The following contains spoilers for Love Unlimited: Viv Vision, now available on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Like her father, the Avengers' Vision, Viv Vision is a synthezoid. Vision constructed her out of synthetic materials and gave her the consciousness of a teenage girl. As a synthezoid, Viv often had trouble understanding normal human emotions and experiences. She found it difficult to socialize with other kids her age, though joining the Champions helped her get better at having friends. When she began to develop feelings for CJ, a girl she met through the Internet, Viv was nervous about meeting her. But as it turned out, she didn't need to worry, because she and CJ ended up being perfect for each other.

In the digital comic Love Unlimited: Viv Vision (by Marieke Nijkamp, Federico Sabbatini, Martina "Mafuriah" Fari, VC's Ariana Maher and VC's Travis Lanham), Viv was invited to a protest by her Internet friend CJ. At the protest, Viv learned that investors were planning on destroying the neighborhood for profit. Viv and CJ snuck into the investors' building to learn more, and discovered a secret plot by Roxxon to test violent new police technology in the neighborhood. They collected evidence to leak to the public and escaped safely. Afterwards, Viv and CJ kissed and began to plan a second date.

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It makes total sense that Viv would meet her first girlfriend on the Internet, since she was online constantly. Viv's technologically advanced synthetic brain allowed her to monitor many websites at once. She used the Internet to keep track of issues that she and the Champions could help out with. Viv originally began messaging with CJ online as a way to keep tabs on what was happening in the neighborhood, since CJ was a community activist. They soon became friends, and after meeting up in person their relationship developed even further.

Viv and CJ had a shared interest of youth activism. Viv was a core member of the Champions, a team of teenage superheroes that was created because its members felt that adult superheroes were overlooking important issues. Viv believed in the power of youth to effect change, and as a Champion she helped empower other teens to change the world. CJ was an activist who attended protests and cared about issues such as climate change and gentrification. With such similar interests, it's no wonder that they got along so well.

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After meeting in person, Viv discovered that she and CJ had another shared interest: computer hacking. Viv's synthezoid abilities made advanced computer hacking come very naturally to her. CJ revealed that she was a hacker as well, and used those skills to expose the sinister plans of corrupt corporations like Roxxon. CJ's familiarity with computers made her well-suited to date a synthezoid like Viv, whose brain often followed patterns of computer logic.

Viv and CJ's similar interests and values made them an incredibly compatible couple. They both sought to change the world for the better, and used their knowledge of the Internet and computer hacking skills to accomplish that. But they had some differences as well. CJ was more outgoing and reckless, while Viv was more careful and reserved. Their similarities and differences made their dynamic interesting and promising.