The popular movie Suzume by Makoto Shinkai was recreated in the realm of Fortnite by a 17-year-old mapper.

According to information on Otakumode, this map creator, who goes by the name "Yanosu," is experienced in the field. He or she has already created maps for other Shinkai movies, such as 5 Centimeters Per Second and The Garden of Words, using Fortnite's Creative Mode. Yanosu meticulously built the scenario utilizing Fortnite's wide range of creative tools after seeing Suzume's first teaser image, which shows a wooden door standing erect in the middle of flooded ruins. Toho, the movie's distributor, and Director Shinkai finally uncovered this sequence, much to Yanosu's delight; he claimed that he "felt like [he] would explode" upon learning about it.


Suzume: Japanese High School Student Uses Fortnite to Recreate the Anime_0

Toho assisted in the creation of the map, giving Yanosu even more helpful resources. Yanosu talked about how he created Suzume's virtual environment using these materials as well as the movie trailers. Yanosu remarked, "I watched the part where the camera rotates around Suzume and counted every window. The sky in the movie was created by Yanosu using aurora and snow materials to assist approximate its grand grandeur. Yanosu stated, "When you rotate the camera 360 degrees, [it] makes you sense that the place is incredibly magnificent.

Suzume's Fortnite Design Needed Some Ingenious Changes

When certain options weren't available, the designer occasionally had to come up with original solutions. For instance, he had to devise a means to accurately replicate the door's appearance from the opening scene. "The marks on the door in the visual look like bits that have flaked off, but I made them by layering parts of wood," said Yanosu. Therefore, they are positioned somewhat above when viewed from the side.


Yanosu received an invitation from Toho to an early screening of Suzume, where he had the chance to speak with Makoto Shinkai. Yanosu described this as being an especially nerve-wracking experience, saying that he could "feel the weight of all the movies he's made" when talking to him. However, the two engaged in a brief conversation during which Yanosu discussed the many aspects of the movie that he had loved. "I talked about the sounds used in the movie, how I felt like I'd gone on a trip myself, even though I was sitting in a theater, and how I saw myself in Suzume a lot," Yanosu added.  "He told me, 'I'm glad I was able to represent modern high school kids accurately.' He was also happy to hear from an actual high school student."

Fortnite fans can check out Yanosu's Suzume map for themselves by entering 9546-3215-5606 for the Island Code in the game's Creative Mode. Suzume also currently playing in theaters across North America.

Source: Otakumode