Tower of God is a success story for the ages. The meteoric rise of the title's popularity helped to propel both webcomics and South Korean manhwa into mainstream popularity. Since its initial publication in 2010, the franchise has grown into a genuine powerhouse, spawning an anime series, a mobile video game, and even a line of figures and t-shirts. Given the series' inventive, inspired setting and rich, crafted characters, it's no surprise Tower of God is quickly becoming a contemporary classic.

One such member of Tower of God's remarkable cast is the enigmatic powerhouse known as Enryu. Despite possessing immense power and unique abilities, little is concretely known about him that isn't directly related to his fighting strength.

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Enryu is depicted as having bright red hair, red eyes, and attractive facial features. Like 25th Bam, the series' protagonist, Enryu is an Irregular. This means he wasn't selected to enter the Tower by Headon but rather entered the Tower from the outside world of his own volition. This is significant for two reasons. First, it means that Enryu can use shinsu, the ever-present Force-like energy that permeates the Tower, without entering into a contract with a floor's Administrator. Second, this means he is one of the few characters who has the ability to kill both Floor Administrators, gigantic creatures who govern each floor of the Tower, as well as King Zahard, the series' main antagonist.

As a spear-bearer, Enryu has the ability to manipulate innumerable Baangs (or units) of shinsu into a storm of red spears, culminating in a beautiful, devastating attack known as Red Rain. Enryu used this attack to overpower and kill the 43rd floor's Administrator, definitively proving Floor Administrators were not invincible.

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Currently, Enryu is ranked as the second strongest fighter in the Tower, the first being the monstrously vicious Phantaminum. This means his power is technically greater than both King Zahard and Urek Mazino, another shockingly strong Irregular, as well as far superior to 25th Bam's abilities. However, both Enryu and Phantaminum are considered inactive, leaving King Jahad and Urek in the first and second positions respectively.

Regardless of his inactive status, Enryu's tremendous power speaks for itself. His degree of control over shinsu is so great that when he's in a given area the shinsu around him takes on a visible, red appearance. Thus, he's been given the sobriquet Red Tower. What's more, Enryu is known to have used the most Baangs of shinsu of any fighter in the Tower's recorded history, using well over 9,000(!) Baangs of shinsu in a single battle. Additionally, Enryu singlehandedly defeated a Floor Administrator, a feat that's never been accomplished by any other character. As such, Enryu's strength and skill are on a level far beyond that of even Urek Mazino, a fighter who scaled the entire Tower in record time.

Although he's yet to appear in the anime series, Enryu has quickly become a fan favorite. His devastating power and radical accomplishments serve as examples of just how strong an Irregular can be, which bodes well for 25th Bam on his journey to ascend the Tower and confront his friend Rachel.

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