The God Valley Incident is a pivotal and transformative event in the history of the One Piece world, unfolding some 38 years prior to the current storyline. It cast a profound impact, reshaping the course of global events and history.

This incident revolved around the grotesque actions of the Celestial Dragons, who turned the island of God Valley into a macabre arena for a twisted competition. In this horrific contest, combatants were dispatched to hunt down and capture local inhabitants, slaves, and criminals, earning points for their deeds.

The situation took a dramatic turn with the arrival of the notorious Rocks Pirates, under the leadership of Rocks D. Xebec. Their sinister objective was to sow chaos and lay claim to the fabled Empty Throne. However, an unexpected turn of events saw Garp and Gol D. Roger providing crucial assistance, ultimately thwarting the Rocks Pirates' ambitions.

The God Valley Incident's profound implications continue to reverberate throughout the One Piece world, and it represents a significant narrative thread in the series, gradually unveiled by Eiichiro Oda as the story progresses, shedding light on the deeper layers of the World Government and its history.

What Was Happening At God Valley


The island of God Valley was chosen by the Celestial Dragons as the chilling stage for their Hunting Competition, an event they had eagerly anticipated for quite some time. Their excitement was fueled by their perverse and sadistic desires, manifesting in a grotesque spectacle. The rules of the competition were disturbingly straightforward: select fighters were tasked with hunting down and eliminating the local residents, slaves, and assorted criminals. Points were awarded for each successful kill, with different targets carrying varying point values. It was a system where the local population likely held the lowest point values, while criminals and special slaves were worth considerably more.

Upon discovering the World Government's intentions, the king of God Valley was overwhelmed with rage. In an attempt to confront the Celestial Dragons, he was mercilessly silenced by St. Figarland Garling. As the hunt commenced, the island's inhabitants were falsely led to believe that survival could spare them. The Celestial Dragons employed this illusion of hope solely to make the competition more thrilling, understanding that without it, the slaves would have no incentive to run.

Specialized hunters, with St. Figarland Garling as the most renowned among them, were deployed to track and capture the slaves. Remarkably, Garling started the competition with a staggering -10,000 points against him, as he was perceived as the favorite to win. However, it didn't take him long to overcome this deficit and ascend to the top of the leaderboard. While other hunters displayed impressive skills, none could match Garling's prowess. Meanwhile, as the cruel hunt unfolded, the Rocks Pirates departed from Hachinosu, setting their course for God Valley.

The Incident


The Rocks Pirates embarked on their fateful journey to God Valley, their exact motivations shrouded in mystery. However, they were undeniably prepared for conflict and chaos. At the helm of this notorious crew, Rocks D. Xebec harbored ambitions of seizing the coveted Empty Throne and reigning as the world's ruler. Speculations abound regarding their objectives. One possibility is that Rocks sought to engage in a battle with Jaygarcia Saturn to uncover the organization's hidden secrets. Alternatively, he might have planned to capture the Celestial Dragons and leverage them as bargaining chips to extract concessions from the World Government.

Rocks and his formidable crew were widely regarded as the most perilous figures in history, and they stood a reasonable chance of achieving their aims had it not been for the unexpected intervention of Garp and Gol D. Roger.

The precise rationale behind Garp's decision to collaborate with his long-standing rival, Roger, remains uncertain, but it likely stemmed from their shared awareness of the overwhelming threat posed by the Rocks Pirates. In a scenario where no single combatant could contend with Rocks individually, Roger and Garp might have strategically aligned themselves to confront Rocks as a unified force while allowing others to engage in their own battles. Reports suggest that the Rocks Pirates' crew dynamic was far from harmonious, potentially marked by betrayals and desertions, which may have contributed to their eventual downfall.

Upon the conclusion of the fierce confrontation, the Rocks Pirates disbanded, scattering in different directions. Rocks D. Xebec was officially declared deceased, and the island of God Valley vanished from the annals of history forever.

The Aftermath


The aftermath of the God Valley Incident saw many of its key players going on to achieve remarkable feats and notoriety in the world. Big Mom and Kaido, with their formidable abilities and ambitions, both went on to establish their own powerful pirate crews and ascended to the esteemed status of Yonko. The very mention of a possible alliance between the two giants sent ripples of alarm through the Marines, given the potential threat they posed.

Monkey D. Garp earned the moniker "Hero of the Marines" for his valiant efforts during the incident, solidifying his legendary status within the Marine ranks. Whitebeard, another central figure, founded his own renowned crew and emerged as Gol D. Roger's most formidable rival. His extraordinary mastery of the Devil Fruit and Haki earned him the title of the "Strongest Man in the World." Notably, St. Figarland Garling assumed leadership of the God Knights, wielding significant authority. Remarkably, he remains the sole individual who managed to kill a Celestial Dragon without facing any retribution.

Yet, despite their remarkable accomplishments, none could match the legendary status achieved by Gol D. Roger. His crew succeeded in completing their monumental voyage and reaching the enigmatic Laugh Tale. Roger himself claimed the title of the "King of the Pirates" and, in the process, uncovered the true history of the world. Shortly before his impending execution, he delivered a historic speech about his treasure, marking the beginning of the fabled Golden Age of Pirates. Roger's impact on the world of One Piece is immeasurable, transcending the achievements of even the most formidable figures of the God Valley Incident.