The backstories of the characters in One Piece are well-known for revealing their depth. With over 1,000 characters introduced over the course of 25 years, the series has provided audiences with a wealth of incredible backstories. Many characters have been through a lot in their lives, and it is this suffering that has shaped them into the people they are today.

Two such characters are Robin and Law. Both went through hell when they were children and were forced to witness the cruelty of the world. They were both victims of the World Government's schemes and had to struggle each day merely to stay alive. Due to a variety of reasons, their pasts are similar to each other.


What occurred in Robin's Previous Life?

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Robin grew up on the Hawaiian island of Ohara. Many scholar archaeologists, including Robin's mother, lived on the island. She abandoned Robin when she was two years old, leaving her in the care of abusive relatives. Robin grew up without any friends after her mother abandoned her and she was raised in such a negative environment. She spent most of her time studying at The Tree of Knowledge before becoming an archaeologist herself when she was eight years old. She also made the acquaintance of Jaguar D. Saul, a giant and former Vice Admiral.

Regrettably, when the Marines discovered Ohara's attempt to study the poneglyphs and learn more about the Void Century, Robin's happy days came crashing down. Everyone on the island was killed by the Marines' buster call, with the exception of Robin, who managed to flee with Aokiji's assistance. But Robin's suffering didn't stop there. She was known as the "Demon Child" after she left the island and had an 80 million bounty placed on her life. People would try to hurt her wherever she went in order to gain wealth. After struggling to make ends meet, Robin eventually enlisted in Crocodile's crew. After she joined the Straw Hats and they rescued her from the World Government, she finally found happiness.


What occurred in Law's Previous Life?

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Law is one of the saddest characters in the series, along with Robin. He was raised in Flevance, a stunning nation that was also referred to as the "White City" due to its widespread use of white lead. The nation prospered as a result of its distinctive leadership, and the World Government greatly benefited as well. However, nobody was aware that lead poisoning was slowly killing people. The World Government eventually learned about it, but they chose to keep it a secret in order to advance their own agenda. When the citizens finally understood the situation, it was already too late.

To prevent the truth from leaking out, the World Government mercilessly slaughtered everyone. Law then went to Spider Miles, hiding behind a pile of corpses. He met Corazon and Doflamingo there. He wished to join Doflamingo's crew and slaughter as many people as possible. Even at the risk of his own life, Corazon took pity on him and saved him by giving him the Op-Op Fruit. Unfortunately, Corazon was murdered by his own brother, leaving Law alone once more. He set sail for the seas, eventually becoming a pirate in order to exact revenge on Doflamingo.


The Responsibility of the World Government for Robin and Law's Suffering

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The World Government was responsible for both of their tragedies. The World Government brutally blew up an entire island in Robin's case for the simple crime of researching the world's history. Although it was illegal to conduct Void Century research, the World Government went overboard with a buster call against civilians. Of course, they'd never admit to their oppression. The World Government justified its actions by declaring the Ohara people to be devils. This explains why Robin was given the moniker "Demon Child" when he was eight years old. By portraying Ohara as evil, the World Government boosted its public image without remorse.

In Law's case, the World Government knowingly jeopardized the citizens of an entire country for financial gain. Their ruthlessness, however, did not stop there. The Marines killed everyone on the island after the truth about the white lead was revealed. The people of Flevance were already sick from lead poisoning and would have died soon anyway, but the World Government didn't want to risk exposing the truth about Flevance to the rest of the world. After they annihilated Flevance, they spread rumors, leading people to believe that Flevance's illness was contagious. Because Flevance was cut off from the rest of the world just before the massacre, no one knew the truth.


What Are The Similarities between Law and Robin's Tragic Pasts?

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Robin's and Law's backgrounds are similar in many ways. They are the only survivors of their birthplace, were shunned as children, and have struggled to survive for the majority of their lives. They both lost their biological families as well as father figures. Robin had both a friend and a father figure in Saul. He entertained her when she was lonely, taught her to value herself, and protected her at the expense of his own life. For over 20 years, Saul was thought to be dead; it wasn't until recently, in the "Egghead Island" arc, that Dr. Vegapunk revealed to Robin that Saul is still alive. Vegapunk was unable to reveal any information about Saul, only that he is currently hiding.

When Law first met Corazon, he had a similar experience. He resented Corazon at first for mistreating him, but he soon realized that the latter's intention was to keep him away from Doflamingo. When Corazon discovered Law's full name was Trafalgar D. Water Law, he immediately removed him from Doflamingo and set out to sea in the hope of finding a cure for the lead poisoning. Law was destined to die, and Corazon understood that the Op-Op Fruit, which Doflamingo was after, was the only thing that could save him. By working as a spy for the Marines, Corazon had already betrayed Doflamingo. Ultimately, he gave Law the fruit of the devil and hid him from Doflamingo. Law truly lost everything and was left alone once more as a result of his death while attempting to protect her.