Jewelry Bonney traveled to Egghead with a specific goal in mind. She wants Dr. Vegapunk to restore her father Bartholomew Kuma's humanity by transforming him into a cyborg. She appears to have taken a significant step forward by discovering the location of Kuma's old memories. This, however, may present its own set of challenges.

Kuma's memories are not kept on a disk or other portable storage device. He expelled the memories from his body in the shape of a huge bubble using his Paw-Paw abilities. These memories can be moved by someone other than him, but it begs the question of how to get them back into him. Bonney is willing to try this approach, so maybe in typical One Piece style, there is a way to get her father these memories back and bring him back to being human.


How can Bonney reclaim Kuma's memory?

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There are a few options for restoring Kuma's memories. The first is to transport him to Egghead and have him enter the bubble containing his memories. Kuma is currently climbing the Red Line for unknown reasons, so that option is unlikely to be realized.

Because Kuma cannot be taken to the bubble, the bubble must come to him. Bonney will have to step into the bubble and absorb the memories, which is already happening. If this turns out like when Zoro took in the pain Kuma expelled from Luffy, the contents of the bubble should end up inside Bonney. This effectively transforms her into a compact mode of transportation for her father's memories.

However, even if Bonney gets Kuma's memories off of Egghead, she still has to find a way to put them back into their original owner. She'd have to somehow convince Kuma to use his powers to expel the memories from her and take them back into himself. Whether this can be done depends on whether Kuma has enough cognizance to take a request from someone not associated with the World Government; alternatively, if he has an Authority Chip like the Seraphim, Vegapunk can simply order him to do it. It should be possible to determine whether the Former Warlord has any free will left by the time it's revealed why he's climbing the Red Line.


There's also the question of whether Bonney really means to give the memories back to Kuma. Her true purpose for taking in these memories isn't necessarily to get them back to Kuma but rather to understand him better. If she returns his memories, all of the efforts she put into understanding him could be lost. The only way this doesn't happen is if she can somehow remember reading Kuma's memories, then those memories can be returned to their owner and she can keep her character arc.

Bonney's objective will be exhaustive in any circumstance. Even just going through all of Kuma's memories—including the unpleasant ones—is difficult for her. Even while she is aware of the technological procedure for returning the memories to their rightful owner, that person is presently out of reach. If she ever hopes to have a real reunion with her father, she will need to put a lot of time, work, and determination into it.