When Gold Roger and his crew were sailing across the One Piece world, they kept a mysterious object aboard their ship. Every time the Oro Jackson was shown, there was a huge egg with polka dots on it. The fate of both the Roger Pirates' ship and this egg is unclear following the disbandment of the Roger Pirates.

The Egg might, however, have been left on the New World's final island, Laugh Tale. If that's the case, it may offer the Straw Hat Pirates – and anyone else who makes it to Laugh Tale – a leg up.
 -- yet another matter to deal with before they find One Piece. Whatever was in that egg could be waiting patiently for the right people to show up and claim Gold Roger's treasure.


Where Might Gold Roger's Egg Be Right Now?

When Roger was about to be executed, he claimed that he had left all of his spoils gathered in one place. In addition to the legendary One Piece, This would most likely include all of the treasures and valuables he accumulated throughout his life, including the egg. After all, the egg was last seen over 24 years ago, before Roger was hanged. Whatever creature is imprisoned there has had plenty of time to break out from its shell and mature.

A lot of fans have theorized that the egg contains a dragon. It may be a creature of myth in the modern One Piece world, but if a specimen still existed, the Roger Pirates, who learned all the secrets of the New World, would no doubt be the ones to find it. As for theories involving the dragons' relationship to the Ancient Weapons, that remains to be seen.

It should be noted that Roger's egg is unlikely to be directly connected to the One Piece. Roger didn't learn about Joy Boy's legacy until his crew arrived on the unidentified island, by which time the egg was already aboard the Oro Jackson. He may have understood his crew arrived too early, but that would imply he thought hatching the egg was unconnected and wasn't expecting the egg to play a role.

In any event, if the egg does hatch into a dragon, it makes even more logical that it should be on Laugh Tale. Dragons are well-known in mythology for guarding treasure troves.
 Even if it's not intentionally guarding One Piece, it could very well be guarding the rest of the treasure Roger left on the island.


What Happens When the Straw Hat Pirates Discover Roger's Egg?

If the egg is on Laugh Tale, the island's inhabitants are likely to be familiar with it. The Straw Hats may have a minor skirmish with them, but it is the arc's main adversaries that genuinely jeopardize the egg's survival. The Straw Hats would become responsible for stopping these villains, becoming friends with the monster in the process. Oda will no likely use the significance of the egg to drive the point home, whether such a subplot exists to pack an emotional punch or directly relates to the One Piece.

When that egg reappears, it will almost certainly have a significant impact on the plot. Whether the Straw Hats discover eggshells aboard the Oro Jackson, which is docked outside of Laugh Tale, or the intact egg somewhere else, it will play a significant role in their quest for the rest of Roger's legacy. The closer they come to the final island, the more vital that egg must be when it appears.