Tokyo Revengers' eagerly anticipated second season will finally premiere in January 2023 following a very successful first season. The Christmas Showdown Arc, which incorporates both The Black Dragon Arc and the Tenjiku Arc, will be the main focus of the second season of the delinquent sci-fi anime series. It's important to go over many of the major plot developments from Season 1 again because of how much time passed between the end of the first season and the Christmas Showdown arc.

The first season of Tokyo Revengers premiered in September 2021. The series also received a live-action adaptation, which aired the same year. The series is based on the completed shonen manga of the same name. The first season is divided into two courses, each with 12 episodes. The second season will air exclusively on Disney+, though no specific date has been announced.


It All Began With A Time Traveling Leap

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Takemichi, a character in Tokyo Revengers, is a 20-year-old who has lost his way in life. He quickly gets sucked into a time-traveling mystery where he has to go back in time twelve years to his middle school days and figure out how to stop a terrible tragedy from happening in the present. Since Takemichi has the ability to voluntarily travel between the past and the future, the anime is more complex than a straightforward time-travel tale. He only needs to shake hands with Naoto, a detective from his current timeline who is Hina's younger brother and dies in the aforementioned tragedy. Of course, Takemichi's past choices have an eternal impact on the present. The story's central theme is that.

Even though the discovery of his peculiar ability is accidental, Takemichi has a mission he wants to accomplish. He wants to go to the past and prevent Hina's death from occurring. However, Takemichi can't do it alone. That's why he has teamed up with Naoto to make it possible. With Naoto's brain and Takemichi's ability, the pair combine their strengths to try and find a timeline with a picturesque, happy ending.


The Epic, Bloody Halloween

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Given that Tokyo Revengers is an anime series about juvenile delinquency, it is only natural for it to feature a lot of gang fights. This is especially true since Tokyo Manji Gang is bound to become one of the most notorious criminal gangs in Takemichi's original timeline. However, the most remarkable and important fight during the anime's first season is undeniably the battle between the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Valhalla, which would eventually be known as Bloody Halloween. The fight is big enough for other big-named delinquents, like the Haitani brothers and Leanman, to spectate it. But that's not the reason it becomes an important point in the story.

Bloody Halloween is a very important event because that's when Tokyo Manji Gang lost one of its founding members. The war is started by yet another founding member -- Kazutora Hanemiya. He wants to destroy Toman and make its members suffer. Even though Keisuke Baji has joined Valhalla with him, the former only does so to secretly save Mikey from peril. He launches a secret operation all by himself, since he is well-aware that there is a secret mastermind making all of these unfortunate events come to fruition. Unfortunately, Baji loses his life in Kazutora's hands. Mikey also almost dirties his hand with Kazutora's blood if Takemichi hasn't stopped him.


Tokyo Manji Gang Grows Significantly

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Despite the overwhelming odds, Toman is declared the winner of Bloody Halloween. Nonetheless, it's difficult to declare victory. Not only did they lose Baji, but Kazutora was also imprisoned. Nonetheless, their achievement will go down in delinquent history. The Tokyo Manji Gang undergoes a few changes following their battle with Valhalla. Bloody Halloween has made it abundantly clear how severely Toman is lacking in manpower. They are undeniably a rising gang, but their lack of manpower is a disadvantage during gang wars. Mikey finally addresses this after Toman defeats Valhalla.

Toman members are perplexed to see Valhalla members at a Toman meeting, especially since this is the group's first official meeting since the infamous Bloody Halloween. Mikey, on the other hand, allays their fears with his announcement. Given that Valhalla lacks a permanent leader, Toman seizes the opportunity to incorporate the gang into their ranks. Mikey appoints Shuji Hanma as Toman's new Sixth Division Captain, and every former Valhalla member reports to him. Mikey needs to make another announcement. Baji's death has left the position of First Division Captain vacant. Mikey, as Baji's vice-captain, appoints Chifuyu to succeed him. Chifuyu, on the other hand, declines and nominates Takemichi instead. Takemichi accepts the offer and is officially named Captain of Toman's First Division.


Takemichi Meets The Devil's Eye

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Having stopped Mikey from killing Kazutora, Takemichi has essentially accomplished his mission, and so, he ultimately returns to the future. This time, he's back in the rental shop, but he's no longer an employee, instead, he's just a normal customer. After leaving the shop, he is greeted and asked by a shady-looking individual to enter a car. He is then taken to a high-rise building, where he finally realized that the shady-looking individual is no other than his childhood friend. He also learns of his status as an executive after meeting Chifuyu, who then takes him to the executive meeting.

During that meeting, Takemichi finally runs into some familiar faces. There are the original Toman members, such as Pah-chin and Nahoya, and then there are the members he is not familiar with, such as Shiba and Kokonoi. The group greets their de facto leader, which is when the biggest surprise occurs. Kisaki Tetta, not Mikey, will preside over the meeting. Kisaki confronts Takemichi after the meeting.He inquires about Takemichi and Chifuyu's opinions of him before admitting that he is aware of their dislike for him. He acknowledges that both of them feel the same way. He has drugged the drinks for the two. They are already bound to a chair when they awaken. Chifuyu is killed by Kisaki after she pulls a gun. The season ends, however, as he raises his gun to shoot Takemichi and calls him his hero.

Given that a second season is scheduled to premiere in January of the following year, it is obvious that Takemichi manages to escape from his altercation with Kisaki. It also makes it abundantly clear to Takemichi who the main antagonist of the Tokyo Revengers is and who he needs to defeat. Kisaki has, after all, figuratively killed Chifuyu in front of him.