Loid Forger of Spy x Family has a difficult life since in addition to his duties as a spy for Operation Strix, he also has to cope with the challenges of being a father to a difficult child. Anya is a challenge at home and at school, where she feigns composure while barely keeping up with her coursework. Loid tries his best to encourage and assist her, but occasionally he may need to use his more irrational abilities to make sure she succeeds.

In one of the season's wildest episodes, Loid sneaks into Anya's school to verify her midterm test answers with the intent of changing them if necessary. Once he gets into the room where the papers are securely held, after a bizarre confrontation with amateur spy ‘Daybreak,’ Loid decides against tampering with the results. It’s a choice that left some of the viewers puzzled: why did Loid decide not to change Anya’s answers and improve her score?


Anya's midterm exam wasn't actually a failure.

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When the exam results are published, the audience realizes that Anya barely passed, but she did pass nonetheless. One of the reasons Loid didn’t need to change any of her answers is that she didn’t fail any of her subjects, successfully avoiding the highly-feared Tronitus Bolt.

Arguably, Loid could have made Anya look better by giving her higher grades, but that would have rendered her efforts meaningless. As he notes in his head when looking at Anya’s exam papers, she managed to save Operation Strix all on her own and he should indeed be thankful to her. Anya’s gloating expression is enough to make Loid regret his decision perhaps -- but it was the right one.


There is an educational goal for Anya in Loid's Choice.

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Another reason behind Loid’s decision could be his reluctance to give Anya anything that might make her overconfident. If he had changed the results to guarantee she got stellar grades, that would have gone to her head. Loid doesn’t know that Anya can read his mind; therefore, in his perspective, Anya would have thought that she had been a great student, a genius even. In the long term, secretly improving her scores would have been damaging.

Of course, none of this would matter if Loid simply decided to change Anya’s exam results every time, making her a top student and granting Operation Strix smooth progress. By now, it’s clear to the audience -- even if it’s not to him -- that Loid’s decisions are not entirely based on his priorities as a spy. Rather, he is often acting in Anya’s best interests the same way only a doting father would for his child.


In Spy x Family, Loid's Fatherhood Journey Continues.

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Ultimately, Loid made the correct decision—if not as a spy, then most surely as a father. As Spy x Family develops, viewers can see Twilight's gradual transformation from a ruthless spy into a devoted parent. Stress, uncertainty, and worry have taken the place of Loid's former calm assurance. He has also amassed a wealthy, devoted, and joyful family life, which can only strengthen his desire to see the end of all violence.