• Izana Kurokawa, the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc, has complex motivations that go beyond simply wanting to crush Toman. His influence on Toman in the future is evident in a bleak vision witnessed by Takemichi.
  • Izana's difficult childhood and feeling of isolation play a significant role in shaping his character. He was neglected by his adoptive mother, which led to feelings of loneliness and emptiness.
  • Izana builds his own criminal organization, Yokohama Tenjiku, with the goal of seeking revenge against Mikey and taking over the Tokyo Manji Gang. However, his tyrannical leadership and disregard for his subordinates pose challenges for Tenjiku's functioning.

The figure at the center of the mystery surrounding Yokohoma Tenjiku is none other than Izana Kurokawa, who has gradually been set up as the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc. Since his debut, there have been considerable hints towards his relationship with Mikey and vendetta against the Tokyo Manji Gang. That being said, the complexity of his real motivations go far beyond simply crushing Toman.

Perhaps the best indicator of this lies in the bleak future that Takemichi bore witness to in Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc, where Mikey was dead, Toman became an extremely violent crime syndicate, and Naoto met his death at Kisaki's hand. This tragic turn of events speaks volumes of the kind of influence Izana must have exerted on Toman in the aftermath of the Kanto Incident. However, to understand why he brought about this horrific vision of the future, it is equally important to look into Izana's past.

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Isolated From His Loved Ones


Growing up alongside his adoptive younger sister Emma Sano, Izana had a difficult childhood, where he was neglected by his adoptive mother Karen Kurokawa. Her animosity towards Izana, stemmed from the fact that he was born as a consequence of her ex-husband's prior affair, and had no direct blood relation to her. Unaware of this, Izana was initially a benevolent child who cared for his younger sister, and had a very close relationship with his adoptive older brother Shinichiro Sano.

Shinichiro taught Izana about motorbikes, fashion, and the life of a delinquent, steering his adoptive younger brother on the right path, despite the hardships he endured early on in his life. Sadly, his kind nature would undergo a drastic change, on learning that he was not related by blood to anyone he considered family. This shattered his entire world and left him feeling lonely and empty. To make matters worse, Karen left Emma with the Sano family and sent Izana to a foster home, forcing him to cut ties with those he called family.

Building A Kingdom


Izana continued to maintain a regular correspondence with Shinichiro, who struggled to keep Izana on the right path, as he grew increasingly isolated. Shinichiro's constant mention of his younger brother Manjiro (Mikey), also fueled Izana's hatred, as he grew jealous of the bond they shared. In time, this would culminate in his founding of the S-62 Generation with those he met in a juvenile detention center.

Over time, the group would spread its criminal activities by forming gangs of their own, which indulged in robbery, drug trafficking, and assault. Izana himself became the leader of the Eighth Generation Black Dragons, turning the once idealistic organization — founded by Shinichiro — into a brutal operation, stemming from his cruelty towards his subordinates, and his undying hatred for Mikey. His jealousy was aggravated on realizing that Shinichiro had left the Black Dragons for Mikey to take over.

At this time, the only person Izana found solace in was Kakucho, who he met as child in an orphanage, where the pair grew up as brothers and pledged to one day build their own kingdom. Izana's will was later carried on by the Ninth Generation Black Dragon leader Shion Madarame, who attempted to take on Mikey and his friends, only to be defeated in the process by the newly formed Tokyo Manji Gang. Lastly, the death of Shinichiro by Kazutora Hanemiya's hand, resulted in Izana losing the only guiding light in his life, completing his descent into darkness.

Commencing Tenjiku's Reign Of Terror


Shortly after the events of the Christmas Showdown between Toman and the Tenth Generation Black Dragons, Izana recruited his former allies and members of the S-62 Generation to form Yokohama Tenjiku. The sole purpose of this organization was to obtain revenge against Manjiro Sano and take over the Tokyo Manji Gang, which would serve as the foundation on which Izana built his kingdom. Furthermore, he sought to turn Tenjiku into a major crime syndicate, by recruiting Hajime Kokonoi as its treasurer.

This plan was concocted due to the manipulation of Kisaki Tetta, who was attempting to channel Izana's strength to obtain his own revenge against the Tokyo Manji Gang. While Kakucho disapproved of Kisaki's involvement in the organization, due to his scheming ways, Izana gave in to his malice and appointed Kisaki as Tenjiku's General Staff Officer, which gave him unprecedented power over the organization's ranks.

In turn, Izana treated his subordinates like a tyrant, deeming them inferior to himself, since he saw them as nothing more than disposable pawns. Although his arrogance was justified by his immense prowess in combat, Izana's complete disregard for those serving him, as well as his tendency to turn unhinged and violent, were quite detrimental to Tenjiku's functioning, despite the strength of its members. In fact, the future in which Tenjiku merged with the Tokyo Manji Gang has been depicted as the worst one so far, where the gang's trail of violence has led to the deaths of most of its founding members.

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