As the Spy x Family series gains popularity and more fans become interested in the unanswered questions the plot left, there are a ton of fascinating fan theories that are emerging. In recent months, fans have become increasingly interested in guessing about questions like Twilight's real name, the nature of Yor's assassin agency, and Anya's biological parents. One intriguing hypothesis is put out by a Reddit member who wonders whether Yor and Loid are genuinely aware of the nature of one another's secret identities. They might know more than they're letting on, even if the characters' internal monologues and the story's overall plot don't seem to corroborate this notion so far.

Spy x Family is a fast-paced shonen series that follows faux couple Loid and Yor Forger, as well as their adopted daughter, Anya. Loid is a western spy named Twilight who has created a fake family in order to obtain information on a prominent political figure from an elite school, which he enrolls his new daughter in. Yor is also a contract killer for a private organization. Another hilariously absurd twist is that their daughter is a telepath who knows both of their secrets. Bond, their dog, can even predict the future. While this is all mostly played for light-hearted comedic moments or sweet found family bonding time, there are deeper implications in relation to Yor and Loid’s dangerous jobs. Both of them have blood on their hands, and their family could easily be destroyed by the revelation of their alter egos. This is what makes this particular theory so interesting to dissect.


Why Yor's Obliviousness Makes Sense

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Yor is such a fun and likable character because she is both stealthy and clever while also appearing dim-witted and ditzy at times. This is especially evident in her marriage to Twilight, as she appears to believe even the most outrageous lies Twilight concocts to protect his identity as a spy. Following his first date with Yor, Loid finds himself in the middle of a brutal gunfight in Episode 2. When she asks why these people are chasing them, he says it's just his psychiatry patients, and he's allowed to use "the concussive recovery method" to defend himself while also helping the patients. Loid thinks to himself, "I can't tell if she's incredibly bright or dumb," when Yor accepts this without question.

This encapsulates Yor’s character quite succinctly, as she is clearly emotionally intelligent and knowledgeable in some fields, yet is also incredibly dense when it comes to other things. As for Loid’s spy work, it’s hard to believe that someone as well-versed in keeping a secret so similar to her husband wouldn’t question this situation. Just after this scene, Yor decides to marry him, thinking to herself that he’s maybe the only person who could ever understand her. This does seem to call into question her ignorance of the scenario playing out in front of her, as she may be choosing to ignore the parts of Loid’s story that don’t make sense for her own convenience.


Why is it that Twilight Never Questions Yor's Oddities?

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There’s also the problem of Yor’s secret identity, which is arguably more violent than Loid’s, as she isn’t looking to gain information on people or manipulate anyone psychologically, but only to murder her agency’s enemies. Loid does begin to suspect that Yor may be involved in something sketchy in Episode 9, just after he has discovered that her brother is a member of the SSS, a militaristic state police force. He clears her after listening to her daily activities on a secret earpiece, eventually feeling guilty for doubting her in the first place.

That being said, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense about Yor that Loid, a superspy, should see as red flags. Her overpowered, superhuman strength and her ability to nearly kill him with that strength, even while drunk, immediately comes to mind as an example of this. It could be that Loid is simply choosing to ignore the parts of Yor that raise questions in his mind, similarly to how his wife doesn’t question his overly long "bathroom breaks" that are actually missions or his so-called concussive recovery method. The thing that may be steering them away from figuring out the truth could be their blossoming feelings for one another.


How a Couple's Love for Each Other Can Lead to Blindness

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Although Twilight constantly maintains that his family is just a part of his mission, it’s obvious that he has developed a genuine affection for Yor and Anya, even if he can’t bring himself to admit it. It’s always present in the little things, such as him buying them pastries on the way home or being willing to eat Yor’s questionable cooking just to make her happy. Yor similarly feels affection for Loid and Anya, merely more openly, with her being willing to kill anyone who tries to harm Anya and always worried about being the best wife possible for her husband.

It’s entirely possible that this theory can be disproved by the simplest conclusion here, which would be that the couple’s feelings for one another blind them to anything bad the other may be doing. It’s entirely possible, even quite likely, that Loid’s deductive abilities as a spy are hampered by his devotion to his wife, and that Yor’s sense of danger is similarly diminished.

However, this fan theory has surfaced several times on Reddit and Ao3, and it's an intriguing one to consider. Although the audience hears both Twilight and Yor's inner dialogue and there is no direct suspicion, they are both highly sensitive to danger, which makes it ironic that they can't see what's right in front of their faces. This theory is unlikely to become canon, as Tatsuya Endo appears to be building toward a potential reveal near the end of the story. Nonetheless, considering the implications of this possibility is entertaining, as much of the plot of Spy x Family is built on the tension of all the Forger family members keeping such massive secrets.