Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers was one of the most well-known and successful anime series in the world in the 2010s. Takemichi Hanagaki, a young guy who wants nothing more than to return to the thrilling life he had in middle school, is the protagonist of the science fiction thriller. After being abruptly brought back in time following the deaths of his two closest friends, Takemichi learns he has the opportunity to spare them from their current fate – and better his own future – by joining the Tokyo Manji Gang and taking them down.

After a successful first season, anime-only fans are anxious to know what happens next for Takemichi and his companions. However, with the "Christmas Showdown" arc of Tokyo Revengers planned to begin in January 2023 on Disney+, in-the-know manga readers are also excited to see the following events adapted on screen.


The Arrival of the Black Dragons

Tokyo Revengers: The Key Scenes Manga Readers Hope to See in Season 2_0

Also known as the "Black Dragon" arc, the "Christmas Showdown" arc will take up a good chunk of Tokyo Revengers Season 2. After making another return to the present, Takemichi is horrified to learn that the Tokyo Manji Gang has still evolved into a major crime syndicate, meaning his friends' deaths have not yet been prevented.

He goes back in time hoping to resolve things once more, only to find out one of the gang's members, Hakkai, is being coerced into joining his older brother Taiju's gang known as the Black Dragons, which plays a major role in Takemichi's friends' future deaths. Knowing this merger contributed vitally to the events of the present, Takemichi must prepare to defeat the Black Dragons' current generation.


The Black Dragons are defeated.

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Much to the annoyance of some fans, Takemichi has been shown to be very weak and emotional since the start of Tokyo Revengers. However, his character is done justice during the "Christmas Showdown" arc, specifically during the main confrontation between the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons.

After getting fed up with Taiju constantly bullying him, Hakkai decides to square off with him. While he insists this fight is a family matter, Takemichi refuses to leave one of his own gang members on their own. Along with the rest of the gang -- as well as another one named Toman -- Takemichi assists Hakkai in defeating the Black Dragons. This act of undying loyalty and willingness to help however he can has led to manga readers viewing Takemichi in a new light, something they hope receives a beautiful animation treatment in Season 2.


Takemichi Vs Tenjiku Gang

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Unfortunately, Takemichi realizes the Black Dragons' defeat has only made things worse when he returns to the present day. To his horror, he learns that another gang known as Tenjiku has seized control of the Tokyo Manji Gang, prompting him to travel back to the past once more.

Upon learning that the Tenjiku gang and its leader Izana are far more ruthless than the Black Dragons, Takemichi is faced with no other option but to confront them -- without any aid from his two strongest allies. While some may see this as an unfair challenge, this event's on-screen adaptation will pave the way for Takemichi's biggest character development yet in Tokyo Revengers, showing how far he has come since joining the Tokyo Manji Gang.