• Watchdog Man is an enigmatic S-Class hero who is dedicated to protecting Q-City from monsters and villains that threaten society.
  • Despite his expressionless demeanor, Watchdog Man has earned the respect and trust of his fellow heroes and the adoration of the public for his exceptional combat skills and dedication.
  • With his incredible speed, reflexes, and agility, Watchdog Man can easily defeat monsters on demon levels and has never lost a fight against a monster before. His unpredictable attacks and dog-like abilities make him a formidable opponent.

The enigmatic S-Class hero, Watchdog Man, is a unique character in the One Punch Man series who dresses in a full-body dog suit with only his face visible. Most of the time, Watchdog Man is usually seen to be expressionless as he perches on a pedestal in Q-City.

Waiting and watching to see if evil lurks in the shadows, Watchdog Man is always ready to make sure his city is protected from monsters. He also copies a lot of dog-like mannerisms such as eating or sleeping like one. He also uses a four-legged stance when fighting giving him advantages that his upright enemies may not have.


Watchdog Man's main interest is making sure Q-City is well guarded, as an S-Class hero who ranks at number ten (formerly rank 12), he is dedicated to protecting the city and hunts down any monsters or villains who pose a threat to society. Just like a dog who is fiercely protective of its territory, Watchdog man behaves similarly, confronting any threats that may arise. An iconic image of him is shown in the manga and anime, perched on top of a pile of his enemies that he has defeated. When it comes to attacking humans, Watchdog Man doesn't hold back but does not go for the kill. This is seen in his fight with Garou, as he uses his speed and agility to give Garou a real beat down. Even during the heat of a battle, Watchdog Man's is still expressionless even when Garou used powerful moves to land a hit on him.

Very little is known about Watchdog Man's true identity as he barely speaks, making him one of the quieter characters in the series, regardless of appearance and traits, he has well-earned the respect and trust of his fellow heroes because of his exceptional combat skills and dedication to his duty. It is also seen that the public adores him and praises him when he defeats monsters, making him a somewhat popular character among heroes and civilians alike. While his past is a mystery, his unconventional appearance and powerful abilities proves his rightful place among the top-ranked heroes in the Hero Association.

Strength and Abilities


Given an entire city under his protection can also be a testament to the power Watchdog Man possesses. Q-City is also known for average disaster level threats with mysterious beings that could attack the city at any time. Before Garou had fought Watchdog Man, he stated that he had seen the speed and power Watchdog Man was capable of and considered him a worthy opponent. But Watchdog Man defeated Garou easily without even giving the fight his hundred percent, this further proves Watchdog Man's capability of fighting monsters that are on demon levels. It is also widely known that he has never lost a fight against a monster before, this showcases how strong he can possibly be.

Watchdog Mans's speed, reflexes, and agility are some of the core strengths that have been seen in the series so far, as he is capable of fighting monsters or villains larger than him. He also has the ability to bounce off objects at astounding speeds and make quick work of his opponents. During the fight with Garou, he was able to keep up with Garou's fierce and fast attacks, blocking all attacks and matching the same speed as the half-human, half-demon himself. Garou is also amazed by Watchdog Man's speed and agility and is excited to fight him again, even though he was badly injured in the battle.

The ability to move at insane levels of speed is one of Watchdog Man's tactics to keep his opponents guessing, due to the sheer amount of speed, it makes his opponents hard to follow his movements, and he also uses the element of surprise in his attacks so that his enemies are unaware of his unpredictable attacks. It is also seen that he also possesses dog-like abilities which gives him powerful smell and hearing, this allows him to detect if a monster has entered his vicinity. The exact extent of Watchdog Man's powers has not been explained yet in the series, however, he still continues to be the hero of Q-City and contributes to the development of the One Punch Man series.

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