Naruto, like the finest long-running anime, is full of startling surprises that keep fans on their toes. The Naruto universe appears simple on the surface, yet it is full of mysteries, from the origins of the Jinchuriki to Jiraiya's relationship with the Akatsuki's leader.


Many Naruto characters aren't who they seem to be, and this is especially true of the series' villains. The shinobi world is extremely intricate, and many people, both villains and heroes, believe sincerely in their ideals. These complex characters and hidden goals have resulted in some of Naruto's most shocking surprises.

Updated by on May 22nd, 2023 by Xandalee Joseph: The Naruto universe is filled with complex storylines that leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans new and old are still blown away by the intricate details that have led to shocking Naruto plot twists that still have fans talking. As fans continue to analyze the series, we've updated this list with more plot twists and more details about existing reveals.

10 Kabuto Is Orochimaru's Spy

When Kabuto first appears in Naruto, he seemingly assists Team Seven during the Chunin Exams and provides valuable information. However, it is gradually unveiled that Kabuto's true allegiance lies with the treacherous Orochimaru. His purpose in aiding the team was to gather information to further Orochimaru's sinister plans, ultimately leading to the Konoha Crush and his pursuit of Sasuke as a vessel.

9 Other Jinchuriki Exist

The Nine-Tailed Fox is initially intended to be the universe's only Tailed Beast. Fans don't learn about Shukaku the One-Tail until Gaara appears, but even then, it feels like Naruto and Gaara are fighting an internal battle that is wholly unique to them. Kurama and Shukaku are likewise not specifically defined to be Tailed Beasts.

Fans don't discover about the existence of nine Tailed Beasts until Naruto Shippuden, when the Akatsuki disclose their objective of separating the Jinchuriki from their hosts in order to wield unbreakable power. Later on, it is revealed that all Jinchuriki are descended from the Ten-Tails, who was divided into nine different creatures in order to prevent anybody from absorbing its entire power.

8 Orochimaru's Past

Orochimaru is Naruto's first major recurring opponent, albeit his origins are unknown at first. It is subsequently revealed that not only is Orochimaru from the Hidden Leaf Village, but he also trains alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade under the Third Hokage himself. The three ninja grow up together, and during the Second Great Ninja War, Orochimaru fights alongside his friends for Konoha.

The three of them eventually achieve the position of the three Legendary Sannin, but Orochimaru's companions see the evil within him early on. Orochimaru becomes preoccupied with his own mortality and attempts to escape it by learning every jutsu in the world. As a result, he gets more warped, carrying out horrific experiments on others, even children.

7 Sasuke Wants To Take Over Konohagakure

Sasuke spends the majority of Naruto as an adversary after defecting from both Team Seven and the Leaf Village. It isn't until he learns the truth, both from his elder brother Itachi and from Obito, that he is able to fight for the Leaf rather than against it. If that wasn't enough of a surprise, Sasuke also declares his desire to become Hokage, exactly like Naruto. His objectives, however, are not as pure. Rather than perceiving it as a position of ultimate power, Sasuke's desire to become Hokage derives from a desire to improve the village.


After beating Kaguya, Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to capture the Tailed Beasts in a genjutsu. He declares that he will utilize their strength to bring about a revolution in the shinobi world and then kill them. Sasuke utterly ignores his brother's message; fortunately, he abandons this objective following his confrontation with Naruto. Still, Sasuke surprises everyone with this selfish gesture, especially because it comes soon after the Tailed Beast are finally free and all the fighting appears to be over.

6 The Origins Of Kakashi's Sharingan

During the Land of Waves arc, Kakashi exposes and employs his Sharingan against Zabuza in order to keep Team Seven safe. When it is first revealed, Sasuke wonders if Kakashi has any ties to the Uchiha Clan, given that no other ninja should have access to their Kekkei Genkai.

The truth is even more tragic; Kakashi obtains his Sharingan from his childhood friend Obito Uchiha while attempting to save his colleague Rin on a mission. Obito's body is crushed by a crashing boulder, and with no way out alive, he presents his remaining eye to Kakashi as a farewell gift.


5 Naruto's Parents

Naruto's parents sacrifice their lives to protect their son and their community from the onslaught of the Nine-Tails. They seal the Nine-Tails' spirit into Naruto in their final moments, and he spends most of his life unconscious of their sacrifice. Fans frequently speculated about Naruto's parents' true identities, and the episodes "The Fourth Hokage" and "The Orange Spark" reveal them to be Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, respectively.

