Tokyo Ghoul's Many Owls, Explained

Aug 09, 2023
Confusingly enough, there are several Ghouls named Owl throughout the Tokyo Ghoul series. Here's how to tell them apart.
Tokyo Ghoul's Many Owls, Explained

In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, numerous ghouls inhabit the city, each possessing their own unique abilities and traits. The most formidable among these dangerous beings are bestowed with distinctive code names. For instance, Ken Kaneki goes by "Eyepatch," Touka Kirishima is recognized as "Rabbit," and Renji Yomo is referred to as "Raven." However, a level of confusion arises due to the fact that several characters throughout the series share the code name "Owl." This initial bewilderment is clarified by the origin of the term, which is closely tied to their kakuja, a unique form that bears a resemblance to an owl.

Initially, the title "Owl" was associated with the notorious One-Eyed Owl, a highly formidable ghoul renowned for its power. Subsequently, it comes to light that another individual is impersonating the One-Eyed Owl, introducing a second "Owl" into the narrative. Furthermore, the utilization of this character's traits to fabricate artificial ghouls results in the emergence of two additional "Owls." In the hierarchy of ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul, only the first two Owls hold the official SSS ranking, denoting their immense strength. However, the latter two Owls are not far behind in terms of power.

As of the latest update on August 7, 2023, by Ajay Aravind: Tokyo Ghoul has solidified its status as one of the most renowned manga series, boasting a significant following. Its anime adaptation has also garnered substantial popularity, with four seasons and even a live-action film contributing to its widespread recognition. With its enduring presence, this iconic franchise continues to captivate audiences, prompting us to enrich this feature with additional insights regarding the quartet of Owls featured within Tokyo Ghoul's intricate narrative.

Yoshimura Is The Non-Killing Owl

Yoshimura, both manager and proprietor of Anteiku, the café where Kaneki is employed in Tokyo Ghoul, holds an intricate past. Once a solitary ghoul named "Kuzen," he found himself enamored with a human named Ukina. His history encompasses the alias of the One-Eyed Owl, though this distinction actually belongs to his own daughter, who is a hybrid of human and ghoul. In an effort to conceal her grievous actions, Yoshimura assumes the role of the One-Eyed Owl, motivated by his lingering guilt for having forsaken her during her childhood. In his later years, Yoshimura adopts a pacifistic stance, fostering a haven of non-lethal ghouls within the confines of Anteiku.

Following his defeat in the Owl Suppression Operation carried out by the CCG, and the eventual revelation that two Owls coexisted, Yoshimura is rebranded as the Non-Killing Owl. Notably, he is also the origin of the "Owl" Quinque, crafted from a fragment of his anatomy extracted by Kishou Arima. The Owl Quinque uniquely holds an SSS rating. Due to his kakuhou being harvested to create artificial One-Eyed Ghouls, Yoshimura's existence possibly persists in an enigmatic, vegetative condition. This serves as one of the numerous unresolved threads within the narrative, as the series concluded somewhat abruptly.

Eto Yoshimura Is The One-Eyed Owl

Eto Yoshimura stands as the most notorious "Owl" figure within the Tokyo Ghoul series. Possessing unparalleled power, Eto emerges as the remarkable offspring of Yoshimura and Ukina, a conception defying all odds. Regrettably, her upbringing is marred by a deep-seated resentment toward the world. This bitterness leads her to establish and command the Aogiri Tree, a militant group that serves as an antagonistic presence throughout the narrative. Her formidable capabilities and involvement in criminal activities earn her the SSS rating while adopting the moniker of the "One-Eyed Owl." Eto's assortment of distinct powers and skills renders her virtually invincible in one-on-one combat scenarios.

Beyond her ghoul identity, Eto also garners fame as a renowned novelist under the pseudonym Sen Takatsuki. While her demeanor at times veers towards hedonism and sadism, Eto harbors a noble aspiration of forging a future where ghouls can coexist harmoniously. This goal occasionally aligns her with Ken Kaneki, providing aid in his endeavors. Tragically, her ultimate downfall comes at the hands of Furuta Nimura, leaving her in a dire state. Despite her remarkable design and captivating charisma, Eto meets her apparent demise. Nevertheless, she resurfaces in the form of the Taxidermied Owl during the conclusion of Tokyo Ghoul. In this state, her reanimated body falls under the manipulation of the villainous Donato Porpora. Eventually regaining her autonomy, Eto's fate beyond the climactic battle remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Seidou Takizawa Is T-OWL/Owl

Known as T-OWL, Seidou Takizawa is a low-ranking CCG investigator, where he has a close relationship with Amon Koutarou and Akira Mado. Along with Amon, he is defeated in the Owl Suppression Operation and presumed dead by the CCG. In reality, he was captured by Aogiri and experimented on by Kanou, who seeks to create a "new Kaneki" using Yoshimura's kakuhou. That means torturing the young, ghoulified investigator until his hair turns white. Most of his fellow test subjects are failures, but Takizawa becomes the first successful One-Eyed Ghoul using Yoshimura's kakuhou, which grants him an ukaku kagune.

As a member of Aogiri, he is known simply (and confusingly) as "Owl." Takizawa goes on bloodthirsty murder sprees under the organization's command. On a bittersweet note, he eventually rebels against the Aogiri Tree and restores his relationship with Amon and Akira. After this unexpected reformation, Takizawa also joins Ken Kaneki's Goat organization. The final chapter reveals that Takizawa disappears after the Dragon War, but there are rumors that he now acts as a vigilante fighting troublesome ghouls. Unlike Kaneki, Takizawa never manages to overcome his trauma, but that doesn't stop him from seeking justice.

Amon Koutarou Is A-OWL/Floppy

Known as A-OWL, Amon Koutarou is an important character in Tokyo Ghoul. His black-and-white, anti-ghoul view of the world matures alongside Ken Kaneki's own philosophy. After a climactic duel with the Tokyo Ghoul protagonist, Amon's half-dead body is snatched by Aogiri during the Ghoul Suppression Operation. Unlike Takizawa, Amon is a failed specimen known as "Floppy." That being said, he is still capable of creating a formidable owl-like kakuja. Although his ukaku kakuja can shoot enormous missiles at his opponents, Amon frequently relies on his impressive quinque skills.

After saving Takizawa and Mado, Amon is defeated by the Quinx squad and winds up in a CCG laboratory. He goes berserk upon running into Kaneki and other members of Goat, but Takizawa is able to save him. Amon coordinates with Hide, Goat, and the CCG to save Kaneki at the end of the series, eventually killing Donato Porpora, the ghoul who "fathered" him. This frees Eto, the One-Eyed Owl, from her taxidermied Owl state. In the final chapter, Amon and Akira's silhouettes are shown side-by-side, implying that the two now live together.

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