Key Points:

The One Piece anime series temporarily shifts its narrative focus from the Wano arc to illuminate ongoing global events, a realm largely unknown to the isolated Wano region.
Sabo, a member of the Revolutionary Army, is implicated in the alleged assassination of King Nefertari Cobra, sparking a revolutionary fervor among the common folk of the One Piece world.
Despite Monkey D. Dragon's renowned leadership of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo has surpassed him in both popularity and reputation. This shift is attributed to Sabo's impactful actions at Mary Geoise, which included demolishing symbols of the Celestial Dragons and supposedly assassinating a formidable figure.

With the Wano arc reaching its conclusion, the One Piece anime takes a brief detour to update viewers on global developments. Wano's isolation shields it from comprehensive knowledge of worldwide events, and the information that does trickle in is carefully curated by the nation's elite.

In episode 1081, exclusive to anime fans, it's revealed that while Luffy, Law, and Kid are making history by challenging two Emperors of the Sea, Sabo is allegedly involved in the assassination of King Nefertari Cobra. Cobra is the lone Reverie participant among the descendants of the first twenty rulers who founded the World Government. While fans may cast doubt on this narrative, the general populace within the One Piece world remains unaware, fanning the flames of revolution.

The Flame Emperor


At a tender age, Sabo, Luffy, and Ace forged a solemn brotherhood, each voicing their aspirations. Tragically, Sabo was prematurely deemed deceased following a confrontation with a celestial dragon. Fortunately, he was rescued by Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon, who took him under his wing. Now an integral part of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo swiftly ascended the ranks, ultimately claiming the position of second-in-command as the Chief of Staff. His prowess was formidable, honed through rigorous training by Dragon and fellow Revolutionary Army members, augmented by an extensive mastery of haki.

Employing the Ryusoken martial art, Sabo demonstrated the ability to effortlessly crush skulls, armor, and artillery with his bare hands. While already an exceptional combatant, Sabo further elevated his capabilities by acquiring the Flame Flame fruit, previously wielded by his sworn brother, Portgas D. Ace. This devil fruit granted him mastery over flames, enhancing his strength significantly. Sabo's relentless utilization and mastery of the Flame Flame devil fruit earned him the title of Flame Emperor.

The Insurgent Serpent


The father of Luffy and son of Garp, the Hero of the Marines, Monkey D. Dragon, is known to be the worst criminal in the world, and for good reason. Starting off as a marine, Dragon eventually left the Marines and formed the Freedom Fighters. As the Freedom Fighters grew, they eventually became the Revolutionary Army, whose goal is to overthrow the World Government.

With Imu and the five elders leading the World Government, planning and scheming to overthrow them is no small crime, but Dragon went ahead and formed a group to that effect. While many consider the Celestial Dragons to be unfair rulers, very few can actually act on it, and Dragon is among those few. Because of his many plans and actions aimed at overthrowing the World Government, Dragon was branded a criminal of the highest order. Moreover, he has gone ahead to recruit various powerful individuals and even countries to his cause. While some inadvertently see Dragon as a criminal to be executed, others see him as a hero who is going to overthrow the tyranny of the Celestial Dragons. And people love their heroes.

Why Has Sabo's Reputation Surpassed That Of Dragon?


Despite Dragon's infamous reputation and notoriety, his number two, Sabo, seems to have surpassed him in the hearts of many. This is because of none other than the post-reverie events that occurred at Mary Geoise, the land of the Gods. Many episodes ago, fans saw Sabo infiltrate the holy land; however, the One Piece anime series only recently revealed the outcome of the infiltration, and it is by no means a minor matter. Apart from destroying the hoof of the Celestial Dragons and the symbol of the world nobles, which is akin to declaring war on them, Sabo also allegedly assassinated King Nefertari Cobra, a descendant of the first 20 members that formed the World Government of today.

Moreover, Sabo also rescued Bartholomew Kuma, an ex-warlord who was enslaved in the holy land. While doing all this, Sano was met with resistance by the Admirals Ryokugyu and Fujitora but still escaped. With feat after feat, many nations have begun to shun the marines and worship Sabo like a god, earning him the epithet 'Flame Emperor.' To make matters worse for the Marines, Luffy, Sabo's brother, recently defeated Kaido and ended the old regime. With all these things, Sabo's reputation now surpasses that of Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

What Impact Will This Have On The Series?


As the One Piece anime series embarks on its conclusive saga, heightened tensions between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government are anticipated, with Dragon aiming for the downfall of the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Simultaneously, following the demise of King Nefertari Cobra, the kingdom of Arabasta finds itself in disarray, with the nation's leadership in a state of chaos.

Compounding the situation is Vivi's absence, having accompanied her father to the reverie. The uncertainty surrounding her whereabouts further exacerbates the challenges faced by Arabasta, painting a bleak picture for the nation's future. While the fan base speculates that Sabo may not be responsible for King Cobra's death, the incident has undeniably bolstered the Revolutionary Army's reputation and ignited the flames of resistance. With Luffy attaining the status of an Emperor and Sabo commanding significant power and influence, the imminent final battle that will engulf the entire world draws nearer with each passing day.

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