• Shanks is considered the strongest of the Four Emperors due to his exceptional Haki skills, despite not having a Devil Fruit.
  • Shanks showcased his ability to use Conqueror's Haki remotely, surprising fans and paralyzing Green Bull.
  • Shanks demonstrated not only mastery of Conqueror's Haki, but also the ability to use Observation Haki to see into the future, making him an incredibly powerful and skilled pirate.

Shanks stands as an immensely formidable pirate within the expansive world of One Piece. As one of the esteemed Four Emperors of the sea, he has ascended to unparalleled heights of power in the current era. Among the newly appointed Four Emperors, Shanks emerges as the probable pinnacle, and rightfully so. Despite lacking a Devil Fruit, Shanks occupies a league entirely his own, a testament to his extraordinary abilities. What sets him apart is his mastery of Haki, which is arguably the most refined in the entire One Piece world at present. Recently, Shanks astounded fans by unveiling a capability that shook them to their core—he demonstrated the use of his Conqueror's Haki remotely.

Greenbull Attacks Wano


The conflict against Kaido reached its conclusion in Wano, providing fans with a thorough introduction to Admiral Green Bull as he made his presence known in the region. Green Bull defied orders from his superiors, driven by the desire to present Akainu with Luffy's head as a trophy, expressing admiration for Akainu's approach. Believing Luffy's defeat to be a straightforward task, Green Bull confidently arrived in Wano.

Upon reaching Wano, Green Bull encountered a formidable resistance from the country's samurai. While the samurai fought back effectively, they remained unaware of the true extent of Green Bull's strength. Despite their efforts, Green Bull effortlessly dealt with them, leaving Yamato as one potential formidable opponent. However, Momo intervened, preventing Yamato from engaging in combat, and subsequently, Yamato was captured.

In an attempt to confront Green Bull, Momo, though valiant, displayed his current lack of combat experience. Green Bull remarked that only Kaido could have posed a threat, but with Kaido no longer in the picture, powerful forces from the world were free to assail Wano. This precarious situation set the stage for Shanks to make a surprising and impactful entrance, astonishing every devoted One Piece fan.

Shanks In Wano


It seems Shanks and his pirate crew chose to navigate the waters around Wano in their pursuit of Blackbeard. While Blackbeard didn't make a move on Wano, other intriguing characters did, providing Shanks with an opportunity to unveil his formidable powers. Oda has intricately depicted Shanks and his crew's exceptional proficiency in Haki. Even from miles away, they effortlessly sensed a potent force on the distant island of Wano, highlighting their remarkable Haki training. Detecting someone's presence with such precision through Observation Haki from such a distance is a remarkable accomplishment, showcasing their unparalleled skill.

Shanks, in particular, easily discerned the individual on the island and chose to respond. Observing Green Bull's relentless pursuit, determined to annihilate the fatigued young generation after their clash with Kaido, Shanks took matters into his own hands. Stepping onto the ship's deck and drawing a portion of his sword, Shanks triggered a transformation in the atmosphere around Wano. Clouds gathered, enveloping the country, and intense lightning sparked to life in the surroundings.

Shanks' Remote Conqueror's Haki


Fans quickly realized that in this particular moment, Shanks was employing Conqueror's Haki. Stepping onto the deck and drawing his sword, Shanks unleashed potent bolts of Conqueror's Haki, reaching Green Bull from miles away at incredible speed, catching the unsuspecting samurai off guard. The unleashed power left Green Bull sensing imminent danger and paralyzed, unable to move.

Green Bull himself acknowledged his inability to move and the intense pain caused by Shanks's Haki. This showcased Shanks's mastery of Conqueror's Haki at an extraordinary level, demonstrating the unique ability to wield it remotely over vast distances. This advanced application of Haki sets Shanks apart, as not just anyone can execute such a feat. Shanks stands out as the sole individual with this remarkable skill, establishing him as the foremost practitioner of Conqueror's Haki.

The sheer force of Shanks's remote Haki compelled Green Bull to abandon his Devil Fruit transformation and concede defeat. Green Bull openly admitted his reluctance to engage with Shanks or the Red Hair Pirates, a clear acknowledgment of Shanks's superiority. On the Red Hair Pirates' ship, Lucky Roux remarked on the newcomers fainting due to Shanks's uncontrolled release of Haki, indicating Shanks's expression of anger.

This episode showcased a fraction of Shanks's potential when angered, hinting at powers yet unseen in the One Piece world. With a bounty exceeding 4 billion berries, Shanks deliberately refrained from pursuing the One Piece, emphasizing his true strength lies beyond a Devil Fruit. Shanks's Haki, unmatched in the series, adds to his formidable reputation.

As the story unfolds, Shanks reveals his proficiency in Observation Haki, astonishing fans by peering over 10 seconds into the future, a feat unparalleled in the series. In a confrontation with Kid, a single strike from Shanks effortlessly incapacitated both Kid and Killer simultaneously. Undoubtedly, Shanks stands as a monstrously powerful pirate, elevating his Haki to unparalleled heights among the pirates of the world.

One Piece is available to read via Manga Monster. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1098, is set to be November 12, 2023.