The highly anticipated Trigun Stampede premiered with a bang. This reboot of the classic Trigun series, which combines science fiction and the wild west, is a significant departure from the typical anime produced today. Studio Orange, best known for its adaptations of Beastars and Land of the Lustrous, has once again proven its worth with high-quality animation and action sequences. Before the action begins in Episode 1, there is a visual spectacle. However, anime fans who remember and love the original 1998 anime have complaints.

Stampede has made a number of contentious changes to the characters in order to give the series a new spin, such as changing Vash's trademark hairstyle and Meryl's occupation, which corresponds to her character arc in the manga. The most noticeable difference is the absence of a familiar character. Milly Thompson has been Meryl's traveling companion when pursuing Vash in every iteration of Trigun. To those who know her, she is irreplaceable, even if her replacement, Roberto De Niro, is a promising addition to the cast.


Who is Milly Thompson?

Trigun Stampede: Who Is Milly Thompson, and Why Do Fans of the Original Miss Her?_0

Milly, a character from the original manga and anime adaptation, is Meryl's Bernardelli Insurance Company partner. As a tall, broad-shouldered woman, she cuts a striking, memorable figure, especially when standing next to the petite Meryl. She distinguishes herself from the majority of anime heroines simply by virtue of this fact. She can be a crybaby, but she works hard and has no problem getting into a fight. Milly carries a large, heavy gun with a claw that can topple trucks.

Milly, who is younger than the rest of the cast and comes from a large, idyllic family, brings an unwavering optimism to the otherwise bleak landscape in which Trigun takes place. She will go to any length to assist someone in need. Milly brings light and hope wherever she goes, whether it's assisting someone she just met to avoid capture or ensuring the safety of families in the towns she visits. This contrast is what makes her so memorable to fans of classic anime. She's strong and capable, but she also has a golden heart.


Why is Milly's Absence from Trigun Stampede so Heartbreaking?

Without her, Trigun Stampede may be severely lacking in this aspect, kindness. Replacing her with a much more jaded character like Roberto feels like a slap in the face to some fans, as Milly's desire to help others frequently aligns with Vash's convictions, propelling them to their next adventure. Whereas most people would abandon Vash to fend for himself or cut their losses in the face of disaster, Milly assists Vash in spreading goodwill, love, and peace across a desolate landscape. They both place a high value on living things, and Meryl helps them stay grounded and find ways to make such goals a reality.

Roberto, by contrast, seems more of a self-serving pessimist. He refuses to fill Meryl's head with more dreams of making it big, but will put his life on the line for a good article. This could change over time, but Milly's absence has left a void. Some of Milly's optimism has been placed on Meryl, as she's the bright-eyed newbie to Roberto's hardened senior, but it's yet to be seen if that's enough.

Some fans speculate that Milly could also appear later in the story, as a late addition or just a cameo. While fans can hope, but Trigun Stampede has made itself clear that it's taking the source material in a brand-new direction. Unfortunately, that just maybe without Milly.