The titular treasure of One Piece is said to be so marvelous that it can make the one who finds it the Pirate King. It's no wonder, then, that pirate crews come in different forms and sizes in the world of One Piece, each with its own distinct story and destiny. However, the most of these pirate crews are only minor characters in the plot. Only a handful outstanding pirate crews have left an everlasting mark on history, and all of them have accomplished magnificent achievements. The Sun Pirates, comprised of Fish-Men and led by the notorious Fisher Tiger, are one such pirate crew.


When most pirate teams fail to find wealth, they loot and steal from others. There are, however, a few good ones with noble aims. Fisher Tiger's Sun Pirates is one among them. The group has long sought to liberate the globe from discrimination, particularly those enslaved by humans. They have gone about helping people from danger, even though they are not necessarily devoid of piracy offences. Nonetheless, they were a famous group at the time, and one has to wonder where its former members are in the present timeframe.


The Story of Fisher Tiger and the Sun Pirates is Heartbreaking

Fisher Tiger, a famed sea bream Fish-Man, leads the Sun Pirates crew. Before becoming a pirate, he was known as the "Adventurer." He travels on several journeys, seeing areas that other Fish-Men and Merfolk can only dream of visiting. After one long expedition, though, he decides to organize his own pirate crew. However, the reason behind his long absence is that he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He manages to escape Marijoa and flee into the sea after years of captivity. He also cannot bear seeing his fellow slaves continue to suffer, so he returns to free them, a deed that will go down in history.

Fisher Tiger, despite his ruthless background, forbids his crew members from killing any human. He may not agree with Queen Otohime's beliefs on eliminating discrimination, but he is attempting to bridge the gap between humans and Fish-Men. Nonetheless, the Sun Pirates are made up entirely of Fish-Men and Merfolk. Some of them, like Tiger, are former slaves, and in order to eliminate the filthy branding of the Celestial Dragons, all members brand themselves with the sun symbol. This makes it impossible to tell which member is a former slave simply by looking at them. Unfortunately, the group disbands when Tiger is killed in a Marine ambush, and the Sun Pirates go their separate ways.


The Sun Pirates Survive Despite Fisher Tiger's Death

Jimbei takes on the role of captain for the remaining members of the Sun Pirates, continuing Tiger's legacy while also creating his own. His main reason for assuming the position is to help protect his fellow Fish-Men, which is also the primary reason why he accepts the position of Warlord. After Whitebeard dies during the Paramount War, Jimbei allies himself with the Big Mom Pirates in order to gain their protection. His tenure as Sun Pirates captain ends after cutting ties with Big Mom. He then joins the Straw Hat Pirates as their helmsman and is still causing havoc in New World with them.

Even after Jimbei leaves the Sun Pirates, the pirate crew is yet to disband. However, there isn't an official confirmation as to who has assumed the position of captain, though it is likely Aladdin, a member since Tiger's time. Aladdin has been a loyal member of the crew since time immemorial, and he has also been a loyal confidant of Jimbei. Even after marrying one of Big Mom's children, his loyalty remains to the Sun Pirates. His wife, Praline, is also part of the group. In addition, he possesses enough strength to warrant the position, as he is at least able to take on Charlotte Oven.


Not Every Member of the Crew Sees the Big Picture

Following Fisher Tiger's death, some members choose to leave the group. Some people decide to form their own pirate band in order to pursue their personal convictions. Arlong and his gang are among them. Arlong has always followed Tiger because he admires the Fish-Man, yet this cannot be stated of his ideas. With Tiger's death, his hatred for the human species grows even stronger, so he decides to punish them himself. He quickly constructs his Arlong Park, which the Straw Hat Pirates have long since destroyed. Except for the beneficent Hatchan, Arlong and his men have all been caught. The octopus Fish-Man has long quit the life of crime and is now heading a takoyaki restaurant at Fish-Man Island.

Another member who has decided to go his separate way is Macro. Similar to Arlong, he has taken a few others and formed his own pirate crew, and they are also mostly up to no good. Macro and his troupe dabble in slave trading. Like Duval and his Flying Fish Riders, they capture individuals to sell off as slaves. They don't even spare their former brethren, including old crewmates like Hatchan.


The Sun Pirates are Also Familiar With the Revolutionary Koala

While the Sun Pirates purely consist of Merfolk and Fish-Men, there is a special occurrence when a human becomes a mainstay of their ship. That's when the group rescues the young Koala from slavery. She may be seen as an inferior race, but most of the members of the ship eventually warm up to her. Unfortunately, it is also through Koala that the Marines manage to set up a trap for Fisher Tiger and the Sun Pirates.

Three years after the Sun Pirates return Koala to her family, she joins the revolutionary army. Her reason for joining the movement is yet to be revealed, but she proves to be an essential part of the group. She acts as Hack's assistant instructor, while also being a dependable ally to Sabo.