Dragon Ball Z has a reputation for being the best action anime ever thanks to its insane combat, in which god-like heroes and villains engage in battle atop collapsing planets. There is a common misconception that because so many characters are absurdly strong, no other fictional character can possibly compare. There are a number of other anime characters with greater strength, though, if you consider the limits of Goku's abilities.

For instance, there are characters like Saitama, who can defeat any foe with a single punch, the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a universe-sized robot that can rewrite reality at will, and Haruhi Suzumiya. Even Nintendo's Kirby, with his own special abilities, can defeat Goku. Usagi Tsukino, better known by her stage name Sailor Moon, is a character who you might not anticipate to be more powerful than Goku. To find out whether Sailor Moon is more powerful than Goku, let's turn to the tale of the tape.


Goku Is Physically Stronger Than Sailor Moon

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Despite the desire for a Sailor Moon fighting game, Sailor Moon is not really thought of as a "fighting series" because it contains very few full-fledged fights. Physically, Usagi isn't all that strong, and she's never taken a martial arts class. Usagi would undoubtedly be knocked down severely if Goku were to engage her in a first-round fight.

Usagi is remarkably resilient despite this though. Except for that one time when she spent the entirety of a battle in a spacecraft with gravity that was more than ten times greater than on Earth. Usagi fights Rubeus, a Black Moon Clan member, in Sailor Moon R. Rubeus throws Usagi around on his ship while converting the atmosphere to "supergravity," using the gravity-altering device. Usagi gets to her feet in spite of experiencing a gravity shift similar to the one Goku practiced on the way to Namek.

Less than a year has passed since Usagi became Sailor Moon when the fight occurs. Goku took a very long time to achieve what Usagi does naturally.

Usagi experiences brutal punishment on a regular basis, but nothing compares to the time she dove into the Galaxy Cauldron, the raw universal force that has the power to both create and destroy everything. She did, too! Usagi survived cosmic destructive forces, despite the fact that Goku can spar with the God of Destruction Beerus.


Destroyer of Worlds: Sailor Moon

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Mr. Satan is more powerful than Usagi despite the fact that she is a regular person. The ability to destroy planets comes from her transformation into Sailor Moon. Think of Marvel's Ego the Living Planet when imagining Wiseman, the main antagonist of the Sailor Moon manga's second arc, as a sentient planet. However, Wiseman has the power to destroy entire worlds with his aura and rip holes through time and space. The planet was destroyed by Usagi and her daughter Chibiusa.

And that was prior to Usagi being able to transform into Super Sailor Moon or into her more powerful form, Eternal Sailor Moon. These changes increase her magical prowess and equip her to take on threats like Pharaoh 90, an almost Lovecraftian-type extraterrestrial.

The strongest of all Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Galaxia, is faced off against Eternal Sailor Moon in the series' concluding arc. Sailor Galaxia is equipped with the Sapphire Crystal, which is more potent than Usagi's own Silver Crystal and has the ability to ravage galaxies. Galaxia's ability to end all life in the universe is the subject of the Sailor Moon series' final battle, and, to be completely honest, Galaxia comes to a lot closer to pulling it off than any of the Dragon Ball Z villains.


The Fighting Style of Sailor Moon Contradicts Goku's

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Usagi rarely fights physically, whereas Goku uses martial arts as his main form of defense. Instead, she uses distant magical attacks. The power levels of Usagi's enemies are all downright cosmic. Most of them are incorporeal, making them enemies that Goku might find more challenging to defeat. However, Usagi's fighting style is ideal for dealing with those kinds of dangers, favoring long-range magical attacks over close-quarters combat.

Long range is implied by this. Both the anime and the manga's second arcs introduce Usagi's future self, Neo-Queen Serenity, who can battle the planet-sized Wiseman from all over the solar system while also leading Crystal Tokyo.

The true source of Usagi's power, however, is love and healing, which she can use to rewrite reality and even reverse the forces of universal destruction in order to save those she loves. Goku is powerful, but there isn't much he can do that Sailor Moon won't be able to undo.

However, there's one more factor working in Sailor Moon's favor: her final form.


Sailor Cosmos Is Significantly More Powerful Than Goku.

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Essentially, a physical god, Sailor Cosmos is Sailor Moon's last manifestation. She has the ability to defy the rules of reality and effortlessly warp time and space. She has such power that she can even control the stars.

Chaos, the manifestation of evil and calamity in the cosmos, is reintroduced in Sailor Moon's concluding story arc. What would happen if Kid Buu and Beerus were combined but given incorporeal forms instead? Chaos is unkillable, impervious to injury, and will endure as long as the universe. To eliminate Chaos, you would have to end the universe.

Never does Goku in Dragon Ball Super truly defeat Beerus. He engages in a brief contest with him but loses. Sailor Cosmos, in contrast, has been engaged in non-stop combat with Chaos for centuries and is at a standstill. Cosmos takes on the role of the all-encompassing force of goodness and light to balance out evil.


So How Can Sailor Moon Defeat Goku?

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In essence, Usagi is comparable to Goku in terms of her abilities. Despite not being as physically strong as Goku, she can survive planet-destroying attacks and, in most cases, she manages to put enough distance between herself and her opponents to avoid having to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

As long as the fight ends with Usagi having the upper hand, she can defeat Goku. The fight might become dangerous if Goku gets close. Usagi might be able to survive thanks to her own skills, particularly as either of the Eternal Sailor Moons. Goku might be able to turn the tide against Usagi if he activates Super Saiyan Blue or Ultra Instinct, especially if they are in close proximity.

Usagi, however, might outlive Goku due to the amount of punishment she can take and administer. Usagi might be able to outlast Goku if she is able to battle him primarily with magic rather than his ki. how about Sailor Cosmos? Goku may as well take on Zeno.

Pitting Sailor Moon and Goku against one another is comparable to pitting Superman and Doctor Fate against one another in many ways. They are equally very strong. Stronger is Superman. But since he is essentially limitless in power, Doctor Fate would probably prevail. When Sailor Moon comes to an end, Usagi Tsukino is all-powerful and could easily challenge Goku for supremacy.