• Loid and Anya finally get a chance to play a part in Spy x Family's overall plot, even if their role is small.
  • Yor is unable to finish off the katana-wielding assassin due to his weapon's greater reach.
  • Loid and Anya discover bombs planted on the ship and work to disarm them, ultimately avoiding a disaster.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 9 of Spy x Family Season 2, "The Hand That Connects to the Future," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Having rediscovered the motive behind her transformation into an assassin, Yor triumphs over the remaining adversaries, safeguarding the lives of the Greys. Nevertheless, a final challenge awaits resolution before the turmoil concludes. Interestingly, this time, the responsibility of saving the day doesn't fall on Yor's shoulders; instead, Loid and Anya must step forward.

Throughout the entirety of the Cruise Adventure arc, Loid and Anya have predominantly assumed supporting roles to Yor, often appearing in brief comedic interludes or providing a reprieve from the intense and violent action sequences. Now, they seize an opportunity to contribute to the overarching plot, albeit in a relatively modest capacity. It marks a fitting conclusion to a thrilling adventure, making it one of Spy x Family's most action-packed narratives to date.

Finishing The Fight


Having regained her determination, Yor engages in a fierce battle with the katana-wielding assassin, leveling the playing field. Despite her renewed resolve, she struggles to deliver a decisive blow, hindered by the assassin's superior reach with his katana. Meanwhile, Loid and Anya return from a delightful fireworks display, oblivious to Yor's absence. Anya, realizing her oversight in searching for her mother, desperately attempts to fabricate a reason to run off.

Fortuitously, Loid overhears SSS agents discussing a bomb threat, providing Anya with the perfect excuse. When she suggests playing at a daycare, Loid seizes the opportunity, leaving her in the care of the attendant.

At the first opportunity, Anya slips away from the daycare, racing to the rooftop in search of Yor. Discovering her mother in the midst of battle on the deck above, Anya notices one of her needles on the ground. Understanding that Yor requires her weapon, Anya tosses it to the upper deck, narrowly clearing the ledge. The unexpected noise startles two concealed assassins planning to ambush Yor. As they move to attack, one of them stumbles over the weapon, accidentally firing and incapacitating his accomplice.

The commotion captures Yor's attention, and upon spotting her weapon, she seizes it and uses it to dispatch the katana-wielding assassin. The glasses-wearing assassin poses a threat, but the barely conscious Director manages to shoot him before he can intervene.

Finding The Bombs


While Anya runs back into the ship, Loid disguises himself as a navy veteran with bomb squad experience in order to help the SSS disarm a discovered bomb. Though he is successful, he realizes that there are likely more bombs on the ship and sends them out to find as many as they possibly can. Meanwhile, Anya passes by the glasses-wearing assassin as he attempts to escape, and learns that the informant has planted bombs throughout the ship, including one hidden inside a nearby clock. With no way to contact Loid, Anya manages to convince a nearby staff member to take a look at the clock. Though he is skeptical, his worry about possible bombs on the ship pushes him to take her request seriously.

As the informant listens in to conversations on the ship while sitting in a lifeboat, he is confronted by the glasses-wearing assassin, who demands to know his plans. The two get into a fight over the lifeboat, as it only carries enough supplies for a single person. Meanwhile, as Loid works with the SSS to disarm the other bombs, he is told about the bomb inside the clock. With time running out, Loid decides to forgo disarming the bomb and throws it overboard instead. The bomb happens to detonate atop the assassin and informant's lifeboat, leaving them at the mercy of the sea.

A New Morning


Anya rejoices over the bomb threat being avoided, only to be dragged back to the daycare by the aggravated caretaker. Meanwhile, the Greys are finally able to get off the ship and escape the country. Olka, thankful to Yor for everything she's done, gives her a hug. She asks Yor to give Gram a hug too, and while Yor initially refuses due to the blood on her, she ends up giving Gram one last hug before they leave for good. With the mission complete, the Director tells Yor that Loid was looking for her, and to spend time with her family as a sort of reward for the hard work she's done.

Loid picks up a tired Anya at the daycare after settling the matter with the bombs, and takes her back to their cabin. Morning soon comes, and Loid and Anya decide to head out onto the deck to watch the sunrise as the ship nears its destination. As Yor takes care of her wounds, she sees the sun and head outside to do the same. Though they are currently separated, it won't be long before they are reunited once again.