Welcome to Demon School! Naruto's Chunin Exam and Iruma-most kun's recent story arc, the Harvest Festival event, share many similarities. But in other ways, Iruma-Harvest kun's Festival is more like My Hero Academia's Provisional Hero License Exam. Both storylines feature young heroes who push themselves to the limit in order to survive a difficult wilderness expedition.

A few new Babyls students were introduced in the "Harvest Festival" arc of Season 3, and they are all targeting the abnormal class. Students from Shiketsu and Ketsubutsu started "the crushing of UA" in MHA, and as Orobas Coco demonstrated in recent episodes of Iruma-kun, the Harvest Festival is no different.


Iruma-kun and MHA Both Demonstrate That Being the Strongest Has a Price

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Being the best and most well-known fighter has a high price, even for an entire class of gifted students, as illustrated by anime story arcs like MHA's Provisional Hero License Exam and currently Iruma-Harvest kun's Festival. In the first episode of Season 3, other students treated Iruma and his classmates like celebrities because the abnormal class had gained notoriety since the Walter Park fight. It's not all fun and games, though, as this makes every student in the unusual class a high-profile target for other students who want to knock them down a peg or two.

Asmodeus Alice and Sabnock Sabro, the two most formidable fighters in the abnormal class, were the target of the Dorodoro brothers, Ichiro and Nichiro, who pursued them. Andro Jazz and Allocer Schneider were recently the targets of the centaur-like student Orobas Coco, who used his extensive knowledge of every Babyls student to his advantage. Orobas used the illusion-making power of his bloodline trait, Trauma, to deceive Jazz into believing that he was his annoying older brother. Jazz attempted to kick his brother out of frustration but instead accidentally hit Orobas, breaking the rules and prohibiting students from attacking one another.

It was all part of the plan that Jazz and Allocer were both immediately disqualified. Every member of the abnormal class is a target for Orobas, and he won't stop until every one of them is eliminated from the test. Perhaps he perceives them as a threat or simply wishes to instill humility in them. In either case, it's a clear allusion to the way UA was defeated in My Hero Academia. The price of being the strongest and most well-liked is that you become an even bigger target.


How the Best Anime Students Respond to These Challenges

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It's a smart move for anime like My Hero Academia and Welcome to Demon School! to depict the expensive downside of being a superstar student in a challenging class like 1-A or the abnormal class. In spite of this, these series serve to remind viewers that no matter how great a person is, they can always become even better. Examples include the crushing of UA or Orobas Coco's targeting of students in the abnormal class. There are constantly new obstacles to overcome, so pupils like Andro M. Jazz, Asmodeus Alice, Izuku Midoriya, and Katsuki Bakugo must always keep a growth mindset and avoid becoming complacent.

So, these superstar students rise to the occasion, respond to big challenges and experience serious growth. Andro Jazz may have goofed up, but Asmodeus Alice and Sabnock Sabro managed to grow yet again after fighting and defeating the Dorodoro brothers, even forming a friendly rivalry with them. When a true villain appears, surely the four boys will team up and fight together as powerful students who respect one another after their initial clash.

Similar to how prominent UA students like Shoto Todoroki learned some difficult lessons after being repeatedly singled out, Shoto worked with his fierce rival Inasa Yoarashi and performed above and beyond the call of duty in the remedial class. In that regard, being singled out in that manner isn't a misfortune for MHA's Class 1-A or Iruma-abnormal kun's class; rather, it's a chance.