The Wano arc of the One Piece series will forever live in the hearts of fans because of the many significant things that occurred during the arc. From the fall of two Emperors to the discovery of the true nature of Luffy's devil fruit to Momonosuke's rise as Shogun of Wano, this arc portrayed many things in the One Piece series.

While Luffy eventually came out on top, fans cannot forget the menace that was Kaido. Feared as the strongest creature in the world, this ogre with a 4,611,100,000 berries bounty proved to be nigh insurmountable as he stood as an unmoving tower to the Worst Generation of pirates.

7 Effortlessly Defeating The Akazaya Nine

Wano's Treasured Samurais


Prior to their enmity with Kaido, which began when Luffy and Law took down Kaido's supplier, Doflamingo, the Akazaya Nine Samurai harbored a deep-seated resentment towards the world's mightiest creature. Their animosity had been smoldering since Kaido's ruthless takeover of Wano and his murder of Oden.

Nevertheless, when the opportunity finally arose for them to confront the world's strongest being, they suffered a crushing defeat. Kaido, without resorting to his formidable man-beast form, effortlessly overwhelmed the members of the Akazaya Nine. He callously severed one of Kikunojo's arms, leaving all the Akazaya samurai teetering on the precipice of death. Kaido accomplished all of this with astonishing ease, emerging virtually unscathed. As he gloated, the Akazaya Nine proved incapable of reopening his long-standing scar.

6 Mildly Affected By Zoro's Attack

Ashura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure


Roronoa Zoro, the right hand of the future Pirate King, is unquestionably a formidable force. This is evident in his possession of Conqueror's Haki and his ability to endure a simultaneous assault from Kaido and Big Mom, two pirates with bounties exceeding four billion berries each, even if only for a brief moment. Luffy's newly acquired Emperor bounty of three billion berries underscores the extraordinary stature of Kaido and Big Mom.

Through his unwavering determination and indomitable spirit, Zoro has left many of his adversaries lifeless or on the brink of defeat. However, Kaido stands as an exception. When Zoro made the decision to go all out, he launched a relentless attack on Kaido, inflicting severe wounds upon him. Nonetheless, the man-beast endured, standing tall and undefeated.

5 Facing And Defeating The Worst Generation

Members Of The Worst Generation


The Worst Generation comprises a troupe of troublemaking individuals who each possessed bounties exceeding 100,000,000 berries before the Marineford Summit War. With the exception of Blackbeard, the remaining members of this audacious group coincidentally congregated on the Sabaody Archipelago, where they became infamous for their bold defiance of the world government.

Five of these audacious rookies bravely confronted two reigning Emperors of the Sea, Kaido and Big Mom, igniting the epic clash between the Worst Generation and the then Emperors. Regrettably, the Worst Generation found themselves outmatched by Kaido. From Luffy and Zoro to Law, Kid, and Killer, all experienced defeat and a profound sense of powerlessness at the hands of Kaido.

4 Overpowering Yamato Even After His Many Battles

Clash Of Father And Son


Yamato, self-proclaimed as Oden and the offspring of Kaido, stands as a formidable figure, widely regarded as someone who could have triumphed over the Gear Fourth Luffy, who vanquished Doflamingo and confronted Kaido in Kuri. Inheriting her father's unyielding tenacity, Yamato honed her skills through numerous battles against Kaido.

Despite her remarkable strength and exceptional mastery of Conqueror's Haki, Yamato struggled to merely hold her ground against Kaido. Her resolve began to wane after Kaido's third victory over Luffy and the other Worst Generation members were either injured or engaged with Big Mom. Even after enduring a protracted and spirited fight, Kaido displayed no signs of faltering, continuing to assert his dominance over Yamato.

3 Defeated Luffy Four Different Times

A Defeated Luffy


Throughout the Wano arc in the One Piece series, Luffy has experienced a substantial number of power-ups. These transformations underscore the extent to which Eiichiro Oda needed to fortify his abilities for the eventual showdown with Kaido. In their initial confrontation, Luffy's fury surged, believing his crewmates had met their demise, but even in the throes of anger, a single strike from Kaido rendered him unconscious and defeated.

Following his initial defeat at the hands of Kaido, Luffy embarked on the path to master Ryuo, a form of Haki that wreaks havoc from within. Yet, he still succumbed to Kaido's might. Subsequently, Luffy unlocked the ability to infuse Conqueror's Haki into his attacks, only to be knocked out once more. Fortunately, Luffy ultimately harnessed his Devil Fruit's awakening, granting him an immense surge of power, and he became a formidable adversary for Kaido.

2 Carrying Onigashima Throughout His Battle During The Raid On Onigashima

Floating Onigashima


From the moment Kaido confronted the Akazaya Nine to Luffy's ultimate triumph over him, Kaido bore the responsibility of transporting the island of Onigashima during the entirety of the Onigashima raid. This remarkable feat underscores that, even amid his intense clashes with Luffy, the other members of the Worst Generation, and Yamato, a part of his strength and concentration remained dedicated to guiding Onigashima towards the Flower Capital.

Notably, Kaido's command over the island's transportation only began to wane as he grew progressively weaker during his numerous battles. Nevertheless, even when Zoro inflicted a grievous wound by reopening the scar left by Oden, Kaido's control remained unshaken. It was only when he finally suffered defeat that he could no longer sustain the burden of carrying the island.

1 Overpowering Gear 5 Luffy With His Haki

Haki Filled Headbutt


After Luffy awakened his devil fruit, everything changed. His fighting style became more carefree and ridiculous than ever, but the force behind each punch only grew stronger. Moreover, he was now able to turn his surroundings to rubber, turn into a giant, wield lightning, and even run on air. Despite the many bizarre abilities Luffy suddenly possessed, Kaido's fighting spirit didn't falter.

While many would get disoriented by Luffy's many new bizarre abilities, not Kaido. He simply relied on his overwhelming haki and attacked. Despite Luffy's newfound power, Kaido knew that only haki could take one to the top, and so, relying on his haki, he attacked Luffy until Luffy was drained of stamina. Unfortunately for Kaido, Luffy managed to get back into his Gear Five form and ultimately lost.