The most recent chapter of the One-Punch Man manga featured more interesting interactions between Saitama and Terrible Tornado, the long-awaited return of Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, and the ongoing development of the Blizzard Group. The wildest topic of fan discussion, however, has centred on one major reveal that occurred near the end of the chapter, finally settling a debate that had raged throughout the One-Punch Man community: Terrible Tornado does, in fact, wear underwear.

Since her first appearance in One-Punch Man, fans have debated whether Terrible Tornado should or should not wear pantyhose. While many have claimed that the character going commando would be out of character and nonsensical, others have argued that the angles and framing of certain panels of Tornado make it nearly impossible for her to be wearing any undergarments. So, how did Chapter 181 of One Punch Man resolve this debate?


How the Terrifying Tornado Exposes Herself

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This latest chapter of the One-Punch Man manga features plenty of Terrible Tornado as she continues to ragdoll Saitama through buildings and city streets. A pivotal moment arrives when Tornado is given permission by Saitama to go all out against him with her power, a prospect that seems to surprise and excite her. The result is a devastating psychic tornado filled with rocks and rubble that shakes the ground of the surrounding city. A frightened King is near the battle, and expresses his fear that Saitama isn't around to save him.

Suddenly, Saitama flies through, closely followed by an enraged Tornado determined to break him. Aiming for Saitama, she lands a kick against the wall, oblivious to the other S-Class hero in front of her. During this process, King notices her underwear as the bottom of her dress lifts from the impact and makes a mental note of it as the two fly away and continue their destructive battle.


Is the Underwear Controversy Really Over?

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This marks the first time throughout the entire One-Punch Man manga in which Terrible Tornado's underwear is shown, despite the revealing nature of her dress. For many, this event serves as the closing argument on a debate which has raged on for years. For those who still wish to hold onto their previous beliefs that Tornado goes around fighting monsters commando, it's worth noting that this panty flash was done in Tornado's cartoony chibi form rather than her normal art style. This art style is usually reserved for comedic purposes and to heighten a character's reactions, and not necessarily a reflection of how they appear to everyone else in-universe. After all, it's impossible for the kind of underwear Tornado is wearing as she flashes King to be her regular style of undergarment considering some of her poses in other panels throughout the manga.

Perhaps it can be argued that King seeing Tornado's underwear is more of a reflection of his character and a stylized reaction to what's unfolding in front of him, rather than reality. Another option is that revealing Tornado's underwear is a reflection of her own character and emotional state. Throughout the entire manga, there has never been a panty gag for Tornado until now, when she's in the middle of letting loose and using the full extent of her abilities for one of the first times in her life. It's possible that Tornado's carelessness with exposing herself represents how excited and focused she is on finding someone who she can acknowledge as an equal, thus beginning her process of emotionally opening up. However, both arguments are quite a reach considering King's in-universe acknowledgment that he saw Tornado's underwear. It seems this question has finally been answered, and One-Punch Man fans can at last move on to different topics of discussion.