Spy x Family's conclusion to its second season returns the focus to the mission at the center of the series, despite the fact that the previous episodes had focused on the relationships within the Forger family and between Anya and her friends. Agent Twilight finally meets Donovan Desmond, the main target of Operation Strix, in episode 25 by using his cover as Loid Forger.

WISE's top snitch is on a mission to get close to Donovan Desmond in order to stop him from undermining the truce efforts between the two governments in order to keep the peace between Westalis and Ostania and avoid a devastating war from breaking out. Agent Twilight has assumed the identity of Loid Forger, a husband and the father of an Eden Academy student, in order to access a social event that is one of the few places Desmond would make a public appearance since he is the leader of the National Unity Party and his ideals could endanger the precarious peace between Westalis and Ostania. In order to set up a meeting between the spy and his target, Agent Twilight and Anya have both worked very hard.


Agent Twilight Contacts Donovan Desmond at Last

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In order for Anya to be admitted to Eden Academy's prestigious social mixer, Agent Twilight initially intends to support Anya in her academic endeavors and help her become an Imperial Scholar. Agent Twilight will have one of the very few chances to meet Donovan Desmond at this occasion because of how infrequently he appears in public. However, Anya's poor academic performance and inability to make friends with Desmond's son have jeopardized the success of Twilight. With the mixer quickly approaching, Twilight takes yet another step to ensure the success of Operation Strix by getting in touch with Desmond and his son.

Damian Desmond arranges a meeting with his father in order to gain his father's approval and love. Twilight seizes the opportunity, approaching Damian to apologize for Anya's previous behavior toward him – just in time for him to speak with Donovan. Loid navigates the conversation as Donovan makes his way to meet his son in order to gain insight into Donovan's thought process and make a connection that he hopes to use in the future. Though the meeting is not particularly intense, it accomplishes a critical goal of Operation Strix, advancing Twilight's mission as the series progresses with future installments.


Damian Desmond Opens Up About His Growing Feelings for Anya

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Not all Forgers succeed in Episode 25, including Loid. Anya moves one step closer to becoming friends with Damian, despite being completely unaware of her accomplishment. Anya has taken it upon herself to make friends with Damian and use their friendship to help her father get access to Donovan Desmond because she is aware of her academic shortcomings. Anya has taken it upon herself to become friends with Damian. She may not fully comprehend the mission or even know how to approach Damian to begin with, but she persists and is rewarded when Damian shows signs of a growing crush on Anya.

In order to show that Anya wants to be his friend despite her actions, Loid asks Damian to keep the fact that he spoke with Donovan about Anya a secret. In typical tsundere fashion, Desmond blushes and murmurs that he wants to be her friend as well before objecting inconveniently. Although Damian frequently teases Anya or expresses disgust at her antics, it is clear that he is warming up to her. Episode 25 will undoubtedly excite viewers who are hoping to see Damian and Anya become closer in the future because it suggests that their friendship will grow as the series goes on.

Despite the conclusion of the second season of the much-loved Spy x Family, fans can expect even more antics from the Forger family as Operation Strix is continued in a subsequent film and season. Fans will be particularly interested to see how Loid continues to juggle his role as the world's top spy with his family life, as well as how Anya manages school life and Damian's developing crush on her.