During Naruto's fight against Pain, his father arrives to stop him from removing the Nine-Tails seal for more power. Later, while training under Killer B before the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto meets his mother while attempting to control the chakra of the Nine-Tails. Minato and Kushina lodge their chakra inside the seal so that they can support Naruto if he ever needs them; this is how he meets them. Most fans assumed Naruto descended from greatness, and discovering Naruto is the son of a Hokage and a famous Uchiha member is still a thrilling surprise.

4 Pain Was Jiraiya's Student

Throughout Naruto Shippuden, the full identity and past of each Akatsuki member is gradually revealed. However, information on its enigmatic commander, Pain, is still limited. This holds true till the end of Jiraiya's Tale. The Gallant storyline, in which the Legendary Sannin confronts the Akatsuki's dreaded leader. While a fight between these two characters would have been noteworthy in and of itself, Jiriaya discovers during the fight that Pain is his former student, Nagato.

During the Second Great Ninja War, Jiraiya took pity on three orphans – Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan – in the Hiddan Rain Village. Their village was used as neutral territory for the warring countries so they didn't use their own lands for battle. To increase their chances of survival, Jiraiya stays with them and teaches them the ways of a shinobi. Once he deems them strong enough to survive on their own, he parts ways with them. Jiraiya is shocked once he puts the pieces together, and he presses his former student for an explanation as to why he became this fearsome villain.

3 Tobi Is Obito Uchiha

Tobi was a funny, goofy, and clumsy Akatsuki member. Many fans believed he either didn't belong in the Akatsuki or was a secret powerhouse. The latter of the two theories ended up being the true, however, fans still weren't prepared for who Tobi really was. During the Fourth Shinobi War, fans discover Tobi is Obito Uchiha. Obito is rescued by Madara Uchia and survives his tragic accident. After Obito witnesses Rin's death, Madara is able to influence Obito. He changes his perception and convinces him that the only way to obtain true peace is by forcing people into it through violence.


Obito longed for a world where he would be reunited with Rin, even if it meant trapping the world into a genjutsu through the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Obito comitted terrible crimes including unleashing the Nine Tails on Konoha which led to countless deaths, including Naruto's parents. Tobi's true identity is a controversial plot twist among the Naruto fandom. While some find it interesting, others think it is random and ruins one of the most emotional and profound flashbacks in the series. Regardless, viewers can't deny that they didn't see this coming.

2 Itachi's True Intentions

Itachi is one of Naruto's most nefarious villains, and is seemingly responsible for the Uchiha Massacre for no other reason than to foster Sasuke's hatred for him. In reality, Itachi is ordered to kill his Clan to stop them from attempting a coup against the Leaf Village. Though it is Itachi who chooses peace and stands with Konoha against his clan, the Third Hokage, village elders, and Danzo encourage him to assassinate the Uchiha Clan. Itachi was following orders all along.

Itachi was simply following orders, and his only condition was that his younger brother lives and never learns the truth about what happened. Itachi saves both his younger brother and the Leaf Village, but makes himself an enemy in the process. He still remained loyal to the Leaf even as a fake rogue ninja – he supplied Konoha's leaders with information about the Akatsuki while posing as a loyal member. He eventually apologizes to Sasuke right before his death, though Sasuke doesn't fully understand at the time. The full truth about his role in Naruto is revealed in the episode "Truth," as Obito explains everything to Sasuke.

1 Kaguya's Existence

Not every major plot twist in Naruto is positive, Kaguya's existence is a prime example. For almost the entirety of Naruto, Madara is set up to feel like the series' ultimate villain, and then this buildup is squandered as Madara ends up sidelined. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces, learn Kaguya orchestrated every single event in history through Black Zetsu, who turned out to be the physical manifestation of her will.

Compared to how intricately Madara is woven into almost every aspect of Naruto's plot, Kaguya's appearance feels like it comes out of nowhere. She plays a central role not just as a Naruto antagonist but as the very first chakra wielder in-universe, but is given no proper buildup beforehand. The fact that everything Naruto fans witness from the First Shinobi War to the Nine-Tails attack to the Akatsuki, is all a part of Kaguya's plan is extremely disappointing and fans still aren't over this frustrating plot twist.