Hell's Paradise is one of the best anime presently showing, despite having only 9 episodes. It follows a bunch of outlaws as they strive to obtain the Elixir of Life from a terrible but ostensibly heavenly island. The show depicts some gory action sequences that are not for the faint of heart.


Hell's Paradise features a cast of tremendously strong characters, making the battle sequences truly exhilarating for the audience. Everything is fair game in Hell's Paradise, from tearing limbs apart to decapitation to violent beating and stabbing. Almost the entire cast has shown great power, much like the series' protagonist Gabimaru. Though determining which character is the strongest is challenging, additional examination reveals distinct individuals who stand out from the crowd.

10 Tōma

10 Strongest Hell's Paradise Characters, Ranked_0

Tma is not the most powerful Aza brother, but he is exceptionally good with a sword. Tma attained the Asaemon Yamada title in a matter of months, demonstrating the breadth of Tma's abilities and powers. Tma, along with Chbei, slaughtered a large number of Sshin, the nasty monsters who inhabit Shinsenky.

Tma, however, pales in comparison to the other characters in Hell's Paradise. Tma may be one of the most powerful Asaemon, while he does not officially possess the title, yet in the presence of figures like Gabimaru, he would most likely perish in seconds.


9 Mei

10 Strongest Hell's Paradise Characters, Ranked_1

Up until Episode 9, Mei demonstrated Tensen-like abilities. Notably, she can throw punches like Zhu Jin. As a result, viewers feel Mei is one of these formidable people.

Mei, on the other hand, hasn't acquired the degree of power of an adult Tensen, probably due to her age. Zhu Jin nearly kills Gabimaru, while Tensen previously controlled Mei in battle. Nonetheless, she's one of the most powerful characters in the anime thus far, having demonstrated powers beyond her years, such as a force field that shielded Gabimaru from Zhu Jin.


8 Yuzuriha

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Yuzuriha has not appeared in any combat in Hell's Paradise episode 9. Yuzuriha, on the other hand, managed to survive the criminal carnage before departing for the island. She's also showed enough strength and agility to wrestle Gabimaru to the ground.

Yuzuriha certainly has ninjutsu abilities, as Gabimaru revealed when facing Rikurta. She used her bodily secretions to combat foes in Shinsenky at one point, and this is most likely only the tip of the iceberg in terms of her powers. However, because Yuruziha wants to avoid conflicts and is very secretive about her abilities, determining her strength is difficult.


7 Tamiya Gantetsusai

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Tamiya Gantetsusai, also known as Blade Dragon, is a skilled swordsman who was sentenced to death after destroying a damiyo's mansion. Tamiya's talent with the blade is certainly exceptional, as evidenced by his employment with the damiyo and such a prestigious title.

Tamiya was able to kill multiple Sshin on his alone. Furthermore, he severed his own hand without even flinching, demonstrating his level of resistance and fast thinking. Tamiya hasn't had much interaction with the other characters yet, thus his combat prowess is unknown.


6 Rokurōta

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Rokurta, also known as the Giant of Bizen, stood more than ten feet tall. He was born a giant, which gave him an insatiable appetite, leading him to become a cannibal. Rokurta wasn't particularly tactical, but he was a brute force. He had the terrifying ability to crush people with his bare hands.

Gabimaru posed a major threat when Rokurta faced him. Even with his ninjutsu, Gabimaru was unable to penetrate Rokurta's impenetrable skin. However, the monster was eventually killed by Sagiri and Gabimaru once they joined forces, demonstrating that pure power is insufficient.


5 Sagiri

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While Sagiri is only ranked 12 of the Asaemon in the Yamada Clan, this is probably more testament to the sexism of this society than her skills with the blade. Sagiri is an incredibly talented samurai. She's able to hold her own against Gabimaru, one of the strongest characters in Hell's Paradise.

In fact, the battles between Gabimaru and Sagiri have been very close, with Gabimaru barely getting the upper hand. Additionally, Sagiri managed to cut Rokurōta's head, an almost impossible feat that took a lot of concentration. However, Sagiri still needs to control her thoughts as she loses focus during battle more than she would like.

4 Chōbei

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From his first appearance in Hell's Paradise, it becomes clear that Chōbei will become one of the strongest characters in the series. He displays incredible power and physical strength when fighting his fellow criminal, being responsible for most of the deaths during the criminal massacre.

His vicious nature combined with his amazing strength makes Chōbei a formidable opponent. He easily killed several sōshin using an axe, and displayed incredible strength while fighting Zhu Jin, which surprised Rien. Furthermore, he managed to escape the pit, an apparently inescapable place, while carrying his brother Tōma.

3 Gabimaru

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As the protagonist, it's clear that Gabimaru is a very strong character, and he's probably going to end up being the strongest one in Hell's Paradise. So far, out of all the criminals and Asaemon Yamada, Gabimaru has shown the rawest power. In fact, it's not likely that any of them could defeat him in a fight. Gabimaru's abilities allow him to become invulnerable, and he's able to avoid getting burned or stabbed by a sword.


He could also endure Zhu Jin's fists, which had caused holes in Tenza's body. He's also extremely swift, as seen by him punching Zhu Jin faster than they could recover. Furthermore, his ninjutsu enabled him to summon a tremendous fire, which he used to burn Zhu Jin to a crisp. While Gabimaru cannot yet fight immortal beings, he is definitely the strongest mortal figure in Hell's Paradise.


2 The Chief of Iwagakure (Osa)

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The Chief of Iwagakure, also known as Osa, is the only character in Hell's Paradise who has proven to be stronger than Gabimaru other than the Tensen. According to Gabimaru, Osa is capable of being stabbed with several weapons at a time without dying, even stabbing himself in the head with a sword.

Chief of Iwagakure trained Gabimaru and taught him everything he knows, so he's at least as strong as Gabimaru. In fact, Gabimaru is clearly afraid of this character, which means he's terribly powerful.

1 The Tensen

10 Strongest Hell's Paradise Characters, Ranked_9

There's no doubt that all the Tensen are the strongest characters in the series if they exhibit the same powers as Zhu Jin. These immortal beings can regenerate in seconds even after losing their limbs or their head or being completely burnt.

They also have superhuman strength, which has been used to brutally murder several humans so far. The Tensen also use a Kishikai Transformation to produce a larger and more powerful physique. They would have slain Gabimaru during Zhu Jin's transformation if Mei hadn't interfered.

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