Yurie Igoma, the voice actor behind Oshi no Ko's Ruby Hoshino, claims she essentially is the character.

Igoma was recently interviewed by the website Anitrendz on everything Oshi no Ko. She disclosed many real-life links with the character after being questioned about the audition process. The teenage actor claimed that she received the audition for Ruby only a few months after signing with her agent, comparing herself to Ruby's early days as an idol. "Because Ruby is aspiring to be a new idol and I am a new voice actor, my feelings merged with hers," Igoma explained. She also promptly stated that she was "a fan of girl idols," just like the female Hoshino twin.


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Ruby's Voice Actor Said There Was a 'Overlap' in Feelings

This connection in their career stages allegedly helped to fuel the VA's audition. She stated their overlapping feelings were to "do my best from here!" which inspired her to give her everything to get the part. "I really wanted to play the role of Ruby-chan, no matter what!" said Igoma. She even recalled that this was her first time auditioning for an anime. After she got the role and saw her name on the script, she allegedly had the sobering thought that she had to "take responsibility and successfully complete this job."

Igoma discussed many other subjects during the interview, including her passion for the series. She claimed that she had been reading the manga before auditioning for Ruby was even in the cards. "A series titled Oshi no Ko really stuck out in my mind and that's why I started reading it." Igoma further said that even though she had read the manga multiple times, she felt the same emotions all over again whenever she received a copy of the script. "I look at the anime scripts with as much excitement as I did with the original manga," she said.

Controversial Storylines in Oshi no Ko

Studio Doga Kobo produces the Oshi no Ko anime, which is based on the manga by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari. It was a huge success, quickly becoming one of the most popular anime properties to appear in 2023. One of the show's most contentious storylines, focusing on the near-suicide of one of its characters, Akane Kurokawa, has recently begun. This plot drew attention due to its real-life connections to the death of a professional wrestler named Hana Kimura, with some applauding its somber themes and others, including Kimura's mother, denouncing it.

Wednesday airings of the show have been discontinued for an unannounced reason this week. It may be seen on HIDIVE and is scheduled to return on June 7, 2023.

Source: Anitrendz