• Monkey D. Dragon's absence from Luffy's life from the beginning indicates that he was not involved in his upbringing and cannot be considered a good father.
  • Dragon's reasoning for abandoning Luffy was to protect him and prevent him from being used as a weakness in his revolution, which makes sense but doesn't excuse his absence.
  • Luffy and Dragon's reunion is imminent, and it is expected to happen after the events of the Egghead Island arc, where Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates may visit the Revolutionary Army.

Monkey D. Dragon stands as one of the most influential figures in the world of One Piece, holding the leadership of the Revolutionary Army. His significance to the plot is further heightened by the revelation that he is Luffy's father, linking him closely to the series' central protagonist. Dragon made his initial appearance during the Loguetown arc, but his true introduction occurred post-Enies Lobby, when Garp disclosed to Luffy the familial connection and Dragon's role as the head of the Revolutionary Army.

As One Piece progresses into its Final Saga, Dragon takes center stage, poised to lead his revolutionary forces against the oppressive Celestial Dragons. The narrative has gradually shifted attention to Dragon, building anticipation for the climactic events that will unfold. Questions surrounding Dragon's relationship with Luffy and his apparent absence from his son's life are finally addressed in One Piece chapter 1101, providing fans with long-awaited insights into this enigmatic character.

Luffy's Memories Of Dragon


Indeed, it's evident to fans that Dragon played no role in Luffy's upbringing, from the moment of Luffy's birth up to the present. Luffy has no recollection of Dragon, indicating a complete absence from his childhood. The confirmation of this came when Garp, Luffy's grandfather, revealed to him that Dragon is his father and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Luffy's surprise at this revelation, coupled with Garp's nonchalant reaction, strongly suggests that Dragon was conspicuously absent from Luffy's life, a fact acknowledged by Dragon himself.

Even Dragon's closest allies, Kuma and Ivankov, initially seemed unaware of Dragon having a son. The likelihood of them being aware of Dragon having a wife is also dubious. These details contribute to the understanding that Dragon's role in Luffy's life has been negligent, and any familial connection is primarily based on blood rather than a genuine father-son relationship. The narrative in One Piece unfolds with this complex family dynamic, offering fans intriguing insights into the characters' backgrounds and relationships.

Why Dragon Abandoned Luffy


In One Piece chapter 1100, Eiichiro Oda provides some significant details regarding why Dragon seemingly abandoned Luffy. The narrative takes a closer look at Kuma's actions in the East Blue, particularly near Foosha Village, where Luffy was training extensively. During this time, Kuma observes Luffy practicing powerful techniques like the Gum Gum Battle Axe and engaging in conversations with himself and the animals. It becomes apparent that Kuma is not only aware of Luffy's identity but also carefully monitoring his progress.

This isn't the first instance of Kuma encountering Luffy. The chapter delves into a flashback where Kuma recalls a conversation with Dragon. Kuma mentions encountering a peculiar kid in the East Blue, prompting Dragon to caution him against revealing more information. Dragon cryptically states that if Kuma wished to kill the child, he should continue talking. When Kuma seeks clarification, Dragon emphasizes that children are a parent's weakness. This revelation suggests that Dragon intentionally distanced himself from Luffy to prevent his son from becoming a vulnerability in the revolutionary cause. In doing so, Dragon simultaneously ensures Luffy's safety. This confirmation aligns with the speculations of many fans and adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics between Dragon and Luffy in the One Piece storyline.

Is Dragon A Good Father?


The question of whether Dragon is a good father in One Piece is subjective and open to interpretation based on individual perspectives. On one hand, Dragon's actions can be understood through the lens of his commitment to the revolutionary cause and his desire to keep Luffy safe. The revelation in One Piece chapter 1101 provides context to Dragon's intentional distancing from Luffy to prevent him from becoming a vulnerability in the revolution.

However, from the standpoint of being a "good father" in the conventional sense, Dragon falls short. He was absent from Luffy's life, and the explanation provided does not absolve him of the fact that he was not there for his son during crucial moments and did not play a role in his upbringing. The argument is made that regardless of Dragon's noble intentions or the greater good he sought to achieve, a parent should ideally be a consistent presence in their child's life, providing support, guidance, and care.

In the context of the story, Luffy appears unaffected by Dragon's absence, but it's acknowledged that the impact could be different for another child. Dragon's decision raises questions about his suitability as a parent, especially if he foresaw the dangers associated with his revolutionary activities. The complexity of Dragon's character lies in the tension between his dedication to a cause and the conventional expectations of parenthood, leaving fans to grapple with the moral and ethical dimensions of his actions.

Luffy And Dragon's Reunion


Regardless of everything that has happened between Luffy and Dragon in the past, the time is coming closer for these two characters to finally reunite. Luffy and Dragon will meet once again and that is something the Dragon has already mentioned on countless occasions. One Piece is in the Final Saga now and their reunion is edging closer with each passing chapter. In fact, it might actually end up happening immediately after the events of the Egghead Island arc.

Vegapunk is currently with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates and when the group escapes from there, the next place that Vegapunk would want to go to would be to Dragon, as he is his former compatriot. This would mean that the Straw Hat Pirates could end up visiting the Revolutionary Army and, there, fans will see quite a lot of reunions. Luffy will finally meet Sabo once again and that is the only reunion that he would care about, however, fans would also enjoy seeing him meet his father, Dragon, once again.

At the same time, fans will also get to see the likes of Robin meet Koala and Sabo once again and a lot of other interesting information being divulged when this major meeting happens in One Piece.

One Piece is available to read via Manga Monster. Since One Piece is going to be on break, the release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1102, is set to be December 25, 2023.