The Revolutionary Army members of One Piece are thought to be much more dangerous than its pirates. After the time jump, viewers discovered that Sabo, Luffy's brother, was not only still alive but also serving as the army's second in command. In fact, his comeback has been among the more unexpected parts of the series so far. Luffy was in a terrible state of grief because he thought both of his brothers had died, but that changed when Sabo made an appearance in Dressrosa and the public learnt about his time spent in the Revolutionary Army.

All three brothers are exceptional fighters who have made a name for themselves around the world, but Sabo underwent extensive training and learned Haki after losing his memories and joining the Revolutionary Army. He's gotten this far without a Devil Fruit thanks to his own unique fighting style called Ryusoken, which translates to "Dragon Claw Fist." Sabo is the only One Piece character who has this ability, which he has even incorporated into his Devil Fruit abilities. Here's a look at the fighting styles and techniques that helped him become such a great warrior.


In One Piece, What Is Sabo's Ryusoken?

Armament Haki, fingers, and fists are required for Sabo's Ryusoken. It is a hand-based martial art in which the practitioner shapes their hands into the shape of a dragon's claw. The way he holds his fingers together is reminiscent of Japanese dragons, which are typically depicted with three claws. Sabo uses this technique to crush his enemies or objects by forming a powerful grip around them. Sabo used Ryusoken to crush the battleground in the Corrida Colosseum in the "Dressrosa" arc for the first time. He attempted to find a mid-point in the arena before crushing it completely, opening a path to the basement and exposing Doflamingo's smuggling and other illegal activities.

Sabo used this technique again when he crushed Vice Admiral Bastille's steel helmet, causing severe head damage. Sabo can also use his entire fist for these attacks, which have a more brutal impact than those that rely solely on his fingers.

One important aspect of Ryusoken is that it focuses on the target's "core." For example, when Sabo was looking for the best place to use it in the Corrida Colosseum, he obviously chose the center of the arena to ensure his attack had the most impact. He can easily destroy structures with a single blow by exerting force on their core. Sabo also taught Nico Robin the importance of visualizing an opponent's core while helping her train palm strikes during One Piece's time skip.


The Known Techniques of Sabo's Ryusoken

Sabo has yet to demonstrate all of his techniques in One Piece, but there is enough evidence to suggest that he has nearly unlimited potential. His "Ryu no Kagizume," which translates to "Dragon's Talon," is a devastating three-fingered claw hand strike that uses Haki to increase its power. This skill is very similar to those used in traditional Chinese martial arts. Sabo first used this technique against Jesus Burgess in the final round of the Corrida Colosseum competition.

Burgess was well-known for his superior fighting abilities, but Sabo easily countered his elbow strike and destroyed his Armament Haki-infused armor. "Ryu no Ibuki," which translates to "Dragon's Breath," was another Ryusoken technique seen in the "Dressrosa" arc. Sabo must imbue his dragon-shaped fists with Haki before pressing them into the ground. He must then strike the floor with his fist, causing a devastating impact and a centered all-directional fissure. Sabo explains that the basis for this is to send an attack's force "all the way through to the target's core."


Sabo's Combination of Ryusoken and Mera Mera no Mi

Even before consuming Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo was strong enough to become the Revolutionary Army's second in command, demonstrating how powerful his fighting style is. Sabo quickly became accustomed to Ace's Devil Fruit after winning it, and soon displayed Ace's signature attack, the "Fire Fist." Unlike Ace, who relied heavily on his Devil Fruit rather than Haki, Sabo was an experienced fighter even without it. As a result, Sabo can combine his fighting style with his Devil Fruit abilities to increase his power.

As he began to master his new skills, he created a brand-new move called the "Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryou," which translates to "Burning Dragon Claw Fist: Fire Flame Dragon King" and combines the Ryusoken and Fire Fist. The first time Sabo employed this strategy was during his brief fight with Jesus Burgess, which he won handily. But Sabo can't use it until he forms his Haki-infused Dragon's Talon and ignites it with his Mera Mera no Mi abilities.

After making his preparations, he slams his fist into his opponent, spinning them around before blasting them away with a massive explosion of fire. This is Sabo's most offensive technique so far in One Piece. He was also able to use his Devil Fruit abilities to restrain Fujitora, but given that neither of them used their full power in that fight, Sabo's fight with Jesus remains his most memorable in the series. The manga has yet to reveal Sabo's current situation after the Lulusia Kingdom exploded, but based on his superior abilities, fans can hope that he escaped the explosion.