despite being animated, the violence may be quite nasty at times, with blood, gore, and vicious fighting peppered throughout each episode. Even nonviolent killings have been known to be highly bloody, which may raise a lot of questions from young viewers who don't properly understand the notion.

To depict an authentic picture, both the "Mugen Train" and "Swordsmith Village" arc films were granted a R classification when they were released in theaters. This meant that no youngster under the age of 17 could enter the theater without the presence of a parent or guardian. Because of items like profanity, violence, and/or nudity in R-rated films, it's vital to prescreen before allowing young children to watch. Only a parent can accurately predict how their child will react to the events provided.

What Age Level Is the Demon Slayer Manga?

Netlfix's age rating for Demon Slayer covers a broad range of material, which garners it an overall TV-MA rating because of occasional nudity. Each individual season earns its own rating. The "Tanjiro Kamado, Unwavering Resolve" arc (Season 1 on Netflix) is rated TV-14 for fear, gore, violence and language. Not only did it introduce Tanjiro's devastating discovery of his slaughtered family, but during the mountain training episodes, there were some very disturbing scenes and imagery. Several minor characters are also violently killed throughout the season.

The series' second season, the "Mugen Train" arc is also rated TV-14 for fear, gore and violence, with many viewers noting that it contains some of the most frightening imagery in the entire series to date. Considered to be very emotional, there are a lot of devastating scenes that may be difficult or confusing for younger viewers to process. One incredibly dark scene features Tanjiro reunited with his dead family in a dream, and though they beg him to stay, he knows he can't.

Across the anime, a lot of innocent people die, and that's one thing Tanjiro simply can't deal with. In the "Entertainment District" arc his aggression and rage makes for some heavy moments that elicit a rating of TV-14 for fear, gore, violence, language and self-harm.

What Is the Demon Slayer Manga Age Rating?

Published by MangaMonster in the U.S., Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is Rated Teen. MangaMonster breaks the details down, stating that the Teen rated material may be suitable for both early and older teens. It may include instances of violence, occasional strong language, crude humor, suggestive imagery or themes, alcohol and tobacco use.

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