The Grand Line, as well as the larger One Piece world, is full with hidden treasures, but none are as rare and sought-after as the Poneglyphs. These ancient scrolls are historical documents and instructions made by the ancient inhabitants of Wano Country, and when combined, they give the location of the One Piece as well as the true history of the Void Century itself.


In all, there are 30 Poneglyphs in the world of One Piece, although only 14 have appeared in the series so far. Four of these objects combine to form the Road Poneglyph, which describes the location of Laugh Tale, and another nine combine to form the Rio Poneglyph, which tells the true history of the world. Other Poneglyphs serve various miscellaneous tasks, but regardless of their purpose, each is an important part of One Piece's narrative.

The Poneglyph Of Ohara

Rio Poneglyph

In the eyes of the World Government, there is no task more important than hiding the truth behind the Void Century. The scholars of Ohara sacrificed their entire civilization to uncover this truth, and although they weren't able to pass their research on to the rest of the world, they eventually learned the secrets of the Void Century thanks to the presence of the Poneglyph of Ohara.

Buried deep beneath the Tree of Knowledge lies the Poneglyph of Ohara, and written on its surface is information directly related to the origins of the World Government. The name of the Great Kingdom, a developed civilization that disappeared during the Void Century, is even transcribed on the Poneglyph, making it one of the most historically important objects in the world of One Piece. Unfortunately, the World Government's Buster Call demolished the island, presumably burying the Poneglyph of Ohara for the rest of time.

The Ponelgyph Of Zou

Road Poneglyph

Given Zunesha's age, it comes as no surprise that the centuries-old beast would be home to one of One Piece's many Poneglyphs. However, the Poneglyph of Zou is ever more important than most, as it is a Road Poneglyph — one of four Poneglyphs that, when combined, provide the location of Laugh Tale.


Although the Poneglyph of Zou is hidden within the Whale Tree, the Straw Hat Pirates are able to find it thanks to assistance from Nekomamushi and his allies. As One Piece gears up for its final saga, the information learned through their discovery of the Road Poneglyph will prove to be a vital asset.

The Unknown Poneglyph Of The West Blue

Unknown Purpose

Because of her ability to decipher Poneglyphs, Nico Robin spent two decades trying to evade the Marines and the World Government. While hiding on an unknown island in the West Blue during her youth, she actually stumbled upon an abandoned Poneglyph deep within the woods.

The location of this Poneglyph, its contents, and its purpose are all unknown at this point in One Piece's narrative, but as seen during its brief appearance, Robin was able to decipher it before departing from the island. Since she has yet to mention the Poneglyph since its reveal, fans can only hope that it plays a role later in the series.

The Poneglyph Of Alabasta Kingdom

Rio Poneglyph

Poneglyphs are first mentioned during the Alabasta Arc when it is revealed that Crocodile's interest in Alabasta Kingdom is largely related to their possession of one of the ancient objects. Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates fight tooth and nail against the Warlord of the Sea, and in the end, they are successful in defeating him and burying the Poneglyph that he sought.

The Poneglyph of Alabasta Kingdom held the location of the Ancient Weapon Pluton, making it one of the most dangerous artifacts in the entirety of One Piece. Although Pluton has since been confirmed to lie dormant under Wano Country, it's still best that Luffy and Crocodile's fight resulted in its burial deep within Alabasta's Tomb of the Kings.

The Poneglyph Of Whole Cake Island

Road Poneglyph

Although the main reason for the Straw Hat Pirates' trip to Whole Cake Island is to retrieve Sanji, there are multiple benefits to their visit. Monkey D. Luffy grows significantly stronger from his fight with Charlotte Katakuri, the Straw Hat Pirates gain notoriety from their clash with Big Mom, and most importantly, Brook copied the contents of her Road Poneglyph.


While it is currently unknown how Charlotte Linlin found this object, it's guaranteed to play a major role in One Piece's final saga. Combined with the other three Road Poneglyphs, the Poneglyph of Whole Cake Island creates a surefire path to Laugh Tale, the location of the legendary One Piece.

The Two Unknown Poneglyphs Of Totto Land

Unknown Purpose

After Brook reveals that he has transcribed Big Mom's Road Poneglyph, many One Piece fans quickly forget that he also copied two other Poneglyphs that were in her possession. The contents of these two Poneglyphs are still a mystery, but that doesn't mean their relationship to the series' narrative is completely unknown.

One of these two Poneglyphs was obtained by Jinbe while he was still captain of the Sun Pirates, and he promptly transferred it to the Big Mom Pirates. While the provenance of the second mysterious Poneglyph is unclear, the fact that they are in the custody of the Straw Hat Pirates nearly guarantees that they will be addressed again during the ultimate tale.

