Death is a common topic in many stories, including One Piece. Many characters have come and gone throughout the series, which is noted for its epic adventure and fights. Death is a reasonable natural event in a world where pirates roam free in search of gold. Despite all of the deaths in the series, the fall of the Going Merry remains one of the most devastating and tragic scenes in One Piece.

The Going Merry is a ship in its own right, not only a means of transportation for the Straw Hat crew. The ship becomes a vital member of the crew throughout the series, and its final moments are both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. The ship's demise is a heartbreaking scene that resonates deeply with series viewers, thanks in large part to how the Going Merry is portrayed in the series' final three arcs.


The Going Merry Is Humanized Through the Klabautermann

The death of the Going Merry is not simply the loss of a ship but also the loss of a beloved character. Throughout the series, the ship is given human-like qualities, allowing fans to connect with it on a deeper level. This is achieved through the introduction of the Klabautermann, a spirit believed to appear in ships that are well-loved by their crew. In One Piece, the Klabautermann represents the spirit of the Going Merry and is instrumental in personifying it. The presence of the Klabautermann is also a testament to the Straw Hats' love for Merry, even if they aren't the most skilled at maintaining it.

Furthermore, by giving the ship a voice and personality, the Klabautermann heightens the emotional effect of the Going Merry's demise. It allows the ship to interact with the crew, conveying its true feelings during critical moments. This personification renders the Going Merry approachable and empathic, allowing viewers to readily emotionally invest in it – an investment that is repaid by the ship's destruction.


The Tragic Death of The Going Merry Is Made Even More by Its Last Sacrifice

During the "Water 7" tale, the Straw Hat Pirates discover the Going Merry's sad situation. They are forced to choose between dying with Merry and leaving it at Water 7, which is also why Luffy and Usoop fight. However, after Robin is kidnapped by the CP9, the two put their differences aside. They each pick up arms and pursue their kidnapped nakama. The Going Merry, on the other hand, is a member who follows them.

At that moment, the Aqua Laguna, a very high flood, enters Water 7. The Merry is found at the area known as the ships' graveyard after being abandoned. When it sees Iceberg, it appeals to the storied shipbuilder. It begs to be fixed, even just for one last trip. The crew is ultimately saved by Iceberg as it sails alone near Enies Lobby after finishing the repair work.

The Going Merry's devotion to the crew is underscored profoundly by its sacrifice. The ship's determination to sacrifice its life to safeguard its nakama is a tribute to the intimate bond that has established between them. The unselfish ultimate wish of the Going Merry, combined with the viewers' emotional relationship to it, makes it nearly impossible for One Piece fans not to cry a tear or two when seeing the ship's final moments.