Previously, in One Piece Chapter 802, "Zou," the reader was first introduced to an unusual couple. The first was Edward Weevil, a strange-looking man who claimed to be Whitebeard's biological son. Miss Buckin, the person claiming to be Weevil's mother, was standing next to him. It was impossible to verify the veracity of what these two were saying at the time.

But as of late, the One Piece story has added a few more bits to the jigsaw. The recent discussion of Miss Buckin's origins and cloning has caused fans to reevaluate their perceptions of Weevil. He is not actually Whitebeard's son, but rather a failed clone of him, according to the conclusion.


What Evidence Exists That Edward Weevil Is Whitebeard's Failed Clone?

One Piece Theory: Edward Weevil Is Whitebeard's Clone_0

The origins of this theory can be traced back to a woman named Miss Buckingham. Stussy of CP0 was revealed in Chapter 1072, "The Weight of Memory," to be a clone of Buckingham Stussy of the Rocks Pirates. She was also said to be the first successful clone of the now-defunct scientific group MADS. By this point, many fans were convinced that Stussy was a clone of Miss Buckin.

The connection was confirmed in Chapter 1073, "Miss Buckingham Stussy." Miss Buckin was reintroduced as Buckingham Stussy, a former Rocks Pirate and a MADS freeloader; the latter title is backed by her apparent cameo on the cover page of Chapter 1070, "The Strongest Form of Humanity," which showed all the confirmed MADS scientists together. With Miss Buckin's background all but cleared up, it's possible to get a clearer image of where Weevil came from.

Is the Theory "Edward Weevil Is Whitebeard's Failed Clone" true?

Weevil being a failed clone lines up with a lot of what's been established in Chapters 1072 and 1073. If Miss Buckin was a former Rocks Pirate and a member of MADS, then that could explain how she could conceive Weevil. She might have stolen some DNA from Whitebeard, another Rocks Pirate, and tried to make a clone with it; that, or she inseminated herself. Since she was never a scientist on the level of her peers, whatever process she used must have gone poorly and she ended up with Weevil. Dr. Vegapunk probably didn't acknowledge Weevil as a successful clone since he's a perfectionist.

This theory isn't perfect, but it explains a lot. It would explain why Miss Buckin claims Weevil is Whiteberd's biological son and claims Vegapunk can prove it. Her involvement with the Rocks Pirates and MADS at the very least demonstrates how she could have conceived Weevil without Whitebeard's direct involvement. This explanation preserves Whitebeard's reputation while also fitting Miss Buckin's reputation as a freeloader who lies.