The Unknown Poneglyph Of Orochi Castle

Unknown Purpose

Wano's past is as rich as that of almost any other region in One Piece, making it an ideal location for historic treasures such as Poneglyphs and Ancient Weapons. Kozuki Oden's father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, retains many of his culture's secrets, and he hid one of Wano's Poneglyphs deep within Orochi Castle.

Brook's spirit briefly leaves his body during the Wano Country Arc, allowing him to walk freely through Orochi Castle. He discovers Sukiyaki's buried Poneglyph in its basement before returning to Nico Robin with the news. Its contents are unknown, however based on its appearance, it is not a Road Poneglyph.

The Poneglyph Of Fish-Man Island

Historical Poneglyph

Joy Boy's relevance to the One Piece narrative has steadily grown stronger throughout each arc post-timeskip, starting with his introduction during the Fish-Man Island Arc. Within the island's Sea Forest, the Straw Hat Pirates discover a Poneglyph that is much different than any previously discovered.


Rather of providing any history or suggestions concerning the location of Laugh Tale, the Fish-Man Island Poneglyph reads like an apology letter written directly by the legendary Joy Boy. He apologizes in the letter for failing to assist the Fish-Men in raising their ship, Noah, and ascending to the world above the sea, providing audiences with a rare sight of the enigmatic character's impact.

The Poneglyph Of Wano Country

Road Poneglyph

The land of Wano may be weary of outsiders, but after the Raid on Onigashima, there was no doubt that the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies were acting in the island's best interest. As a result, Nico Robin and Trafalgar D. Water Law were gifted what is arguably the Wano's biggest secret: the contents of their Road Poneglyph.

Kozuki Sukiyaki enables Robin and Law to see this Poneglyph after they save his people, and he also confirms that the Ancient Weapon Pluton is still in the remains of Old Wano. This information is critical to both the Heart Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates' quests to reach Laugh Tale, as well as Monkey D. Luffy's ambition to become the next Pirate King.

The Unknown Poneglyph Of The Blue Sea

Unknown Purpose

Some Poneglyphs are better understood than others, but when it comes to the Blue Sea Poneglyph, the item is buried in mystery. So far, the only known information about this Poneglyph is that it was discovered by the Roger Pirates, including Kozuki Oden, during the final part of Gol D. Roger's expedition.

The Roger Pirates are the most well-traveled pirate crew in One Piece history, so it's virtually impossible to pinpoint any specific locations where this Poneglyph might have been found. In fact, it's entirely possible that this object could be one of the other Poneglyphs seen in the series, such as the one discovered by Nico Robin in the West Blue or the completely unknown one in Big Mom's stronghold. Regardless, barring an unexpected callback, the purpose of this Poneglyph will likely perish alongside the final members of the Roger Pirates.

The Poneglyph Of Shandora

Rio Poneglyph

Information about the Ancient Weapons is sparse; however, the Straw Hat Pirates have been fortunate enough to find multiple Poneglyphs detailing their locations. One such instance is the Poneglyph of Shandora, which Monkey D. Luffy and his crew discover during the fight against Enel in Skypiea.

From the Void Century through the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shandorians guarded the Poneglyph of Shandora, protecting its contents – the location of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon — for almost 800 years. After reading it, Nico Robin reminds the tribe that they have completed their task, freeing them from the commitment they made millennia earlier.

The Missing Poneglyph Of Sea Forest

Road Poneglyph

By the end of the Wano Country Arc, three of the four Road Ponelgyphs have appeared in One Piece, leaving the series' characters and audience asking a single question: where is the final Poneglyph of this quartet? The object used to be found deep within the Sea Forest of Fish-Man Island, but at some point over the past 25 years, it was removed.


Since the missing Road Poneglyph holds the key to the location of Laugh Tale, it will no doubt play a major role in One Piece's final saga. Whoever holds the artifact in their possession owns one of the most well-kept secrets in the series.

The Unknown Poneglyph Of Onigashima

Unknown Purpose

The Raid on Onigashima resulted in many notable events. However, one in particular is consistently overlooked. During his search for a Road Poneglyph, Trafalgar D. Water Law stumbles upon another previously unseen Poneglyph stowed on the second floor of the Skull Dome's basement.

While this Poneglyph wasn't what Law was searching for, any information gleaned from a Poneglyph is an important glimpse into the world's lost history. Whether the information carved into the object will ever be revealed remains to be seen, but considering Law's long-standing connection to the Straw Hat Pirates, it's entirely possible.

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