• Jewelry Bonney is on a mission to settle a score with Dr. Vegapunk for the loss of her father, Bartholomew Kuma, who was turned into a mindless cyborg as part of the Pacifista project.
  • Bonney discovers that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders is the true culprit behind Kuma's fate and is currently engaging the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Bonney's ability to manipulate age could be the key to defeating Saturn, but she may need the help of her allies to succeed, especially with Luffy incapacitated.

An unexpected traveling companion turned unlikely ally, Jewelry Bonney has been given a central role in the ongoing Egghead Arc of One Piece, having journeyed to the "Future Island" to settle a score with Dr. Vegapunk. In essence, she held Vegapunk responsible for the loss of her father, Bartholomew Kuma, who had been turned into a mindless cyborg and had his memories erased as part of the Pacifista project. To her disgust, she was forced to witness her father being humiliated by the World Nobles at the Levely and made to obey the Marines against his will on multiple occasions.

However, on reaching Egghead, Bonney soon discovered that there was far more to the tragedy of Kuma's life than she had first assumed. After experiencing his memories through a paw-shaped bubble in Vegapunk's Labophase, she seems to have found the true culprit, now suspected to be none other than Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders, one of the most powerful individuals in the world of One Piece. With the Marines now storming the island, and Saturn currently engaging the Straw Hat Pirates directly, will Bonney be able to take advantage of the confusion and get revenge for her father?

Bonney And Kuma's Relationship


Bonney's relationship with her father Bartholomew Kuma appears to have been a very positive one, despite the latter's reputation as a tyrant during the time he was a Warlord of the Sea and ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom. From various flashbacks to her childhood, Kuma was shown showering Bonney with affection, and recounting the legend of Sun God Nika — a myth passed down by the Buccaneers race that Kuma was descended from.

In turn, Bonney loved her father quite intensely, and finds it difficult to fight or even allow others to destroy the Pacifista which bear his likeness. Furthermore, she also staunchly defends Kuma's character whenever anyone speaks ill of him. As of now, there is no way to ascertain whether Bonney is also a descendant of the Buccaneers by virtue of being Kuma's biological daughter, but it is safe to say that Kuma also cared deeply for Bonney.

This makes his decision to allow Vegapunk to erase his personality and memories without any consideration for Bonney extremely perplexing. It has long been rumored that Kuma was acting as a spy for the Revolutionary Army, which he was once a part of prior to becoming a Warlord, but it remains to be seen whether this had any impact on his choice to become a Pacifista.

Losing Her Father To The Pacifista Project


On being captured by the Blackbeard Pirates in the aftermath of the Summit War of Marineford, Bonney was used as a bargaining chip by Teach to obtain a battleship from the Marines. Unfortunately for him, the newly elected Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki, was the one who arrived to the exchange, prompting Blackbeard to flee and leave Bonney behind. Seeing Bonney continue to mourn her father's death, Sakazuki chided her for being in denial of the fact that Kuma had willingly chosen to surrender himself to the Pacifista project and have his memories erased.

This prompted an intense reaction from Bonney, but she was still arrested and imprisoned for a time, until she managed to escape. Soon after, she journeyed to the Levely on Mary Geoise, encountering Sabo and members of the Revolutionary Army there, as they too were trying to liberate Kuma from his captors. After seeing her father saved by the Revolutionaries from his enslavement, Bonney set out to Egghead in order to confront and force Vegapunk to find a way to restore Kuma's memories.

While her initial attitude towards Vegapunk was hostile after seeing him on Egghead, this soon changed once she witnessed Kuma's memories firsthand, which was made possible by the power of the former Warlord's Devil Fruit, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. In one flashback, which was only briefly alluded to, a command was issued to Vegapunk to completely erase every trace of Kuma's mind and personality. The person behind this command is likely to be Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, considering Bonney's initial reaction towards him on his arrival at Egghead, where she immediately grabbed a sword and stabbed him in the chest.

Can Bonney And The Straw Hats Defeat Saturn?


Unfortunately, Bonney's attack had no lasting damage on Saturn, as his wound healed almost instantly, and he was able to repel her with no effort. After grabbing Bonney in his hand, Saturn proceeded to crush her, as she angrily blamed him for the loss of her father. In response, Saturn said that Kuma's enslavement was only natural since he was a member of the Buccaneers race, illustrating the Five Elders' contempt for those below the World Nobles in the One Piece world. According to the current state of affairs, it is quite difficult for Bonney to gain any sort of advantage in the fight against Saturn, especially with Luffy now out of commission after using Gear 5 for an extended period to incapacitate Admiral Kizaru.

Despite this, Bonney's ability to manipulate the age of her opponents could be the key to this battle, as other members of the Straw Hat Pirates such as Sanji and Franky have been completely immobilized by Saturn's mysterious powers. This might work if the crew can coordinate an effort to distract Saturn and gain an opening for Bonney to use her powers to turn him into a helpless child. Aging Saturn backwards might be the only means possible as the prospect of making Saturn older could be difficult if he is actually a beneficiary of the Ope Ope no Mi's Perpetual Youth Surgery, as has been widely theorized, since he must have stopped aging after gaining immortality.

That being said, there may be other ways for Bonney to use her powers, as she could also use them to help Luffy recover from the main side effect of overusing Gear 5, which is rapid aging. Alternatively, there are external agents such as the newly awakened Iron Giant from the Void Century, or even Bartholomew Kuma himself, as he was last seen fleeing the scene of destruction he had caused in Mary Geoise. Hence, while Bonney might not prevail on her own, she just might exact her revenge by trusting in her allies.

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