The One Piece fan base lost its mind when it was revealed Luffy's devil fruit, the Rubber-Rubber Fruit, was actually a mythical Zoan. In order to conceal the true nature of the Human-Human Fruit Model, the World Government changed its name to Nika.

Only a dozen chapters had passed since Who's-Who narrated the tale of the famous warrior who would set slaves free and make people rejoice all throughout the world before the Sun God Nika was revealed. However, the Sun God and three other gods were first named in Skypeia. Could they everyone have their own fruit?


Do Other One Piece Gods Have Devil Fruits?

When the Shandians sacrifice Kalgara's daughter to try and stop the plague afflicting their tribe, they offer her to the god of the Sun, Rain, Earth and Forest. Mousse, the daughter, even remarks earlier on that she will meet the Sun God. Although it's possible that this Sun God is different from Nika, the legendary warrior appears to wear clothing similar to the Shandians in his silhouette. The Shandians are a very traditional people, so praying to great warriors for help is something that would make sense in their culture.

Could there be demon fruit for the other gods as well? With the God of the Rain as a starting point, that model may already be used by a fruit consumer. The father of Luffy, Monkey D. Dragon, first appears in Chapter 100. A weird thunderstorm enters Loguetown during the events there and kills Buggy just as he is about to kill Luffy. Later, when Smoker has Luffy cornered, Dragon appears and appears to send a burst of wind through the streets, blowing everyone away. It's possible that this is merely a stroke of luck.

The timing of the wind and rain seems too convenient for it not to be him, even though it hasn't been proven that he did it. If so, Dragon would have the capacity to summon and command rain and wind, abilities that would naturally fall under the purview of a Rain God devil fruit. The fruit might be of a different Zoan species, or even a Human-Human fruit.


What about the other gods? The Earth and Forest seem pretty similar, but Earth in this case refers to landmasses. The tremor-tremor fruit, the former fruit of Whitebeard now in the hands of Blackbeard, has the ability to create earthquakes. This is considered the most destructive fruit in the world, and for good reason. The user of this fruit can split and shift the earth around them. It's unknown what the upper limit of these powers is, but what if they could move entire continents? Perhaps the awakening of the fruit would allow the user to manipulate the earth itself -- truly powers of the God of the Earth? This fruit could have also had its name changed retroactively by the World Government, just as Luffy's fruit was.

It's a little tricky when it comes to the God of the Forest. There hasn't yet been a force that can control plants or trees. Usopp, who goes by the moniker "God Usopp," comes the closest to possessing that power, although he does not consume demon fruit. The diverse flora of the biome the user is in may be controlled by a possible Forest God fruit, and perhaps even entire forests could be created even in arid regions. Similar to Poison Ivy, the user would be constrained by their level of plant knowledge. By exploiting the many advantages of the flora, they could battle more intelligently the more they understood. The fact that Luffy's fruit is a Sun God-based mythological fruit has allowed additional god fruits to appear, and as One Piece nears its climax, these fruits may play a significant role in the plot.

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